Court Grants Nancy Binay’s TPO Petition Against Debates

nancy_binayMAKATI, Philippines — Atty. Chank Fraves, senatorial candidate Nancy Binay’s legal counsel revealed that the court has granted Nancy’s petition for a temporary protection order (TPO) against any kind of discussion, debates and any form of public appearances where she will make herself look dumb, whom she accused of being a “waste of time and brain function”.

The TPO is said to be good for 30 days, way past the election period, but Nancy’s legal counsel made a petition to make the protection order permanent so as to avoid other instances of embarrassing herself if ever elected into office. The proceeding is rescheduled on April 28 to 30.

According to Fraves, the TPO granted by the Makati RTC yesterday prohibits Binay from coming within 100 meters to any form of event or gathering, where a candidate must prove their worth to the electorate, any organized scenario where Nancy is susceptible to mudslinging and or subjected to embarrassment that may cause emotional toil on the petitioner and possible health risks.

Makati Regional Trial Court

The request came after the camp of Nancy Binay tried to rehearse a mock debate with one of her personal assistants in an undisclosed location, to see if their bet was indeed incapable of participating in a debate.

The chosen personal assistant to face her was none other than her own 8-year-old son, Julius Benedict Binay Angeles.

In the words of one insider privy to the secret mock debate, “I’ve never seen a son dominate her mom the way Julius did.”

First topic palang, tameme na agad si Ma’am Nancy eh (Nancy was already tongue tied even on just the first topic)!” said our source.

“She was standing there shaking, obviously petrified,” said another. “You can literally see sweat dripping from her forehead and all she could do was take a sip of water!”

Binay was apparently speechless and emotionless for a whole 27 minutes before demanding a “break” from the rehearsal.

“Her parents had to calm her down to get her composure back, to which it took them a whole 2 hours before bringing her back to a normal state.”

That was when her father, Vice President Jejomar Binay decided to go to the courts to ask her daughter to be barred from any debates.

“For health reasons,” said the older Binay, when asked for a comment. “Only handshakes and pasmile-smile nalang ulit for the meantime.”

As for the 3rd generation Binay, he quickly took to social networking site Facebook and posted a status update:


Screengrab from Julius Benedict Binay Angeles’ Facebook status update after the mock debate.

We are receiving rumors that Jack Enrile’s camp are also mulling filing a similar petition in the courts. Stay tuned.

Vote wisely.


189 thoughts on “Court Grants Nancy Binay’s TPO Petition Against Debates

  1. She should just quit now, while it’s still possible. The Senate is clearly not for her. She’ll drop dead before she even finishes her full term as a senator. Waste of time. I’m sooo angry that she has 98.9% chance of winning. ugh

    • i know that this article is fictional and satirical. but just the same, the senate is clearly not for her. she hasn’t attended any debates, what should we expect from her once she’s in the senate

      • Guys it’s not meant to be taken seriously, so please don’t. I am seeing different people and fb pages republishing the said fake news without admitting it is fictional and satirical. I saw it has made many people angry and shared the news as if it were real.

        While it is true that Ms. Binay has consistently avoided any public debates to test her senatorial bid, manufacturing insulting stories on her person that could be absorbed as facts by the public is unfair. I hope this gets cleared out as soon as possible.

    • I know what u feel, i doubt if she even has a chance pag tinanung tanung pa yan ni Miriam hahahaha baka she’ll fall apart and die in depression sa senado hahahaha

      • parang mas ok nga ‘to. deadly pun. imagine meron balitang lalabas — senador tumalon sa pasig river, patay. miriam tinuturong salarin.

