Philippines Named ‘Most Stupid Country to Elect a 20-Year OJT as a Senator’ by Time Magazine

Flag of PhilippinesMANILA, Philippines — The Philippines has been named as Time’s “Most STUPID Country to Elect a 20-Year OJT as a Senator”.

“The overwhelming victory of a self-professed on-the-job trainee-cum-Senator in the recently held election in the Philippines cemented the country’s fate,” wrote Time’s news director Marilou C. Martin.

She added, “Falling for the diversionary tactics of an inexperienced candidate that saw her steer the issue away from her credibility to her skin complexion to make herself look like the underdog; gave us no choice but to bestow such title to a country, who was destined for greatness before the elections.”

“And yes, we intentionally all-capped the word stupid for added emphasis,” according to Martin.

Time gave special attention to the country’s 11,789,643 registered voters (as of press time) who voted for Nancy Binay, as contributing to the country’s “overall stupidity rating index”.

“These are probably the same 11,289,648 people who had no access to the internet to witness the criticism their bet received for her lack political background or experience.”

The magazine didn’t wait for Comelec’s final and official number of votes Binay received before coming out with the latest issue saying that, “The amount of gullibility and the unprecedented level of idiocy forced us to go to press immediately.”

The article also noted that the country’s saving grace, namely its recent credit rating upgrade, Manny Pacquiao, Jessica Sanchez or Jada Pinkett-Smith asking for a copy of Jericho Rosales’ film did not help one bit.

“Those are only minor achievements as compared to the repercussions the sheer amount of stupidity the recent actions of the Filipino people entails.”

“It’s these kind of situations that not even Lou Diamond Philips winning the Oscars  or the Philippines winning the next Miss Universe can help with your country’s image,” said Martin.

All is not lost however, according to political analyst Mak Jendoza.

Ladies and gentlemen, your future Mayor, Vice Mayor, President, First Lady, Pope and Vice President.

Andyan na yan eh, ano pa magagawa natin (She’s already there, what else can we do)?” said Jendoza. “Siguraduhin nalang natin na hindi na mauulit ito pagdating ng 2016 (We just have to make sure that we shall not repeat this same mistake come 2016).”

Abe eh kung maging presidente ang tatay nyan at madagdagan pa ng isang kapatid sa Senado sa 2016, baka pati ang United Nations hirangin na din tayong mga inutil (If ever her dad became president and another one of her sibling became a senator in 2016, even the United Nations shall name us stupid),” warned Jendoza.

“I can’t say that I’m proud of this recent ‘achievement’ of our country,” said Johnny Manuel Ebola after learning about the magazine cover. “But at least I’m proud to say that I’m not one of those 11,789,643 nincompoops!”

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3,281 thoughts on “Philippines Named ‘Most Stupid Country to Elect a 20-Year OJT as a Senator’ by Time Magazine

  1. Nancy is never been experience in public service leadership that’s absolute correct! now, we called her senator elect, a lot of people criticizing her credibility on such position. My personal question is what are those thing can make different the neophyte senator to the most experience one or the long time elected that as this moment enjoying the position with sitting and sometimes sleeping in the session hall during the actual session! i think the experience or the expertness are not necessary to be base for selection of leadership in any government position, as long as you have the heart and conscience on what would you do in front of public as the leader that will stand for, and willing to sacrifice him/herself even of his own family in the name of service. by then, we stay relax and be a keen observer in our leader
    if they got nothing out of their promise during the campaign period that’s the right time to raise our multiple comments and reaction not this time for nancy binay you gave all your critics. Kasi hindi pa siya nag umpisa ng trabaho niya!!
    maraming nga eksperiyensyado dyan sa gobyerno at lalong mas eksperiyensado din sa deskkarte kung paano paikotin at lokohin tayong mga kababayan sa pamamagitan ng pagkamal ng pera sa kaban ng bayan!!!

      • It is hard to accept it, but it appears that they have some sense too. Filipino people have really that crab mentality, they cannot decide for themselves, they just wait what is trending, maybe that is the reason why the anti dynasty would not apply to us. Cebu has already set an example by voting people who does not have a political popular name, by defeating the Osmena and Gullas. Will the rest of the country follows?

