Gov’t to Conduct Mandatory Online Survey for Cybercrime Law Consensus

MANILA, Philippines — An online survey to be conducted and sponsored by Malacañang to gauge netizen’s reaction towards the new  Cybercrime Prevention Act and its proponents is expected to yield positive results, according to a Palace insider.

The mandatory survey to be issued to internet service providers and served to their clients before they could browse the internet would be used to determine the pulse of 45 percent of Filipinos, which according to a recent study, showed internet usage in the country has overtaken access to radio and print media. “The outrage might be exaggerated and blown out of proportions. This survey is meant to put things back into perspective,” said an aide close to the president.

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Notwithstanding widespread outrage over the inclusion of libel, among other provisions that could threaten civil liberties, in the Cybercrime Prevention Law, President Benigno Aquino III on Friday said he wanted the offense to remain in the controversial statute.

“I do not agree that the provision on online libel should be removed. Whatever the format is, if it is libelous, then there should be some form of redress available to the victims,” Aquino said in an interview in Pampanga on Friday.

Various quarters, including legal experts, who oppose the law have said including libel in the new law as well as increasing the penalties imposed for committing it is tantamount to double jeopardy. (from Interaksyon)

“Instead of removing it, pagusapan muna natin (let’s talk about it first),” the President was quoted as saying. “Dahil kayo ang boss ko at gusto nyo demokrasya, eto pagbotohan natin para malaman na ang katotohanan once and for all (Because you are my boss and you wanted it to be democratic, here, let’s vote on it to know the truth once and for all)!”

Filipinos users, upon booting up their computers, cellphones or other devices would have to input their personal details and upload a photo (required) and answer the survey before they could get an internet connection and browse the internet.

“We have tasked the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to carry out this project, which we anticipate to be completed by the end of this year,” said Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda. “Unless Filipinos can live without the internet and not participate in the survey, I don’t see why this project will not be a resounding success.”

A strict “No vote, no internet connection” would be strictly implemented to force all netizens to vote.

A hacking group was able to intercept the survey form from government servers before the alleged “scheduled system maintenance” of the President’s website took place. This after Palace denied reports of hacking incidents on government websites and the Official Gazette started running an “e-checkpoint” hours later.

The hackers were kind enough to provide us a copy of the alleged survey form, to which we are sharing with our readers below. Please choose the best answers that suits you best.

Communications Secretary Ricky Carandang of the  Presidential Communications Group is expected to make the announcement about the project soon.


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