      • mas ok nga yta na may isang nalligaw na wlang kaalam alam eh. pra nmn d msydong noring sa senado…magnda nmn ung khit paminsan minsan may pgkkktuwaan c mirriam…may pgkktuwaan ang madlang pinas na nkkta sa tv na pawis pawisan sya at nanginginig at d mhitsura kung ano ang ggwin nya… ^_____^

      • agree! mawawalan ng ganang makipag usap sa kanya si miriam…( miriam to nancy binay: talk to my hands!! )

  2. seems like a satirical article with fake details on its second part. The picture also looks doctored. The facebook fonts don’t look legit enough to make me believe it. Also, the first 2 accounts to come out of the 454 total likes are Risa and Team PNoy’s accounts.

    okay, just got trolled. 😐

  3. What’s so hard about being a senator though? They just sit around on their asses all day and kiss the asses that need kissing. She’ll do okay.
    Also some people have the gall to question her “cognitive capacity” when they don’t even have the “cognitive capacity” to read properly.

  4. Of course it’s satire. It says so up there in plain English: So, What’s News? is a satirical & fictional news website. Our aim is to inject humor into everyday news to provide respite to readers who have grown weary with mainstream news organization’s partisan, biased and depressing way of presenting the news.

  5. We should have the all the people running for office read articles from this site and the Onion with anyone not “getting” it getting disqualified.

  6. How pitiful she is….. what is she planning to do at the senate house when she was completely dominated by her own son???? Her own son ” a kid” she will just be a clown surrounded by geniuses… ahahaha…. Poor thing…. walang ibang dalang bala kundi ang pangalan ng pamilya….. 😛

  7. to andy and that other anonymous person: oh so you think this is funny? you wanna test people if they get it or not? pathetic. You’re lower than these corrupt pigs.

    • So you want people with your level of reading comprehension to be our “leaders” and “decision-makers?” Or are you currently in office and are afraid that if it does become law you’ll get disqualified and will be unable to continue having a source of “easy money?”

    • LOL this is just lol.. not the just article but all the idiots who believe this is real. =D haha
      FYI, this website makes up “news” like this to, in their own words “inject humor” in the mainstream news.


  8. Panu na lang kaya if nanalo sya? She’s not even legible to be a senator if puro excuses ang gagawin nya… It’s only a debate, how much more if it will be a reality na… tsk

  9. there’s no way that Im gonna be voting this pea brain, senator wanna be. She should go back to school, because bitch senate is not a playground for dumb !

  10. I’m in no way a fan of her but, seriously? People nowadays believe everything from the internet.

    “So, What’s News? is a satirical & fictional news website. Our aim is to inject humor into everyday news to provide respite to readers who have grown weary with mainstream news organization’s partisan, biased and depressing way of presenting the news.”



  11. If you are afraid to be embarrassed, then there is no way that you serve the public. To serve is to get out from your comfort zone. Your TPO is a mere revelation of your cowardice, and we don’t need cowards in the public service.

  12. Last night, It was the night I changed my mind. Nancy Binay to Rissa Honteveros. Amazing Rissa she is very proper, and with real heart & Mind answering those questions from her opponent and even students from laconsolacion. I

  13. The Philippines need more women senators such as Loren Legarda, Rissa Honteveros and Mitos Magsaysay. Nancy Binay? Well before senator, I think she need to run for Barangay Kagawad first.

  14. so tama ba yun na bigyan ng tro??? candidate sila dun malalaman kung anu ang nasasaloob nila if ganun ang patakaran na pede pala mag tro sinung niloloko nila taong bayan na naman anu ba yan

  15. Let’s give Nancy a chance… she might start debating with herself, close to election day, kung itutuloy nya tlga or magqquit na sya sa pagtakbo.. hehehe! But seriously, I’m looking forward to seeing her participate in one of those debates

  16. Dumb people everywhere. So Help us God.

    “So, What’s News? is a satirical & fictional news website. Our aim is to inject humor into everyday news to provide respite to readers who have grown weary with mainstream news organization’s partisan, biased and depressing way of presenting the news.”

    Now you all now. -_-

    • Dude not everyone has come across sowhatsnews so they don’t really know what this site does. Don’t just go around calling people “dumb” jfc.

      • People should always check the validity and the disclaimer of posts, actually. Besides, some of the elements of these articles are dead giveaways. So I don’t see why we should be as “lenient” as we should be.

