Puno Assigned to Marzan Residence as New House Help

MANILA, Philippines — After resigning from his post earlier this week and endorsing a product for a famous brand (full story here), former Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) undersecretary Rico Puno has been given a new job by Malacañang.

It’s not for a government post or similar position as some may have speculated. The embattled Puno would instead be assigned to controversial couple Reynold and Analiza Marzan’s residence in Quezon City.

In what appeared like a scene in a courtroom, a couple accused of abusing their household helper denied all allegations against them in a Senate probe attended by the victim and her family on Wednesday.

During a hearing of the Senate committee on labor, Reynold and Analiza Marzan denied maltreating 21-year-old Bonita Baran, and claimed that she hurt herself.

(from ABS-CBN News)

Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa, who accepted the Usec’s letter of resignation on behalf of the President, made the formal announcement earlier today about the new assignment of Puno.

“He’ll be tasked to secure the Marzan’s belongings, making sure that evidence would not be tampered with,” said Ochoa. “Another ‘lockdown’ assignment for him.”

But unlike previous lockdowns, Puno would remain inside the residence with the couple and serve as their house help until a case has been filed or a sentence has been handed out to the Marzans.

“Until then, he has to wash their clothes, clean their house, wash their plates, cook them food and occasionally give them back rubs if need be,” explained Ochoa. “Bahala na sya kung bugbugin din sya nung bagong amo nya (It’s up to him if his new employer would also beat him up)!”

The executive secretary was quick to point out that this is not a punishment for either Puno or the Marzans, and that both parties are presumed innocent until proven guilty. He also revealed that the suggestion for Puno’s assignment came from both Samar & Balay groups.

“It was easy to get the nod of both factions due to Rico’s non-affiliation with either group,” said DILG Secretary Mar Roxas during an ambush interview.

Puno revealed the other day that he was neither part of Samar or Balay, but from Times instead.

Sa Times po ako e… Kami’y taga-Tarlac din,” he explained, saying that his ties with the President dates back to the time he campaigned for Aquino when he first ran for a congressional seat, and later on for the Senate. Puno was referring to the Times Street home of the Aquino family in Quezon City.

(from GMA News)

Korina Sanchez, who was with Roxas during the ambush interview; was unable to control herself when she accidentally quipped, “Isa din yang maitim na maligno. Di hamak na mas malaki nga lang sya dun sa isa (He’s also a dark ghoul. Although far bigger than the other one).”

Roxas, caught off guard with his wife’s comments; just uttered the famous line, “Bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan wag magalit.

[UPDATE] Now that Reynold Marzan is detained in Quezon City Jail while his wife Annaliza is detained at Camp Karingal’s female dormitory; Puno would have to take care of their children as well, making sure they are properly fed, took their baths regularly and reading them bedtime stories.


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