Maynilad Envious of Meralco for Having Various Reason at Their Disposal to Justify Rate Hikes

MayniladMANILA, Philippines — Metro Manila water concessionaire Maynilad revealed Monday that they are “envious” of their electricity counterpart Meralco, for the latter’s various reason at their disposal to give to the public during proposed rate hikes.

This after a water rate hike is scheduled to take effect in July, pending ongoing public consultations and protests from various groups.

Maynilad spokesman Clarenze Nixau expressed his company’s jealousy as well as frustrations for failing to come up with creative and believable alibis to give to the public to pacify them amidst rate hikes.

Naiinggit kami sa Meralco (We are envious of Meralco),” said Clarenze. “Kung may dagdag singil sila sa kuryente ang daming rason na pwedeng ibigay sa publiko (They have various reasons available when they announce rate hikes).”

According to Nixau, Meralco has the oil price hike, peso-dollar exchange rate, independent power producers (IPP), war, conflict in the Middle East and supply shortage to blame when they announce a rate increase.

Eh kami, ‘investment’ lang kaya naming irason (For us, we can only state ‘investment’ as our reason),” complained Nixau.

It’s not like binibili pa namin yung tubig sa mga international companies, eh napapalibutan nga ang bansa natin ng tubig (It’s not like we buy the water from various international companies, because our country is already surrounded by bodies of water)!”

Clarenze also said that Maynilad cannot blame supply shortage because a claim like that can easily be debunked; what with overflowing rivers and flooding around Metro Manila after only 30 minutes of rain.

He added that only a company like Meralco can get away with blacking-out major parts of Luzon days prior to the election and then announcing a rate hike after.

Partida, wala pa silang binigay na concrete explanations or reasons ha.

The water company revealed that it recently hired creative writers to help them come up with better and believable excuses to justify their rate hikes.

Among those pitched by the writers were:

  • Introduce purified water with ions that are good for the health.
  • Super premium water called “watah” for posh areas like Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and Makati that consumers will definitely fall-in-line for.
  • Hire product endorsers like Daniel Padilla or Coco Martin to promote their services.
  • Alternate price increase and price rollback in contrasting denominations to confuse the public.
  • Introduce water-powered vehicles or household appliances that run on water to increase demand.
  • Import water from other countries, thus justifying a rate hike every time the peso depreciates. 

According to Nixau, if all else fails, Maynilad might be forced to reveal their real motives for increasing their prices.

“Greed. Just plain ‘ol greed,” he said. “Diba mas kapanipaniwala (Isn’t it more believable)?”


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