  17. Dumb people everywhere. Help us God. -_-

    “So, What’s News? is a satirical & fictional news website. Our aim is to inject humor into everyday news to provide respite to readers who have grown weary with mainstream news organization’s partisan, biased and depressing way of presenting the news…”


  18. hahahahaha…..almost naniwala na ako. buti nalang binasa ko yung about sa website na ‘to. Anti-Binay ang peg ha?! LOL

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  20. I’m starting to think the reason of her running for senator maybe because of her father. Hai naku. She should think twice already if she wants to continue this, regardless if the facebook likes and comment where true or not, lets stick to the issue of the TPO, whether she is capable or not. Its not about fake FB likes or what, its about her being a senator and her capabilities.

  21. It is but unethical and unconstitutional for the High Court to issue such decision. Sereno might have lost her list of of the Bill of Rights for her and her colleagues to issue such a TPO on Debate. Maybe Article III of her constitution is the Water Bill or the Electric Bill.

    • No, the chief justice did not lose her bill of rights. On the other hand, I think you lost your common sense. It’s a satire. You dropped fancy words such as “unethical” and “unconstitutional”, I suppose you’d know the definition of a satire.

  22. haha!daming na-“trolled” :)) don pa lang sa “Chank Fraves” eh :)) kidding aside, i won’t vote for this Nancy Binay. porke VP ang magulang, e may guts na tumakbo? come on! matuto tayong mag-analyze nang mga kumakandidato. bad thing is, this girl is one of the frontrunners in surveys, DAFUQ! ni wala ngang napapatunayan sa track record nya eh. pag nanalo talaga to, magmumukha lang syang display sa senado just like Lito Lapid and Bong Revilla, srsly..

  23. funny…but look what that inquirer editorial did to her rating…lalong tumaas…i think these kathang isip article comes from her own camp to make her look kawawa…ayun number 3 na xa…most pinoys love underdogs…sinong kawawa in the end…?

    • I think it’s the “masa” vote that’s driving her to the top of the surveys and also the masa who have no access to the internet and make educated vote.

      It’s also the masa that these incompetent candidates (both from LP & UNA) are aiming for.

      Be informed and vote wisely.

  24. in senate, there is always a debate of laws to be execute, giving your stand about it, how can they make laws in a manner like this. TPO laws.. tskstskstsk.

  25. Ano ba? totoo ba mga news dito or katuwaan lang??? share ako ng share sa wall ko ng mga news dito e parang mga gawa gawa lang nung blogger

  26. whatever!!! Just vote wisely. do not be taken by surveys or “name-attached”,dynasty, See if their programs in their ads are realistic to be achieved.

  27. I don’t believe this article. If she knows that she can’t face such debates in the first place, then why did she decided to run as a senator? I think Nancy is not that brainless to force herself to become a senator if she has that kind of fear.

  28. I honestly think that being in the senate does not suit her. Debates and discussions are everyday part of the senate, if she is not capable of engaging into such activities then she might just dropped dead if she got confronted LOL.

  29. hay, ginoo ko! naunsa ba isab kini si nancy! na-pressure sa pamilya nga modagan. mao sab tingali kini ang kapait sa political dynasties no? tingali kaatrason na gyud ni si nancy apan dili lang gyud niya masupak ang iyang ginikanan! hahay…

  30. i think she’s not ready can we know what she’s capable of if she can’t even face a simple debate.try to run for city councilor instead for first timer.don’t make us dumb.we did born yesterday.

    • Sana bago pumasok sa Pulitika mag-isip muna! Di lang Udyok ng AMA kakandidato na ng Senator… Hay! dami paring INDIO sa Pilipinas! isa na c nancy binay…

  31. huwag nyo na lng iboto kung ayaw nyo wag nyo ng dgdagan ng pangiinsulto tingnan nyo muna mga sarili nyo ganon ba kyo kaperpekto para mliitin ang inyong kapwa

  32. I’m not a supporter of Nancy Binay and will never vote for her in the May elections. I’m actually baffled that she places higher in the ratings than Risa Hontiveros, who I personally think is more qualified and credible for the position. However, this ‘satirical’ article is done in poor taste. It makes the readers ignorant, if not more ignorant, of the law. TPO for senatorial debates? Seriously? I think the writer should get pointers from Professional Heckler. Not to bash the writer, but he/she is just one of those trying hard humor writers gone bad.

