Psy Suffers Hip Injury After Trying to Come Up with Obnoxious Dance Moves for Newest Single.

SEOUL, South Korea — Korean pop sensation Psy (Park Jae-sang) announced via a tweet yesterday that the release of the newest music video for his new single, Gentleman has been delayed indefinitely after he suffered a possible paralyzing hip surgery while trying to come up with new dance moves that he was hoping to go viral.


A representative of the Korean star said that the anticipated release of the music video have been put on hold indefinitely pending the recovery of Psy and until doctors give him the go signal.

The tweet came after his newest single came out to mixed reactions, with some liking it and others calling it ‘formulaic‘. Fans were eagerly anticipating what sort of moves the K-pop star would come out next with to accompany the repeated catchphrase “mother father gentleman” in the song.

But sources close to PSY revealed that no accident occurred during the rehearsal, and instead blamed the delay to the artist suffering from “dancer’s block.”

“He kept going back to dancing Gangnam Style, saying that we shouldn’t fix what wasn’t broken,” narrated Park Heung Park, one of his backup dancers.

“We tried doing a new move similar to someone riding an antelope and even a hippopotamus, but he didn’t liked it.”

The steadfast Psy apparently kept going back to the “horse trot” move that made him famous in the first place, saying that it has “sentimental values.”

PSY and Noh Hong-Chul in the elevator scene in the music video of “Gangnam Style”

At one point, the group was able to breathe a sigh of relief when Psy was about to approve a dance dubbed “the octopus”, that involved the dancers flailing their arms around to the beat of the new song.

Park described the octopus move as erratic, spasmodic but catchy and had potential.

 “Something that could go viral again,” he quipped.

“But Psy changed his mind at the last minute after he recalled the elevator scene from the last music video,” said Park Jae Hyung, another backup dancer. “That’s when Noh Hong-Chul chimed in and suggested a scene where Psy would act like a gentleman and hold the elevator door open for him in one part of the song. “

“After that, his mind went blank again and was sitting in the corner watching his old music video,” revealed Hyung. “That is why he had to fabricate an injury for fears that he wouldn’t be able to live up or outdo his last video.”

In the meantime, fans would have to make do watching various Gwiyomi videos on Youtube for their K-Pop fix.


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