POEA: Wannabe Filipino Boxing Analysts, Critics & Commentators In Demand Abroad

MANILA, Philippines — Good news for Filipinos who wants to work abroad, as the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) announced today a total of 11,680 approved job orders for the United States including sports analyst, sports commentator, sports critics, boxing judges, and boxing referees.

POEA Administrator Carlos S. Cao, Jr. made the formal announcement after he noticed various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter went abuzz after the match between  Manny Pacquiao over Juan Manuel Marquez.  Comments, both positive and negative could be read by people who either believes that the win was justified while others thought that the outcome could have been better.

“Our offices were unaware that our country has a surplus of sport experts” said Cao. “We immediately coordinated with our international offices around the world and found out the the US was indeed in the hunt for such jobs” he added.

Interested applicants must submit various documentations to an accredited agency by the POEA or the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). But most importantly, applicants must bring a print out of the post that they made on Facebook , Twitter or others. “The more comments of the thread, the better, as it would show that you are really knowledgeable of the topic,” said Cao.

Resident SWN Psychologist Dr. Nicolette Brenda Megia Ph.D. describes the phenomena that happened as Obsessive Discontentment Disorder (ODD).  She explains it as when a patient wants something so much that he or she  feels discontent in the end after getting or receiving it. “In my opinion, people really wanted Pacquiao to win only, but when Pacquiao failed to do that , I think that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Other factors could also be considered on the final behavior of ODD patients such as expensive breakfast lunch buffets & viewing fees, as well as 7 to 8 minutes of commercials in between rounds. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Juan Dela Cruz started raising hogs while contemplating to remit money and drink some beer after the match,”  said the doctor.

Dr. Megia advises ODD patients to seek immediate help. “Either look for something else to nitpick or just go to sleep,” she added.


12 thoughts on “POEA: Wannabe Filipino Boxing Analysts, Critics & Commentators In Demand Abroad

  1. SWN, thanks sa entry na to! Pinabasa ko to sa partner kong biglang naging boxing analyst nung sunday at napakamot lng sya sa ulo. Hahaha!

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