    • Correction: Everybody’s baffled that she places higher in the ratings than Risa Hontiveros. Except her father.

      I’m sorry if you find the article that way and is hoping if there is anything I could do to change your mind. But I respect your opinion and may I suggest other articles on this blog that may be of your liking.

      Satire is defined as the use of humor, irony, exaggeration or ridicule to expose or criticize a person’s stupidity or vices.

      -The TPO was the exaggerated part.
      -Her 8-year-old son as her PA was the ridicule (I think).
      -The court granting her petition was the ridicule.
      -And hopefully after reading it whole, you’ll get the humor (hopefully).
      -If not, maybe young Julius Benedict’s Facebook profile picture as a silent jab at his mom will. 🙂

      Oh, and maybe you haven’t read the Anti-Angry Birds Bill or the Anti-Rama Bill yet? 🙂

      Hope to see you more often here. Comments like yours are actually very constructive and a breath of fresh air.

      Vote wisely. 🙂

  33. hahaha, pinag-aawayan na to sa FB, hindi daw to tutuo, ung nagpost naman sige nang laban at tutuo daw ito, kasi may source at ang source nya ay itong website na to lolzz

    dami nang naloko nitong website na to, astig! 😀

  34. Risa Hontiveros is qualified and was credible until she joined the bandwagon of trapos.Now she is just like them.

  35. It’s really funny. If this were true I know a lot of candidates would jump on the chance to avoid the debates.

    But seriously speaking, she shouldn’t be running. She doesn’t have the experience and she even admitted that the party and her father just forced her to run! Kung “Nanay de Pamilya” talaga sya, she should lead by example and drop out of the race. Even though our Senate hasn’t respectable for a long time, she should still show some respect to the position and the power that people give to the Senate. Let the more qualified candidates duke it out. If she really wants to help the Philippines, why not start campaigning for those who she believes can make a difference and use her fame to increase awareness on issues that matter.

  36. Kayo namang mga readers nitong hobviously fake news. Dont be so ard on er. She’ll do fine hin the senate.

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  38. kailangan si Benay sa Senado bakit ka nyo ? aba walang mag titimpla ng kape ng mga Senador . mahirap na trabaho yun ha, dapat alam mo ang tamang init ng tubig, tamang gramo ng creamer at tamang tapang ng kape …oh mastern na yan ni aleng nency benay …

  39. Muntik ko na seryosohin ang news na ito. Akala ko talaga true, heheh. SWN, the publisher of this news is a SATIRICAL & FICTIONAL news website. It aims to inject humor into everyday news to provide respite to readers who have grown weary with mainstream news organization’s partisan, biased and depressing way of presenting the news. (see upper right part of this page)

  40. This site is genius, and stupid at the same time. The part where it explains it’s purpose on top looks like an ad that does not attract the readers eyes. The reader then focuses on the article itself. That’s why many was misled. One can only understand this site’s purpose by going thru the comments. Let’s see the owners put the satirical explanation at the title. No one will even care read through it anymore. Sites like this do more harm than good. I shall never return and yes, mark it as spam in fb. BYE!

  41. narinig ko naman ang panayam ni Ms. Nancy Binay sa isang balita sa GMA, I thought good enough naman na unahin nga ang taong bayan.. kaysa sa deabate na sinabi.. alam natin na ang senado ay parte ng isang malaking pagtatalo or sinabing debate.but definitely nakafocus parin sana sa pagtulong sa ating kababayan lalong-lalo na sa mahihirap na tao ditto sa pinas. go binay..

