Barangay Basketball League Hotshot Refuses to Prove Himself. Demands to Win Championship First.

BGY_UNAMAKATI, Philippines — A local athlete is receiving flak from his own team as well as their competitors for refusing to participate in any match in the just started Makati Inter-Barangay Basketball League.

Mark Lawrence “Fancy” Biday, a self-proclaimed star player who prides himself on-court with his so-called basketball prowess and fancy moves (hence the nickname), is the one being criticized by his own team, the ‘Brgy. Urdaneta Netz Attack’ headed by coach Louie Angeles.

Kinuha namin sya dahil ang sabi nya eh magaling daw syang maglaro (we got him because he said that he was a great basketball player),” said Angeles. “Pero nung papalaruin na namin sya para patunayan ang kakayahan nya sa ring, eh ayaw naman nyang maglaro (But when we asked him to play in a game to prove his worth, he declined to participate).

Coach Angeles wanted to win the tournament badly, hence he tapped the services of Biday, who is the son of 5-time MIBBL Most Valuable Player (MVP) Jojemar “Jeje” Biday.

Ibang iba sya sa tatay nya (He’s very different from his dad),” added Angeles. “Yung tatay niya, kahit maliit, masipag sa court (His dad, although lacking in height, was very hardworking on the court).

Teammates ‘JunVic’ and ‘BallJack’ were mum when asked to comment, saying that it is up to their coach on what to do with Fancy.

When asked to comment, the younger Biday belittled the need to play in any of the scheduled games, saying what matters most is winning the championship.

Hindi na kailangan maglaro sa court (There’s no need to play on the court.)!” boasted Biday. “Ang ginagawa ko eh kumakatok ako sa mga kapitbahay ko at sinasabi ko na ako ang pinakamagaling na basketbolista sa barangay namin (What I do is I go house-to-house knocking my neighbor’s door and telling them how great a basketball player I am).”

Siguro naman, at this point, nakikita nilang hindi lang ang apelyido ko ang pwede kong dalhin sa court (At this point, I think it’s safe to say that they believe that it’s not only my father’s surname that I can bring to the court,” Biday said.

Hhe added, “Pag nagchampion na kami tsaka ako maglalaro (When we become champion, that’s when I’ll play on the court).”

Wala akong oras maglaro (I have no time to play).”

Brgy La-Paz Chain Gang team captain Raymond “Rayray” Hongtiberos was also disappointed with the decision of Biday not to play and even challenged the self-proclaimed star player to a one-on-one match.

“I was looking forward to our match-up,” said Hongtiberos. “I thought he would step up and put money where his mouth is.”

But the offer still stands, according to ‘Rayray’, if and when ‘Fancy’ steps up. “I’m still open if Biday ever changes his mind.”

But Hongtiberos’ teammate, Greg Lamanzones was quick to defend Biday, saying that it is up to the latter on what actions he would take.

“Nasa kanya na po yun kung gusto nyang maglaro (It’s up to him if he want to play),” said Lamanzones.

Kung sa tingin nya po eh wala syang kailangang patunayan po sa mga manunuod, eh di desisyon nya na po yun (If he thinks that he has nothing to prove to the audience,  then that is his decision).”

“Hindi po ba po?”

Basketball fans were saddened by the cowardly act of Biday, and also expressed their  disappointment.

But experts believe that he would still come out on top of the tournament and would surpass his father’s achievements to win the coveted MVP award 6-times in a row.


4 thoughts on “Barangay Basketball League Hotshot Refuses to Prove Himself. Demands to Win Championship First.

  1. Hey SWN, i hope you remember that Fancy’s Dad has 3 years left as MVP then 6 years as P… Pinaka Valuable P… Be afraid, be very afraid mwahaha…

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