Senatoriables to Perform Gangnam on Psy’s Concert to Fill-Up Lull

psy posterMANILA, Philippines — Organizers for Psy’s concert here in Manila, breathed a sigh of relief when they finally got a ‘eureka’ moment during a brainstorming session, trying to come up with gimmicks to fill up the lull to what was originally planned as a 5-minute concert.

According to Leticia Benitez, head of promotions for Oblation Productions, the reason the concert was postponed last December was because the Korean Pop sensation refused to dance for a whole two hours in the first place.

“He said that he’s been dancing since July of last year and is in no condition to dance that long”, said Benitez. “And we figured nobody wanted to pay nine thousand pesos (P9,000) or even five hundred pesos (P500), for a five minute concert.”

That is why besides tapping the country’s comedy concert queen AiAi delas Alas as well as comedy duo Jose & Wally, the concert organizers deemed it necessary to include senatorial bets in the upcoming elections from both parties to be able to solve their dilemma.

“We weren’t sure how the candidates would react with our offer, but was surprised when they agreed right away, no questions asked.”

Candidates from both Team PNoy and UNA have agreed to dance Gangnam Style  at the event individually and not in unison. They are then  given one whole minute each to bare their platform & plans after each performance.

“Voters apparently doesn’t need detailed explanation on how they are going to accomplish their promises or platforms,” said Benitez, because according to her, that was how long the senatoriables requested & wanted.

A candidate was even quoted as saying, “One minute is all we need!”

The performance and speech of all candidates is said to take up two thirds (2/3)  of the whole concert, and the organizers couldn’t be more happier.

Psy, together with Zubira & Pimentel during rehearsal

Psy, together with Zubiri & Pimentel during rehearsal

Meanwhile, in a rare sign of sportsmanship, both Juan Miguel Zubiri and Koko Pimentel agreed to bury the hatchet and dance on the same stage at the same time, together with Psy.

“Koko was hesitant at first,” bared an unnamed member of Team PNoy. “But with a little prodding from the President and Psy himself, it is now going to happen.”

Psy was impressed with both candidates during rehearsal and said that their intensive dance lessons last year are paying off. (full story here)

“When you see them both on stage dancing, you wouldn’t think that one has accused the other of cheating,” said Psy, obviously showing his knowledge in Philippine Politics.

Psy Gangnam Style – Live in Manila is happening on February 16, 2013 at the SM MOA Arena.


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