  42. This site is genius, and stupid at the same time. The part where it explains it’s purpose on top looks like an ad that does not attract the readers eyes. The reader then focuses on the article itself. That’s why many was misled. One can only understand this site’s purpose by going thru the comments. Let’s see the owners put the satirical explanation at the title. No one will even care read through it anymore. Sites like this do more harm than good. I shall never return and yes, mark it as spam in fb. BYE!

    • Must’ve been one of those who got trolled and bitter or one of those “spoonfed” peeps.

      You have such big ideas, why don’t you write your own blog?


      P.S. Sir Byran, are you so bitter you had to post your comment twice?

    • Kahit di ito totoo di sya nararapat sa senado. Wala syang experience sa upper political career. Dapat maging tanod muna sa Makati. “Nancy Binay is not her father”. STOP POLITICAL DYNASTY.

  43. Satire, just like all other forms of communication, has its place. I’m not voting for Nancy Binay but I don’t approve of the way she was lambasted in a tasteless manner. The satire is cheap and has not influenced me to vote one way or the other. Again, I’m not voting for Nancy (nor for her father in 2016). But I would accord them the respect any individual deserves including the satirist who cowardly takes shot at others without coming out in the open.

  44. One reason why SOME of my fellow countrymen quite disappoint me when it comes to voting:

    Some vote for the candidate who has a name in showbiz or whose family has been in politics for so long. Jesus Christ can you people at least do a little research on the candidates before you mark the circles next to their names on your ballots? Don’t just vote because the candidate is good looking or is famous for something not even related to politics. Do not vote for the person just because his/her family has been in office since God knows when. Vote because you know these people won’t take advantage of power; they know how to run a good government; they have done something good for this country; etc.

  45. Dear Nancy Binay,

    Hi! Kamusta ka na? How’s things?

    Ay, pasensya at feeling close ako sa iyo, di mo naman ako kilala. Pero pabayaan mo na, tutal, eleksyon naman ngayon at lahat naman kayong nangangampanya, nagfe-feeling close sa aming lahat na botante. You won’t mind naman ano, kung mag-feeling close ako sa iyo ngayon?

    Sinulatan kita ngayon kasi concerned ako para sa’yo. Alam mo naman, sabi ko nga kanina, eleksyon ngayon. Madaming isyu ang umiikot. Baka kasi ma-apektuhan ang ranking mo ngayon. Sayang naman ang taas ng puwesto mo sa survey dahil ka-apelyido mo lang ang tatay mo.

    May black propaganda daw na umiikot na patungkol sa iyo. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Pasensya na kung na-confuse ako. Sabi kasi ng tatay mo, black is beautiful. So pabor siguro sa iyo ang mga “black” propaganda na yan.

    Uy, natuwa ako sa iyo ha, at senador agad ang inambisyon mo. That’s good! Aim high! Alam ko na sa lawak ng experience mo, madami kang magagawa sa senado. Ano nga ba ulit yung experience mo? Saang sector ka nga ba ulit galling bago ka nagdesisyong tumakbo?

    Di ka naman nag-mayor kasi yung kapatid mo yung nag mayor. Ikaw ba yung congresswoman? Ay hindi din ikaw yun, dahil yung isang kapatid mo iyon. Nakita ko din na ang mommy mo at daddy mo, naging mayor din pala. Astig ang pamilya nyo ha, pulitika ang family business. Kung hindi “dynasty” ang tawag doon, hindi ko na talaga alam kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng lintek na dynasty na yan. Ingat pala sa “dynasty” ha kasi madaming galit doon. Unfair daw yun sa taong bayan at nakalagay daw yun sa isang importanteng batas sa Pilipinas. Constitution daw ang tawag sa batas na iyon.

