MTRCB Adds Rating System for Political Advertisements

mtrcb_logoMANILA, Philippines — The Movie and Television Review & Classification Board (MTRCB) has added a new rating system to be shown right before a political advertisement is to be aired on TV and radio; just in time before the election campaign period starts on February 12, 2013.

This after the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) issued resolution no. 9615 limiting candidates for national office to have an aggregate total of 180 minutes of radio airtime and 120 minutes of  TV for their campaign.

A memorandum issued yesterday by the TV & movie board stated that the new ratings are as follows:

  • Gasgas  or Guileful (“G”),
  • Pang-Gagago or Political Gypping (“PG”) and
  • Sobrang Pang-Gagago  or Sensationalized Political Gypping (“SPG”)

“It is designed to empower voters to exercise caution and vigilance regarding blatant sweet talking of candidates,” said newly appointed MTRCB chairman  Emmanuel Borleza.

“Viewers complain and say that they’re sick and tired of these advertisements and their sugar coated and vague words that we all know are not true,” said Borleza. “We want to teach our children the importance of honesty, hence this classification rating is to be imposed.”

He added, “Parents have to talk to their children that lying is not to be tolerated and that these individuals are being dishonest only during the campaign period.”

“They still do when elected,” said this reporter, to which the chairman just nodded in agreement.

Below is the full description of the ratings:


With this rating system in place, expect to see and hear that familiar voice saying, “Ang susunod na patalastas ay rated SPG. Maaaring naglalaman ng panlilinlang, pambobola, hindi paggamit ng apelyido ng asawa, sayawan, kantahan at pagsakay sa kasikatan ng apelyido ng tatay. Patunubay ng magulang ay kinakailangan. Huwag tularan.

Freedom of expression comes with a responsibility, noted Borleza. “We can’t just invoke freedom at the expense of another person, or in this case, at the expense of the welfare of the entire nation.”


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