    • The country is in its current situation because of people like you. Gusto mo makaimpluwensiya ng ibang tao pero hindi ka marunong tumingin sa sariling mong sitwasyon. Tingin mo ba meron kang sapat na kapasidad na magcomment kung anong klaseng tao ang kailangan ng bansa? You think that having an innocent person would make a difference just because, assuming, she will not be corrupt, kasi isa siyang malinis na papel. Kung ano ang linis ng papel niya ganon rin kabilis marumihan.

      I’m not surprised na tinatawag tayo ng mga taga ibang bansa na STUPID, cause we are a stupid country, myself included, because we don’t do enough to actually make a difference to influence other uneducated fellow country men. if there are 11,789,643 nincompoops, using this term shows how you hate your fellow country men very much, and you’re excluding yourself from the rest, we can still influence because we are not all stupid. Why include myself? I’m not sure which part of the demographic I am, but I know that I am more than capable compared to the majority of Filipinos, in which, should have, more responsibility than most. So if someone calls your country STUPID, call yourself stupid as well, cause you’re part responsible.

      That’s whats missing in our country, the individuality is too much. Just like how you exclude yourself from being stupid. Its like the whole point of this article is not to defend the Philippines, or to inform the Filipinos that someone from another country is calling us STUPID, but to actually just to say that you want to exclude yourself from the STUPID Filipinos. Your excluding yourself from being stupid, that guy is excluding himself from being stupid, those guys too, who’s left? There are 4 kinds of man that i learnt from my Cadet Officers Candidate Course (COCC) in high school, “He who knows not and knows not he knows not: he is a fool – shun him. He who knows not and knows he knows not: he is simple – teach him. He who knows and knows not he knows: he is asleep – wake him. He who knows and knows he knows: he is wise – follow him.” I think a lot of country men are the first type of person, a fool, cause a lot of us thinks that we know but actually we don’t, sa tagalog nagmamagaling ng walang alam.

      To end this very long comment, i hope everyone who reads this, can understand the message that I want to say, and that is to humble ourselves in everything we do, and not because we are already in the position of power that we can do anything we want. You got a Job and think you’re already better than most. Humble ourselves, Yabang Pinoy ang slogan, but ang pinagyayabang natin hindi trabaho ng buong Pilipino kung hindi trabaho ng iilang tao sa kani kanilang propesyon, bakit hindi natin subukan magkaisa lahat, gaya ng ibang bansa. China, Japan, Korea, ano meron sa kanila na wala sa atin? Love for the country. mahal mo bansa mo? ano ginagwa mo sa bansa mo? magbayad ng tax? sapat na ba ito?

      Freedom of speech is taken for granted in our country and it shows in this article.

  2. Bottomline, this paints the real situation of the impoverished masses. 1. they are wanting for change. 2. they prefer those names who bring them food on the table even for just one day, (P500-P3,000 dole outs per party ticket, national to local) on the eve of the election. 3. they are numb of those promises, they don’t care. Why? do the winning administration really care for the hapless condition of the masses. 4. the people love to gamble, that is why these aspirers for sush posts are called bets. money will always figure in the process. 5. etc., etc.

  3. This pictorial presentation of the Philippine Flag is wrong. According to Republic Act 8491, also known as the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines, when hanged vertically on a wall it must have its red color to the right of the person viewing it.

  4. Yan ang resulta ng crazy democracy ng Pinay lahat tayo may karapatan sumali sa political, ultimo magnanakaw pwede sumali sana hindi sya magnakaw sa pondo ng bayan at sa unang pagkakataon tumama tayo sa boto. at wala tayong karapatan mag husga sa isang tao tulad ng gago sumulat ng ulat na ito. kung ikaw ay matinong filipino gumawa ka ng paraan para magbago ang systema ng political sa pinay. bobong at inutil na tao ang tao puro puna wala naman ginagawang mabutihan sa pinay. Salamat po

  5. tangapin na lang natin totoo naman e, wag na mapride, sana matuto tayong tumingin sa mali natin at ayusin na lang ng tahimik ang lahat hindi lang ito,

  6. Dapat kasi baguhin na ang sistema ng eleksyon dito sa Pilipinas. Dapat ang pwedeng bumoto lang ay yung mga college graduate. Sabihin na natin imposible ito o makasarili ako pero maraming tao sa Pilipinas ang hindi nakapag-aral nang maayos kaya kung sinu-sino na lang ang binoboto.