    Balik tayo sa iyo. So ano nga ba ulit ang trabaho mo bago ka tumakbo? Nakalagay dito sa resume mo, “Personal Assistant.” Wow. Wait lang, ano ang ibig sabihin ng personal assistant? Kasi yung mga artista, may mga “personal assistant” din na tinatawag. Yung yung mga inuutusan nila na magbuhat ng damit nila, magtimpla ng kape, etc. In other words, “alalay.” Pero sure naman ako na hindi ikaw yung tipong pinagbubuhat ng damit. Pero, alalay pa rin yang “Personal Assistant” diba? Iningles lang para magandang pakinggan. Ikaw ba yung pinag-xexerox ng boss mo sa office?

    Oo nga pala, sino yung boss mo na nag-hire sayo maging personal ala…este… assistant? Baka naman isang higante ng business sector ang boss mo at marami kang natutunan sa kaniya. Astig yan! Tignan nga natin ulit itong resume mo. Sabi dito, ang boss mo dati ay si JEJOMAR BINAY. Wait lang, diba tatay mo ‘to?! So personal assistant ka ng tatay mo? Diba lahat naman ng anak sa mundo dapat maging personal assistant ng magulang nila? Dapat ba nating ilagay yan sa mga resume natin? Bago yan ha! Magawa ko din nga para madagdagan ng laman ang Bio Data ko.

    Grabe naman ang tatay mo. 39 yrs old ka na, “Personal Assistant” ka pa rin ng tatay mo? Di ka man lang naghanap ng trabaho sa labas? Yung mga kabataan ngayon, excited gumradweyt agad para makapagtrabaho sa mga companies, o kaya sa government. Pero ikaw, umaasa ka pa rin kay daddy mo para sa trabaho? Super strict ba si daddy mo at ayaw ka niyang mawala sa paningin nya? Kaso, nakita ko ang picture mo na kasama ang asawa mo at ang iyong apat na anak. May pamilya ka na, strict pa rin si daddy mo?

    Sana naman, dahil sa sobrang sikat, mayaman at makapangyarihan ang tatay mo,( isipin mo ha, more than 20 years na mayor ang tatay mo sa MAKATI. Ito ang pinakamayaman na siyudad sa buong Pilipinas.) may kuneksyon sya sa mga mayayaman at maimpluwensya na mga businessman sa Makati. Hindi ka man lang niya ni-reto sa mga yun para magkatrabaho ka?

    Kahit anong company siguro, siguradong tatanggapin ka dahil anak ka ni Binay. O kaya, kung nagtayo ka ng sarili mong business, malamang maraming businessman ang susuporta sayo, Binay ang tatay mo e. Kaso, wala kang ginawa? Anong nangyari? Ika nga ni Bekimon, “Anyareeee?”

    Pero siguro, kaya di ka nagtrabaho sa pribadong sektor ay dahil gusto mong sundan ang yapak ng tatay mo. Okay siguro yun. Ano ba ang huli mong naging puwesto sa gobyerno? Hindi ka nag mayor, hindi ka nag congresswoman, hindi ka nga nagkonsehal, e hindi ka nga nag barangay tanod? Senador agad? Di ba puwedeng mag OJT ka muna sa barangay niyo? Senador agad?!

    Oo nga pala, napanood kita sa TV noon isang araw! Ganda mo sa TV ha! Sabi mo doon sa interview mo, na kaya ka tumakbo ay dahil may isa kayong kasama na hindi na tatakbo, at nagdesisyon ang mga kapartido mo na ikaw na lang ang ipalit. So, sinabi mo na HINDI MO DESISYON ANG TUMAKBO, IBA ANG NAGDESISYON PARA SA IYO? Ano yun, so kung mananalo ka, iba ang magdedesisyon para sa iyo? Ano ka, puppet? Nancy, Senado ang ina-applyan mo at hindi Sesame Street. Huwag mo nang agawan ng trabaho si Bert at Ernie.

