Philippine’s Top 10 Scariest Halloween Costumes for 2012 Revealed

MANILA, Philippines — The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), with the cooperation of Philippine Association of Trick or Treat Enthusiasts (PATOTE) has just released the results of their recent study that aims to identify the most scariest costumes this Halloween season. 

Led by Prof. Viola “Violaga” Gamboa, the study entitled “Philippine’s Top 10 Scariest Halloween Costumes for 2012” shows a mixed bag of mostly new concepts and combination of garments and effects that could be worn by children during their annual trick or trick.

“Frankenstein or vampire costume no longer works,” said Prof. Gamboa. “If kids wants the ultimate scare this Halloween, they should check out our list.”


Philippine’s Top 10 Scariest Halloween Costumes for 2012


1.  The Tito Sotto face mask

Nothing says bulaga and scary at the same time than a noontime tv host  host & politician who doesn’t care what the public has to say about his recent actions.

Whether it be lying, copying, plagiarizing, delaying and denying women’s rights, the buck always stops with him.

Adults would be so scared that they would hand over buckets of candies once a kid in a Tito Sotto costume knocks on their doors*.

* Results may vary.
** Use at your own risk. ‘So, What’s News’, NHCP, CCP & PATOTE shall not be held liable if a child receives any physical harm, insults, scolding, lambasting and etc.  from adults when wearing the Tito Sotto face mask.

2. HIV-positive blood bag

With the recent report of the 18 percent increase in Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) tainted blood donations, nothing is more scarier than receiving blood during your time of need, only to find out that it was contaminated.

The registry’s data, which was posted on the Philippine National Aids Council website, showed that there were 167 units of HIV-positive donated blood as recorded by the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) from January to August this year.
About 142 HIV-positive units were found in the same time period last year. (from GMA News)

Scare your neighbors with this HIV positive blood bag costume and rake in the candies that they throw at your direction out of fear of transfusion. Just be careful not to puncture your costume or else you might spend the rest of the night mopping the floors.


3. Road Rage Costume

Go trick or treating with your friends in this purple ensemble with matching black rimmed glasses and try to bully your way into getting more candies. Shout profanities, hit them with your hat, do whatever it takes to get your point across. Just be sure you are ready for whatever consequences that you shall receive.  Have twelve thousand pesos at hand in case you’re arrested on the spot.

Rolito Go costume also available. Comes with a “get-out-of-jail privilege card”  and 20 pieces of casino chips during those dull moments.

Both costumes comes with a toy gun and anger management books accessories.


4. The Black Lady

Who says “white ladies” are scary?

Not anymore if Filipinos incessant desire to be white is to be believed. Whitening products are so mainstream and in-demand that every beauty product, from soaps to lotions, to sanitary napkins, all contains whitening elements. And with the newly coined scientific mumbo-jumbo term, “activated carbon” doing the rounds, there doesn’t seem to be an end to the whitening craze.

So throw away your old white lady costumes, because black is the new white.

You are sure that white ladies are no longer scary when Xian Lim prefers them over “not fair” skinned ladies.

The only skin I’ll kiss” indeed.


5. “Houses submerged in flood waters” cardboard cutout costume

The Philippines has been hit by numerous typhoons, many of which brought devastating damages to our country.

But even without typhoons, mere rains or thunderstorms have caused flooding in our country, the most recent of which was with the ‘habagat‘. With no long term solution in sight, and only short term remedies like buying rubber boats and better evacuation centers, Filipinos have become scared of what will happen when it rains.

That is why this Halloween, try on the “kid outside the house submerged in flood waters” costume. Made from sturdy cardboard and painstakingly detailed using vivid colors; your neighbors shall be reminded of the harrowing experience they had from the recent typhoon. Be sure to convey the “kid in sheer terror” look for added effect.


6. Riding-In-Tandem Gangs

A girl pedals a bike, while her friend points at their next ‘victim’.

Crimes committed by riding-in-tandem individuals have been on the rise lately, where cases of murder and robbery have been reported.

That is why this simple Halloween get-up would be very effective during trick or treat. Invite a friend, make sure both of your faces are covered, and victimize your neighbors while riding-in-tandem on your bike. Make sure the driver pedals fast enough in case you need to make a quick getaway. A battery operated motorcycle would also do the trick.

