Local Celebrities Changing Their Names to Get Clothing Line Endorsements Again

Brilliant Association of Clothing Line Endorsers and Talents of the Philippines President Richard Gomez

MANILA, Philippines — Local celebrities are crying foul over the increasing number of endorsements being made by international celebrities for different clothing lines here in our country.

In a joint statement, the Brilliant Association of Clothing Line Endorsers and Talents (BACLETa) of the Philippines led by Richard Gomez, complained about the invasion of international artists being tapped to endorse local clothing products by companies such as Bench, Penshoppe and Kamiseta.

“We will not take this lying down and let these Koreans take what is rightfully ours,” said Gomez in a definitive angry voice. “It’s time for us to take action and that is why we are here!”

Piolo Pascual, the group’s vice president, who was sitting beside Gomez asked the audience, “What do the Filipinos see in Koreans like Lee Min Ho, Dong Hae and Si Won?”

“Is it their beautifully coiffed hair or their smooth unblemished complexion?” continued Pascual.

Gomez with an angrier voice, replied, “We’d like to let everybody know that our group members have those qualities too noh!”

The group then revealed their hypothesis, claiming that the Korean names must be what’s attracting Filipinos to these international celebrities. “Either that or it’s the hard to pronounce names like Somerhalder, Meester, Maurer or Niall.”

That is why the group members decided to change their existing screen names to Korean or other hard-to-pronounce international names.

Kim Kyung Soon and Jung Jae Hyuk during the parade.

With the lights dimmed and sounds blaring, the group’s members were introduced on-stage.

First to come out is actor En Chong Park, formerly known as Enchong Dee followed by actress Kan Yeon Ran who is Kathryn Bernardo.  Also on the parade were TV host & radio DJ Grace Lee, already a Korean, who changed her name to Grace Leester and actor Dingdong Dantes with his new name Shin Dong Wan.

Others on the lineup with Korean or internationally-sounding-names:

  • Richard Gutierrez  – is now Cha Tae Tae
  • Lovi Poe – Olivia Walpole 
  • Coco Martin – is now Clarence Codwell Chamberlain
  • Bea Alonzo – is now Bae Soo Young
  • Sollenn Heussaff – is now Shellane Heussaff

The last to be introduced and receiving huge applause were  Richard Nicodème Gourtemanche and PJ Nigel Salisbury, the  group’s President and Vice President respectively, who were only clad in their undergarments, to the delight of the audience.

Watch out for their upcoming billboards soon.

Thanks to Suzanne Lee for the inputs and suggestions. 🙂


23 thoughts on “Local Celebrities Changing Their Names to Get Clothing Line Endorsements Again

  1. Not a good news for filipino artist but it is a free country and i guess the clothing lines have a right to choose whom they wish to endorse their products, i am a filipino but i too get star struck by these korean idols/actors. Maybe because they have the discipline, mystery, training that local artist dont have. I for one would not buy a product endorsed by an actor who is in constant scandals or controversies. Would you like an artist who is a well known drug addict, a two timer, wife beater or a closet queen pretending to be a macho guy. Sorry but there are a lot of local artist who fall into these categories, not all but a lot.

  2. Sollenn’s new name made me smile. Makes me imagine Eugene Domingo promoting her name. (Sollenn is now SHELLANE!!! HAH! [With matching pose…])

    I wish the list of new celebrity names were longer, pero s’yempre, mahirap ‘yan. Wala rin naman akong mako-contribute.

  3. may right nman ang mga clothing line kung sino kukunin nila na eendorse.. bakit di nalang sila magpakatotoo kesa mag gaya2 baka sa kapapalit ng names nila ay di na sila makikilala ng pobliko nyan.. And i think kaya nagiging mas sikat ang mga koreans dhil sa mga maggandang palabas nila na pinapalabas dito sa pinas..

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