Cezar Mancao Googled Recipe for First Meal as a Fugitive

googleLogoMANILA, Philippines — Cezar Mancao, one of the accused in the Dacer-Corbito double murder case, who escaped while in custody of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) yesterday has already started using a famous internet search engine to look for recipes.

In an interview with SWN, Mancao named Google as one of his go-to website in preparing his first ever meal while in hiding.

Mahirap kasi mag order sa labas (It’s hard to order food for take-out),” narrates the former superintendent. “Hindi natin alam baka lasunin tayo ni alam mo na (You’ll never know if your food will be poisoned by you-know-who).”

Mancao at first dilly-dallied on who he was referring to, saying he is a high-ranking official who was willing to do anything just to shut him up.

When asked if it was his former boss in the defunct Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF), he said: “Alam mo na pala eh. “

Going back to the topic, Mancao revealed that his first “Google Meal” was Chicken Afritada after searching for the keywords, ‘chicken recipes’.

Nahirapan ako nung una, kasi wala palang manok dun sa tinutuluyan ko (I had a hard time at first, because I found out that there were no chickens at the the place where I was staying).”

He did boast that he had the rest of the ingredients and thus settled for ‘Potato Afridata’.

Masarap naman kahit walang manok (Tasted good even without the chicken).”

Besides recipes, Mancao spent his first night reading up about the latest news in showbiz as well as creating a Twitter account, to which he didn’t waste any time tweeting an update:


For tonight, he revealed that he’s planning to cook Pork Shank Stew in Fermented and Soy Infused Caramelized Sauce with Chicken Embryo served with steamed Thai Jasmine rice.

“I’ll post a photo of the finished product if I reach 1,000 followers,” he said.

Mancao stated that he had no plans of surrendering, saying that if Lacson was successful before, maybe he will too.


6 thoughts on “Cezar Mancao Googled Recipe for First Meal as a Fugitive

  1. haha ang saya magbasa dito, nakakalibang yung article, pero mas nakakalibang magbasa ng comments na hindi makaintindi ng SATIRE na article, gamit din ng common sense minsan..

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