Watch out for closed-circuit television (CCTV) or surveillance cameras, especially inside subdivisions to avoid being detected by the authorities.

You could also go in groups of four to six for maximum effect.


7. Skyrocketing Fuel Prices

Now that the All Saint’s Day weekend is coming up and the holiday season about to start, oil companies will surely hike their prices and come up with fictional reasons to justify the hike.

Whether it be the fault of the global market, the conflict in Syria, rise in demand or the depreciating currency, oil companies will never run out of reasons why they should hike their prices.

Scare your neighbors, especially the ones with more than one car when you knock on their doors and show them that the price of gasoline has reached the three-digit mark.

Yes, that’s three digits before the decimal point.

And when that happens, rest assured that electricity, noche buena products, and the supermarket owners will follow suit.



8. Flying Cockroach

According to a recent study, 4 out of 10 Filipinos are scared of cockroaches. Out of that four, three are females. But in another study, it was found out that 10 out of 10 Filipinos are scared when a cockroach is flying. All of the 10 respondents who answered yes were males.

Increase you chances to scare your neighbors to a hundred percent by donning this intricately detailed cockroach costume. It comes with battery operated wings  that flaps with a flick of a switch.  The flapping emits a buzzing sound that adds to the scare factor.

Just like a real cockroach, enter your neighbor’s home without their knowledge, and then give them the biggest (no pun intended) surprise of their lives as they jump out of their seats while screaming hysterically.


9. Doble Kara Charice Pempengco Costume

Children wanted to be like Charice Pempengco when she guested on Ellen DeGgeneres, that’s when everything started for the internet sensation. From there on out, there was no turning back.

Flash forward a few months later, sporting a new look sans surname, Charice came back to the country where her new image shocked  millions of her fans and critics.

Why debate if her new look fits her or not, if you can try it on yourself , all at the same time?

Introducing the Doble Kara Charice Pempengco Costume. This set comes with half conservative/teeny style wardrobe and half the edgy wardrobe that Charice currently prefers. It also comes with a half of a blonde wig and a longer brunette hair for the other side. Accessories includes microphone, extra large eyepiece, and additional tattoos. Bonus half spike jacket  half princess gown replacement wardrobe.

Practice smiling with only one side of your lip while making sure to frown or not to smile on the other to get the complete “look”.

Sure to brings scares or cheers depending on your neighbors preferences.


10. Political Dynasty Family Get-Up

Tired of Mom or Dad not wearing any Halloween costumes when accompanying you to go trick or treat-ing?

Our final costume requires the whole cooperation of your entire family.

Invite mom, dad, your brother, your sister, your uncle, your aunt, even your grandma and grandpa. Both grandpa and grandma not available? Call your cousins and even second cousins. The more relatives, the better.

Wear the same color of  shirt and always flash your cheerful smile. Knock on doors and give your neighbors t-shirts, fans, baller bands and other doodads in exchange for votes candies. Don’t forget to shake the hands of every person you meet along the way.

Tell them to vote for you, your mom and dad, your siblings, your grandparents and your cousins in the coming elections. Not only will your neighbors be scared of the thought of a whole family running for office, but it will also knock some sense into them when it’s time to actually vote next year.


Special shout out to Drei Cortez, JV Valenciado, Shan Abanco, Marc Reyes, George Paul Estevez and Dreen Castillo from our Facebook fan page and @akosigaruts & @iamGLOVES from Twitter, for taking time out to share their comments and input and retweeting. Thank you! 


10 thoughts on “Philippine’s Top 10 Scariest Halloween Costumes for 2012 Revealed

  1. Much as I would like to vote for Charice, she pales in comparison to my favorite Uncle Sotto >:)… Thanks for the mention… hihihi 🙂 At least I got it right this time, the last one, I missed the punchline by half a mile eh 😛

  2. Though the flying cockroach freaks me out and nakakairita lang yung DOBLE KARA CHARICE PEMPENGCO COSTUME™, winner pa rin si Sotto. Kairita yung face. 😀

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