PNP to Publish Children’s Book

MANILA, Philippines — The literature and educational department of the Philippine National Police (PNP) is set to publish a children’s book aimed at developing their logical thinking and brain development.

The Ultimate Picture Puzzle – Can You Spot The Differences? is a 132-page illustrated book containing images of various crime scenes taken from PNP Scene of the Crime Operatives’ (SOCO) vast media archive. Children are tasked to determine discrepancies in two identical crime scenes with the other having additional evidences “enhanced” or “planted” for the kids to discover.

PNP-spot-d-diff-bookThe book starts off slowly to give newcomers a chance to get used to the puzzles with the first puzzle having eight easy changes and becomes increasingly difficult as the book progresses. The changes in the crime scenes range from the very obvious, and usually humorous, to very difficult to find.

Each section starts with a puzzle with a few changes and by the end of the section the puzzles all have several changes, sometimes needing the help of a magnifying glass. For the most part, the police did a good job of putting the “puzzle pieces” in the appropriate section.

The book was created with the help of the same folks over at the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) which released a similar spot-the-difference project from 2011.

By the end of the book, children will be able to distinguish ambush from shootout from day one, without the need for a re-autopsy by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

Just like mom & dad.

PNP’s The Ultimate Picture Puzzle – Can You Spot The Differences? will be available soon in all leading bookstores nationwide.


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