    Sabi mo, kaya ka tumakbo… mali, kaya ka PINATAKBO, ay dahil mataas ka sa ranking ng survey. Pero alam mo naman at alam nating lahat na kaya ka nasa taas ng survey ay dahil pareho kayo ng apelyido ng tatay mo. So ang labas nito, mananalo ka dahil marami kang Pilipinong mauuto. Kaya ng sikmura mong gawin yan? E kahit daddy mo, walang bilib sa iyo. Sa TV kasi, tinanong siya kung ano ang qualifications mo para tumakbo. At ang sagot ni daddy Binay sa harap ng milyon-milyon na Pilipino na nanonood ng TV?:

    “She’s my daughter.”

    Sana man lang, pinagmalaki ni daddy Binay na mataas ang grades mo, na masipag ka, na magaling kang magluto man lang. Or nabigyan ka ng loyalty award sa school. Pero wala e, “She’s my daughter” lang ang sinabi. Ouch.

    Nancy, alam kong hindi ka makatulog ng mahimbing sa gabi dahil alam mo ang katotohanan ng sitwasyon mo. I understand, mahirap talaga yan. Pero Nancy, buong bayan ang di makakatulog ng mahimbing kung manalo ka. Dahil kung manalo ka dahil lang sa apelyido mo, e parang sinampal nyo sa mukha ang lahat ng Pilipino sa Pilipinas. Oo, deserve naman ng marami sa amin dahil sila naman ang tangang bumoto sa iyo, pero alam ko, di mo gagawin yan dahil HINDI BLACK ang conscience mo.

    Wish lang namin Nancy. Nasaan na ba si Vicky Morales at ma-wish nga namin sa kaniya.

  46. tama na ang may ilang mga taga second demotion at ilang mga hindi kagalingan at tama na rin ang sobrang magagalling na para sa sarili lang naman ang hangad paunlarin… maglagay na tayo ng tamang tao, un statesman talaga, people who love people…. hindi lamang mga henyo at sikat kundi mga may mga puso at pagmamahal sa bayan…. stop, plz stop patronizing dynasties and sikat…. God bless PILIPINAS….


  48. We must realize that a court order is the topic here…TPO, meaning Temporary Protection Order….to free Ms. Binay from doing debates and other related activities in any forum for health reasons….in which case her lawyer plans to make it permanent…and to me this is for real….I mean not a joke… what if she will win…what will her father do…always couching her in the senate??? We Filipinos are fond of making ourselves a laughing stock in the world community…. we vote people because they are popular and we forget those with most desired qualification… ang sabi nga ni ex-Dolphy who many have urge to run for senate seat ” papaano kung ako ay manalo???” sana mag isip naman ang mga taong ito sa kakayanan nila….

  49. in the first place she should not have enetered the world of politics…..but his father pushes her as preparation for his ambition to be the president of the land.. God forbids.! let us pray!

  50. This satirical article is funny, but unfortunately a great deal of readers are taking this WAY TOO SERIOUSLY. Oo, hindi alam ng karamihan ang ibig sabihin ng “satire”, pero kung sabihin mo (o nila) naman ang kahulugan nito, maaaring masira na ang humor na gusto mong ipaabot sa readers mo. Oh well, ‘di bale… ganyan naman talaga, eh. ‘Yun ngang articles mo tungkol sa Anti-Angry Birds Bill at sa TRO vs Diablo III (the latter which has surprisingly more comments than the former) marami ring naniwala, eh. I just hope hindi ka mapahamak in the future nang dahil lang sa may hindi nakaintindi ng salitang “satire”. Or worse, mali ang pagkakaintindi nila sa salitang ‘yon.


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  52. I think being best at debating does not guarantee that you become/are a good senator. If it does matter, only a little. What’s more important is how well do you serve the public. Debating is not really serving. There are those senators who can debate well, but seemed to forget why they filled in the senatorial seat. What for???

  53. FAKE ARTICLE… Don’t be fooled by this. SPAM po to. Wag maniwala agad.

    Facebook thinks this site may be unsafe. If you’re not familiar with it, please provide feedback by marking it as spam (you’ll be brought back to Facebook).

    • The article isn’t fake, it’s satirical my friend. Where you to understand the basis of satire, you’ll get it.

