1. di ko pa nababasa cyber terrorism law. ayoko namang tamang makiuso lang at sumuporta. babasahin ko muna. pero any infringement on bloggers rights or any affronts to democracy susuportahan ko…

  2. The problem with the law is that it was written so poorly, it’s appalling. The potential for misuse isn’t just there, it’s almost as if it was written for the purposes of abuse. It’s just so tailor made for it. You have Section 4(c)(4) which defines libel as a cybercrime. You have Section 5(a) which, in the context of 4(c)(4), defines sharing libellous content as a crime. And to top it all off, Section 12 outright lies to us when it tells us that the NBI has the duty of looking at real time information of user communiques minus looking at the actual content, when anybody who knows what he’s talking about can tell you that packet sniffers don’t work that way.

    That’s basically my biggest gripe about RA10175. It’s cyber martial law waiting to happen, which is in a way, scarier than an outright declaration, because you won’t know when it’ll happen. All it takes is just one trapo to get crazy with the law, and that’s it. You have precedent. Everybody will start doing it. Hell, maybe you won’t even need to wait that long. Maybe fear will get the better of everybody and we’ll start censoring ourselves. That’s worse. I don’t like that. I don’t like it so much that I even made a blog just to deal with it.

    If Noynoy is sensible, or at least, if he wants to stay President, he’ll do something about this. At least, that’s what I hope.

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