SWS & Pulse Asia Back to Asking Boring Questions

SWS_PA_LogoMANILA, Philippines — Now that the mid-term elections has ended, public opinion polling bodies Social Weather Stations (SWS) and Pulse Asia are back to asking the Filipino people mundane, boring and less profitable questions according to both firms.

Aubrey Dionisian, public relations manager for SWS admitted that boring times are up ahead and revealed that upcoming surveys tends to lean towards the “boring kind.”

“Surveys in our pipeline are expected to be monotonous. That’s the reality after each election,” said Dionisian. “But our job continues, we must continue promoting the broad quality of life of the greater number of the Filipino people in the context of a free democratic society.”

When asked what kind of question we must expect, she gave a few examples.

  • Aling sitsirya ang mas gusto mo (Which junk food do you prefer)? Fish crackers, potato chips, corn chips or mamiso?
  • Nakakailang dagdag ka ng kanin kapag may ‘unli-rice’ sa restaurant (How many additional orders of rice do you have when a restaurant has an unli-rice promo)?
  • Anong inuuna mo tuwing maliligo? Shampoo o sabon (Which come first when you take a bath? Shampoo or soap)?

Diba medyo boring (Kinda boring right)?” quipped Dionisian.

As for Pulse Asia president Allan Johnegui, the upcoming decline on their presence is inevitable.

“People expects us to crop up every time election nears,” said Johnegui. “And they also expects us to lie-low after.”

questionsAccording to him, although his firm will not be as visible to the public eye as before, they have things planned that would still make them relevant to society.

“We’ll also have boring questions in the works, similar to our competitor.”

Questions like, “Kapag yellow na ang traffic light, bibilisan mo ba ang takbo o babagalan (When the traffic light turns yellow, do you speed up or slow down)?” and also “Kumain ka na ba (Have you eaten)?

“Those sort of things,” he said.

Both companies also plan to occasionally release survey results pertaining to current events to entertain and amuse the general public.

“Questions like ‘Kanino kayo mas galit? Sa mga nahalal na senador, sa Taiwan o kay Jed Salang?‘ as well as, ‘Bakit kapag nasa SM Aura, kailangan magcheck-in sa Facebook, pero pag nasa SM Carriedo, hindi (How come you must check-in on Facebook when you’re at SM Aura but doesn’t when you’re at SM Carriedo)?’ certainly has potentials”, said Dionisian.

Both firms would look into other avenues on how to generate addition income, now that Senatorial candidates no longer need their services.

“We might try to set up a stall at Divisoria selling low cost school supplies now that school’s about to start,” revealed Johnegui.

“That or a fishball stand,” he added. “Though times ahead.”

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