    Saan ka makakakita na pulitiko na lnga sila ahat-lahat, gumagawa pa ng pelikula at nagco-host pa TV show. Di ba conflict of interest yun?

    Dapat kasi tanggalin silang lahat sa pwesto. Gising mga Pilipino.

    • Sino ka bang nagsasabi na College graduate lang ang boboto ? Sa sinabi mong yan nagpapatunay na ikaw ang walang pinag-aralan. Saan ka ba graduate? Hindi man namin ibinoto si Nancy, bilang mamayan na sumusunod sa kagustuhan ng karamihan, we are giving her a chance, better than the experienced and corrupt politicians . Napamahal na kami ngayon kay Nancy Binay.

  7. The question remains ? Did you cast your votes or just sitting down & waiting for controversial results? This is the thing we need to reflect….

  8. After reading a lot of the Comments, I notice that the “Pro Nancy Binay” comments center around the peception that older politicians are assumed to be corrupt so lets give the young a chance.
    The thing is, Nancy Binay cannot be viewed as anything other than an extension of a political dynasty controlled by her father. Therefore she is not an independent young person, she is a tentacle of a Trapo.

  9. dont judge by its cover! .. di nyo nmn kilala iyong tao” peru kung makapanghusga kayo——- nagfefeeling perfect kayo!!! .. everyone deserves a chance nmn!..

    • Ikaw naman, atupagin mo yang spelling mo. Hindi ito text messaging. And if you did not understand the article, which lambasted her lack of experience and not her skin color, please refrain from commenting.

  10. are u simply a “known” DRIFTER or evn a JUNKIE or KILLER but your name starts with “A”, “B”or “C”?

    i suggest u run next election bcoz u got the EDGE that others dont hav… thatt’s the most stupid thing we got onli in da pilipinz my goodness.. this indicates that pipol are generally LAZY and survival-oriented. they register with INITIAL PAYMENT offered by the candidates and then the FULL PAYMENT is given the NIGHT prior to the election day. that is already some kind of MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING btween the voter and the candidates. imagine how many candidates are running for office who intend to PAY, LUCRATIVE season isn’t it?

  11. It’s not a matter of being stupid but it’s a matter of giving her the chance to prove the misconceptions……buti nlang yan OJT at least she ha the heart of sharing and giving and utmost she can speak in behalf of the poor,kaysa sa mga mataas ang pinag aralan eh kurakot naman ang nasa isip…….come to think about it!

  12. Sad and disgusting, but then again not surprising when you have people like Ahem Ahem Revilla, Photocopy Machine Sotto, Gregorio Coupnasan, and the like all sitting in the Senate… At least I do my homework before choosing which candidates to vote for…

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  14. Bottom line here: all persons who voted for her are stupid. Look at this issue in a wider angle. It’s not just about her qualifications. You also have to question her motives for running for any kind of position. Is it honestly to serve people or is it more about POWER? I think all of us here know the answer being the Binay’s known as a political dynasty.

    Erratum: I think most of us here know the answer being the Binay’s known as a political dynasty. (Some people here are just plain ignorant).

    • The Philippine gov’t is so corrupt that “electing” a novice will not make much difference. The “old guard” is afraid that it may make a big difference in the way the do crooked business.

      • I agree!..its a shame..happens everywhere and nobody give a shit..keep voting for the wrong people..hell,Estrada almost won presidency..what is wrong with us Philippines?….

  15. Seriously the people who would say give her a chance? You’re letting people like her represent this country without the ample knowledge of what it is to be a senator? I am a filipino, i would agree even if this was a fake cover that her being in that position is flat out stupidity. Its not entirely the politicians fault as to why our country is being criticized, its more on the people’s fault because they do not choose wisely. If she actually wanted to help and offer her services to the country, then she shoulda started on a lower position working her way up and learning the ropes of everything that she needed to be fit for her position now. But she didnt. So yeah, i’d gladly accept the criticisms being thrown at this country, because we all know for a fact that we play a part in making this place what it is. If people would only think and realize that their actions actually affect whatever is happening here too.

  16. naging senador lang naman yan dahil sa tatay niya..wala namang kwenta sa senado..give her a chance?..till when?..nakakaawa na talaga tayo mga pilipino..nakalungko..

