Women Warned Against Practical Jokes as 25 Million Men Try to Recreate Psy’s ‘Gentleman’ Video.

MANILA, Philippines — Women around the world are warned against possible jokes being played on them in response to the overwhelming successful release of Korean pop sensation Psy’s latest music video entitled Gentleman.

“Gangnam Style” star Psy’s new music video had received more than 50 million views on YouTube by Monday, April 15, re-writing the video-sharing site’s records for single-day hits.

The dance video to “Gentleman”, the South Korean singer’s long-awaited follow up to “Gangnam Style, was only posted on YouTube at 9:00 pm (1200 GMT) on Saturday.

In the first 24 hours, it racked up around 20 million hits, destroying the previous record for single-day views of 8.0 million, set by Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” video in May 2012. (from Rappler)

The video shows the 35-year-old K-Pop star with his signature sunglasses, doing various practical jokes on women and eventually dancing with a group towards the end of the video.

CCTV-bikini_untie“We are receiving various complaints from women whose bikinis have been untied while they were sunbathing along the beach,” said P. Supt Lourdes Caliaboso of the Boracay PNP Women’s Desk.

A man wearing sunglasses was seen fleeing the scene of the crime while laughing.

Another incident in a gym here in Manila was reported, wherein a woman was seriously injured after the speed of the treadmill that she was using was deliberately set to ‘high’ by someone whose description matched that of the earlier practical joker.

The woman is currently confined at a private hospital after she suffered multiple concussions to the head.

Women’s group Women Opposing Men for the Empowerment of the Nation (WOMEN) was alarmed by the increasing number of practical jokes that goes unnoticed which results in “physical and emotional injuries” after the release of the music video.

“It was ok to recreate the scenes from Psy’s previous hit, Gangnam Style, because the scenes were harmless,” said Bettina Elaisa Ang, National Chair for WOMEN. “But the scenes in his Gentleman video borders on disrespect and careless disregard for women’s sensibilities.”

CCTV-coffee“Just this morning, we received a report of a woman choking on her coffee after someone mischievously tipped her cup causing the hot drink to spill on her.”

The woman suffered second degree burns on her lap as a result of the practical joke.

“This is by no means an isolated case,” clarifies Ang. “Various women’s group across the globe are reporting similar incidents as a result of the music video going viral.”

CCTV-fart“The most heinous and widespread prank according to our international sources appears to be the one where the joker scratches his anus and then forcing women to smell it.”

“Wicked. Just plain wicked,” said another member of WOMEN.

The United Nations estimates that out of the 50 million views the video has garnered so far, half are probably men with the potential of becoming a prankster.

“That’s 25 million women whose lives could be in danger,” said  United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women head Lackshmi Puti. “Let us be careful with our actions as lives of women could be at risk.”

Meanwhile, the ‘White Vote Movement’, a catholic group led by El Shaddai, refuses to comment when asked whether their recently announced endorsement of 6 pro-life senatorial candidates was a big practical joke played on women of the Philippines.

Stay tuned for further developments.


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