CBCP: Kabang has ‘Identity Crisis’

kabang_620x350MANILA, Philippines — Philippine hero dog ‘Kabang’, who just came back from her reconstructive surgery in the US after saving two girls from a motorcycle accident in 2011, surprised everyone waiting for her at the airport,  when she suddenly declined to grant interviews and was immediately whisked away by her bodyguards to an undisclosed location.

Members of the press were left disappointed after they were not allowed to interview the dog due to tight security.  Sources close to the canine said that the security detail was hired by her American mentors, who had become her second family.

“How sad. It’s so unbecoming of a Filipino animal na parang ganun ang trato na binibigay niya sa media. Disappointed ako sa kanya,” said an entertainment writer.

Nakapag-abroad lang ganun na agad ang turing nya sa amin,” cried another.

Kabang before the surgery

Kabang’s companion, Filipino veterinarian Anton Lim came to the dog’s rescue as he defended the dog from negative comments and criticisms.

“I hope they understand that Kabang had been through a lot,” said Lim. “As much as she wants to bask in the limelight, I as her doctor and friend, advised her take it slowly and rest first.”

Appealing to the concerned members of the press and to the public, Anton Lim wished that the issue would stop for the sake of the dog.

As for Kabang’s new look, an official of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) expressed concerns that the dog might be suffering from an identity crisis.

Fr. Melwin Castro, executive secretary for CBCP’s Episcopal Commission on Family Pets & Life said that, “In this time of her life that she is experiencing an identity crisis regarding her facial orientation, we would rather not pre-judge her.”

He believes that the dog is not sure whether to be a ‘hero dog’ or a ‘normal dog’.

Castro added that, “Kabang’s heroic deeds and achievements are certainly commendable, but if ever her life decisions are not in sync with that of the Catholic church, all of that would go to waste.”

“This is I think where her family and fellow dogs should come in and intervene to help her,” he said.

No word yet whether Kabang would appear on national television to explain her new looks.

Stay tuned.


8 thoughts on “CBCP: Kabang has ‘Identity Crisis’

  1. I know this is satirical news. But I don’t think this is a good material for satire. Specially the pictures that showcase the poor dog’s deformity.

    We would not do this to a human being, would we?

    Bad taste SWN.

    • I’m sorry if the article did not sit well with you.

      Just to be clear, the article is not a jab at Kabang the hero dog, but a jab at the CBCP and their latest actions.

      The photos are not there to ‘showcase’ the poor dog’s deformity but shows the result of the surgery that Kabang underwent in the US. His facial features should not detract or diminish the heroic deeds that the dog did.

      Thank you and have a good day.

  2. HAHAHAHA… parang tunog charice lang…… SWN’s satirical articles never really fails to make my day hehe…

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