Binay Not Invited to Rated K Anniversary Party

MANILA, Philippines — According to our sources, Vice President Jejomar Binay will be the only politician not invited to the upcoming Rated K anniversary party.

Rated K, which has been on air since 2004, is a weekly magazine show hosted by Korina Sanchez on ABS-CBN. The show will air its 500th episode, and to commemorate this milestone, the network will throw a party similar to what they did to their news program, TV Patrol, where they recently celebrated its 25th year anniversary.

Bigwigs from the network, as well as showbiz and political personalities will be invited to grace the event, with others offering congratulatory speeches on the big night. What is alarming, according to an insider who is part of the party planning committee,  is the non-inclusion of a certain individual from the guest list.

“It was Ma’am Korina’s special request,” revealed our source. “She specifically mentioned him when Mr. Lopez asked who she wanted to invite.”

According to our source, when ABS-CBN CEO Gabby Lopez asked the host who she wanted to invite, Sanchez answered, “Kahit sino, basta wag lang yung maiitim at maliit na  maligno (Anybody, just as long as it’s not that dark little ghouls).

It would be the second time that she would utter those words to describe somebody, who many believe is to be Vice President Jejomar Binay.

The word war between Sanchez and Binay stemmed from Sanchez’s comment that “dark, little monsters” (“mga maiitim at maliliit na maligno“) wanted the position even before the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo got it.

Binay’s camp said the Vice President, who is dark-skinned and short, felt alluded to.

Sanchez’s comment came on the heels of her politician husband’s recent appointment as head of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). Roxas takes over the post after Robredo died in a plane crash last August 18.  (from Rappler)

Mar Roxas defended his wife saying:

…that his wife is a professional and a multi-awarded journalist who has opinions that Binay does not have to take personally.

“Korina is a professional journalist. Her numerous awards as a journalist here and abroad will speak for themselves,” he replied when reporters asked him about Binay’s complaints over the reportedly “unethical” remarks by Sanchez.

“So if someone gets angry,” he said, pausing before citing a popular idiom: “bato-bato sa langit, tamaan huwag magalit,” which means that only the guilty ones get affected by an offensive remark that was thrown up in air.

Hindi siya (Sanchez) namemersonal,” Roxas added. (She does not do personal attacks.) (from Rappler)

Ayaw nyang mangyari yung nangyari kay Kabayan at PNoy, baka daw gumanti si Binay(She doesn’t want to experience what happened between Kabayan & Pnoy, he (Binay) might retaliate),” said our source.

He was referring to the incident where President Benigno Aquino III, invited to the 25th anniversary celebration of ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol, launched a tirade towards Noli De Castro during his congratulatory speech, which caught the audiences off-guard. (view here)

Baka daw tawagin pa syang matangkad, at maputing prima donna kapag nag speech na si VP (He might call her a tall, white prima donna when the VP delivers his speech).

Lopez for his part, didn’t bother to ask for an explanation and just nodded in agreement with Sanchez’s request.

And in a sign that she took her husband’s words literally, she went on to throw rocks in the air after asking everybody present if, “Handa na ba kayo?


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