Local Bets To Be Honest on April Fools Day. Go Back to Their Lying Ways The Next Day.

Photo courtesy of Pinoy-OFW.com

MANILA,  Philippines — Candidates running in the local elections made a bold move when they unanimously decided to put up campaign posters bearing honest messages that they themselves are not sure if the electorate are ready for or not.

“In celebration of April Fools’ Day, we have decided to embrace the culture of making practical jokes and hoaxes, to which we hope the citizens will appreciate,” said reelectionist Junjun Berdebe.

Tutal ang campaign period ay isang malaking kalokohan naman (Besides, the campaign period is one big joke anyways), ” said another candidate who wished to be unnamed. “Kaya bakit hindi maging makatotohana naman kami, kahit isang araw lang (So why can’t we be honest even for a day)?”

Volunteers for various candidates are busy putting up “Honest Epal Tarps” since last night, bearing messages such as:

  • Reelect Castelo, Boses ng Bangs sa Kongreso!
  • Vote Echiverri for Mayor Para Hindi Sayang ang mga Pininturahang Bigote sa mga Poste ng LRT!
  • Reelect Bunag, Para Maipagpatuloy Ko Ang Pagpapagawa ng Barangay Hall na Sakop ang Buong Bangketa!
  • Vote Rene Bondal for Mayor of Makati. Dahil Ako Lang ang May Bayag na Labanan ang mga Binay!
  • Reelect Garcia! Para Balik Opisina At Hindi Masubpoena!
  • Ibalik si Bernabe Sa Parañaque Kundi Ang Diploma Ng Anak Mo Magiging Walang Silbi!
  • Mga Bobo, Iboto Si Achebedo.
  • Vote Kit Belmonte for Congressman 6th District of QC. As If May Choice Ka Pa?!
  • Vote Joey Marquez for Congressman.  Dahil Kailangan pa ng Parañaque ang Mamahaling Walis!


Said volunteers are on stand-by to bring down the truthful election paraphernalia when the clock strikes twelve tonight, and tarps bearing lies and empty promises would be brought back up for the duration of the election period.

Vote Wisely.

For more Epal Tarps, check out No More Epal.


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