UNA Purchases GMA7 in Mega Deal. Kapuso Shows Starring Senatorial Candidates Revealed.

MANILA, Philippines — Not to be outdone by Team PNoy’s recent acquisition of ABS-CBN, the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) announced today that they have bought GMA Network and shows featuring their candidates will also start airing this Monday.

una-gmaUNA campaign manager Toby Tiangco made the announcement, saying, “What Team PNoy can do, UNA can do better!”

Tiangco shared the same sentiment of his Team PNoy counterpart, Franklin Drilon though, when asked about the logic behind the purchase.

May punto si Sen (He has a point),” said Tiangco. “Why spend millions on short-burst advertisements when we can barrage viewers with our candidate’s face for the whole day?”

Here are the just announced shows airing this Monday:

  • Rescue – A reality and documentary program hosted by Richard Gordon. The show features actual footage of raids, rescue operations of emergency response teams, on-site accidents, and numerous other life-threatening situations involving Gordon as a savior, documented and recorded to be used on his presidential campaign come 2016. 
  • Star Talk TX – Former hosts Butch Francisco and Ricky Lo are replaced by Ernesto Maceda, promising to bring his brand of ‘expose’ to the showbiz industry.
  • Paano Nanalo To: Ang Tunay Na Kwento – Spin-off to the award winning comedy show, Pepito Manaloto. The show features Miguel Zubiri whose “simple and underprivileged life significantly changes when he was elected senator at the expense of his arch-nemesis Koko Pimentel.”
  • Wish Ko Lang – The first wish-granting show on Philippine television for politicians. The pilot episode features Mitos Magsaysay’s wish of winning a senate seat in the upcoming elections.
  • Kusina Master – A 30-minute cooking show that aims to showcase Jack Enrile’s vast expertise about food, food and food. The show hopes to capture the voter’s audience’s attention derived from Chef Boy Logro’s “ping ping ping ping” via Jack’s catchphrase  “bang! bang!” Yes, just two.
  • Mundo Mo’y Akin – Drama series starring JV Ejercito that follows a compelling story that explores the insatiable quest for power, position and wealth of a man who wishes to have what his step brother has. 
  • Queen of Restoration – Reality TV series that chronicles Tingting Cojuangco’s quest of defying aging as she tries to restore her old glory hoping her appearance remains the same as when she was in her early 30’s.
  • Political Bluff – Spin-off to Celebrity Bluff that features Nancy Binay as she attempts to deceive contestants and viewers into believing that she can or will do something. Binay was originally signed to do a revival of the game show, ‘Kakasa Ka Ba Sa Grade 5?‘ but she turned it down, as per doctor’s advice.
  • Walang Tulugan with Master Honasan – Late night variety show aired every night, hosted by Gringo Honasan.
  • Vampire and Daddy Ko – A comedy sitcom starring real life father-and-son tandem, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and Jack Enrile. The show tackles the longevity of the elder Enrile and the secret of his everlasting life, which portrays him as a blood-sucking vampire.
  • Maynila – A drama anthology of inspiring stories of people who are having love problems and challenges that affect every Manileño’s lives with the help of Manila mayoral candidate Joseph Ejercito Estrada.

Stay tuned for further developments.

What’s your favorite show announced so far? Leave your comments below.

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5 thoughts on “UNA Purchases GMA7 in Mega Deal. Kapuso Shows Starring Senatorial Candidates Revealed.

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  2. I… Would probably watch “Rescue” seeing as I have a habit of watching shows like that and I get to learn some lifesaving techniques that I always use whenever I’m in the ER or outside the hospiral.

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