  17. now im wondering how much she’s spending and how many people she’s paying to ward off or shield her from people who noticed her being useless…lolz

  18. To those of you who think that we should not judge Senator Nancy Binay and should give her a chance. Are you saying that you would vote for someone with no experience? Would You vote for someone, whose family is known to be corrupt? Are you saying that it is OK to vote for Senator, anybody from the streets. If you say YES, then I am sorry for this country. We are indeed being “RUN LIKE HELL BY FILIPINOS – Pres. Manuel Quezon”

  19. I forget to mention. Some of those who voted for Senator Nancy Binay surely voted for Joseph Estrada. A convicted EX-CON for the mayor of City of Manila. How pathetic, we are. Are you saying you are willing to let these two people manage your future? If you say YES, again, I am truly sorry for you people.

    • This describes everything wrong with the Philippines. Use common sense already people!!! Otherwise you will continue to put the wrong people in power and they will continue to bring down your country. We all see it from afar, so should you.

  20. “do not judge the book by its cover” sometimes we need to experience failure just to be stronger to face new trials…an analogy: you will not succeed if you will not try…if old senators can’t do it why not try a younger one…respect my post…..hehehehe one nation one decision majority decide regardless of your point of view….

  21. galing sa isang anonymous post… (We should take into consideration the fact that a large amount of voters are from the CLASS D. Much as I would not like to discriminate, Class D voters do not tend to think about their votes very wisely.
    This could even lead us to think that this may be the reason why the government does not focus much on the quality of education in public schools- maybe, they fear that if everyone can think critically, most politicians will go DOWN.)

    i agree with this.. ito ang sinasamantala ng ibang politiko para sila makaupo sa pwesto.. pero sana maipasa na, na only tax payers can vote para maiwasan na ang vote buying..

  22. For those people who voted for the seek of Money and NOT even thinking for our children’s future are the most STUPID voters and these include the Politicians too who used Money for their EVIL thoughts and desires! From

  23. There is no such thing as stupid news. It is the person who is spreading it is stupid. The mere fact that we all elected to office our corrupt politicians no one can’t say he or she is an intelligent voter

  24. Ms. Marilou C. Martin. Are you a Filipino? Bakit mo naman nilahat na ang buong Pilipinas na the most stupid country just because 11,789,643 voters voted for Nancy Binay. Sure i don’t belong to figures mentioned above but can we blame those voters who voted for her when they cannot decide for themselves; when politicians dominated their will and decisions just because of small favors they gave to voters. Sisihin natin ang mga politico because they are the ones who crafted laws to favor them. Kung may batas lamang na magbabawal sa mga baguhang kumandidato o batas na magpapasa na “Anti political Dynasty.” I’m sure this country will zoom to apex of greatness!

  25. kung alam lang sana nila ang sistema ng botohan sa pinas,at kung pano gamitin ng mga kandidato ang kanilang pera para manalo sa botohan,ang dayaan sa botohan ang isang malaking problema sa ating bansa,kahit hindi binoto ng taong bayan nananalo,ito ang dapat pagtuunan ng pansin,

  26. tatlong bagay hanap kosa,sa isang kandidato(Accauntabelety,Integraty,Caurage)Mom.D.Santiago ang mayuon nito!!!!!

  27. Judging by the comments that people have posted here, I’d have to say that I agree with this article even if it is just a satire.

  28. Didn’t another country elect a president who was very inexperienced simply based on his skin color? Then, when his policies failed, did they not re-elect him despite the high unemployment and socialist policies because you were racist if you didn’t vote for him? And didn’t he receive a nobel peace prize simply for being the first white-black president of the US even though he has started wars with other countries? Why are we so enomored with Obama? Wasn’t he supposed to have the most transparent presidency in history? Why hasn’t the media jumped on his many scandals such as the IRS (“No corruption here.”), thousands of deaths in Mexico and deaths of Americans by guns from the US (“I read about this in the newspaper”), and race baiting (“Let’s see if the white-hispanic Zimmerman is guilty of being racist against “my people”). It is time for someone to turn the US around and maybe the Filipinos need a 20 year old fresh face to be in their Senate to help turn that country around. Who knows, but we shouldn’t point fingers at other countries when our voters have done stupid stuff such as voting on the color of their skin and not the content of their character (Dr. King, Jr. would be saddened by these state of affairs).



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