The Most Insignificant Person of the Year 2012

Welcome to what would become the annual So, What’s NewsMost Insignificant Person of the Year award.

First and foremost, what does the word insignificant mean? According to Google:

Insignificant – Not significant, especially:

     1. Lacking in importance; trivial.
     2. Lacking power, position, or value; worthy of little regard.
     3. Small in size or amount.
     4. Not worth considering
     5. Having little or no meaning

We wanted to honor that person who is often overlooked at a time when various media outlets pick their ‘person’, ‘pipol’, ‘newsmaker’, etc of the year.

Anybody could have won this award: your introvert neighbor John Cupal, Kuya Boyet who sells taho around the corner, heck even Keana Reeves or Rosana Roces could be nominated. But it takes special skills to be a public official who has been mentioned in the news for the whole year and still be awarded as somebody who is insignificant.

Last week, we asked you, the readers, to nominate who you think is deserving of this award.

Many names were nominated, but only one stood out among the rest.

After garnering 32% of all the total votes, your pick justifiably personifies the true meaning of the word ‘insignificant’.

The winner for The Most Insignificant Person of the Year is none other than your favorite neighborhood cyber-bully whipping boy.


Yes we will not name him. He is that insignificant.

Although he holds a position in government and might seem important, do not be deceived. Underneath that finely pressed coat and tie, under that well coiffed mustache, lies a man who lies.

A man who lies and tries to cover his tracks with arrogance and even more lies. A man who should be called insignificant for all the stupid things that he has done in a span of a year. And no amount of plastic chairs or cha-cha could hide the fact of who he really is.

From his ‘turno en contra’ speeches that were riddled with plagiarized contents from different bloggers, to translating parts of US Senator Robert Kennedy’s speech for his own speech, to the stealthy insertion of the online libel provision in the controversial Cybercrime Law; it would seem like our winner was either clueless of the noise he is making, or that the Filipino people is not accustomed to this kind of cockiness and blatant stupidity from an elected official.

Yes, stupidity.

And don’t forget his desire to strike out the “safe and satisfying sex” phrase in the Reproductive Health bill. There is only one explanation that could explain the reasoning behind this man’s action.

Refer to the 3rd definition of insignificant above.

In closing, awarding him as being THE most insignificant person of the year is quite fitting: His actions has been nothing but meaningless, especially to the RH Bill advocates who accused him of delaying. He is lacking in power up there, and lacking in power down there as well. He is trifling, petty, trivial and unimportant.
And we just wasted four hundred eighty nine (489) words talking about the man.

Happy New Year!


9 thoughts on “The Most Insignificant Person of the Year 2012

  1. this is going to give that guy nightmares for the coming year(Thanks, serves him right)! And the author should learn the art of cannot be found easily (so we enjoy this kind of fun continuously)… hehehe. Anyways, this is the best vote I ever made throughout 2012… cheers and happy new year to us, and to that guy there… good luck!

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  3. The Philippine He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Apparently, Protego was better in the Congress and the Senate that his and his cohorts Avada Kedavra.

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