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  55. Ke fake o hindi ang news na to! Kumpleto na ang cast sa Senado— may mga tagabutas na ng upuan dun wag nang dagdagan PLEASE! Pag nanalo pa tong c Nancy – Botante na ang may problema—




  57. i just think that binay should be given an equal chance as a senatoriable. i just don’t see the point on hontiveros’ insistence for a debate considering that we all know that it’s her comfort zone. haven’t she realized that an effective legislator is measured not by the number of speaking engagements one has attended, not even on the number of legislations one has passed, but on the well thought of and thoroughly researched bills and their effective and efficient IMPLEMENTATION thereafter, if in case it would be passed. moreover, some people are not just into this kind of crap, some would opt to do their homeworks properly, setting aside all sorts of unending disputes and blah blahs. and besides, were our senators able to pass one on the ground of DEBATES ALONE? further, i believe that each one of the senators, and even our representatives, have their legislative personnel who make almost all of the dirty work behind the limelight of candidacy and popularity.

    • Sa pagkakaintindi ko e sa paggawa ng bills e madami namang staff ang mga senador. Sila nagreresearch dito. O kaya gawa ng staff ng ibang senador tapos co-author sila or pede nila iendorse. Pero para maapprove ang mga bills na to e kelangan mo makipagdebate sa mga kapwa mo senador. Kelangan meron kang kakayahan para majustify mo ung bill. IMPORTANTENG KAKAYAHAN ang marunong makipagdebate.

  58. The fact that some people believe this article to be true really amazes me. Ever heard of the word “SATIRE”? Just the attorney’s name CHank FRaves is already a give-away.

    While I may not be Nancy Binay’s supporter, what terrifies me the most is that lots of Filipinos base their votes on whatever they read on the internet. People need to read, think, and understand everything first before calling her stupid (or anyone for that matter), or they would simply let the whole world witness their own words backfiring at them.

    Just sayin.

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  60. if your running to be a senator dpat handa sa lahat ng debates. what if may pupuntahan siyang forum abroad? sana matuto n tyong mga pinoy na mamili ng karapat dapat. im not against binay but were talking about running an entire country. hindi lahat nkukuha sa debate , pero naman magmumuka na namang tanga ang pinas sa ibang bansa. madami na ngang mga bobo, at gagong senador … magdadagdag pa ba tyo??

  61. Kung totoo man to o hinde, diko naman boboto yang si NANCY BINAY! Duhh…. Ano naba napatunayan nya? Ngayon nga lang natin natineg pangalan nyan eh! Ambisyosa SENADOR agad ang gusto? Di muna mg brgy.captain ha ha ha…

  62. What the F? Kung totoo man to or hinde! Still the same… Purket BINAY iboboto nyo na? At first wala pa syang experience sa politika… Eto namang tatay nyang VP BINAY ano to trip trip??? Ha ha ha…. Kaya mga kapwa ko pilipino mag isip isip kayo! Wag kyo magpadala sa purket anak o kapatid or pamangkin sila…. Wag sayangin ang boto nyo!

  63. hello folks. good eve law experts. may i ask for a clarification if there’s a difference between TPO and RTO (general explanation and constitution basis, if it’s okay). also, i know this is a satire news, but do politicians also deserve a TPO? thanks.we’re discussing this in our philo class and I was dumbstrucked

  64. the true spirit to take a man to leadership is not by any means illuminated by prowess in debate.. i know this article is only satirical,. but i would like to clarify that many senators had done it to the senate even without a background in any relevant position.. think of Estrada.. he even managed to be president just because he is famous, yet he proved his worth any1 cud justify,.. even though he was well remembered by his well known mistake… most still considered him as a great leader..

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  67. I got a feeling this report is fake judging by the story and the picture.. alam ko na walang kwenta si Nancy Binay bilang senador pero hindi na dapat gawan ng maling kwento dahil galit tayo sakanya.. kung totoo nga ang kwento na to napakatanga naman ng anak niya at nagpost pa sa FB..

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