Group of Angry MMDA Enforcers March Towards Robert Carabuena’s Home in QC

QUEZON CITY, Philippines — A group of approximately 50 uniformed Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic enforcers,  trooped to the residence of Robert Blair Carabuena today, here in Quezon City.

These enforcers are here to confront Carabuena, who last week shot to fame when the video of him physically assaulting and verbally berating MMDA traffic enforcer Saturnino Fabros went viral. Fabros for his part, received sympathy and adulation for his actions even receiving rewards from various individuals.

On T3 on Friday afternoon, Arnel Ignacio presented Fabros a check for P50,000, representing the proceeds from the fund raiser that the TV host started shortly after learning of the lowly government employee’s dire situation.

The US-based VOC Foundation offered a scholarship to one of Fabros’s six children, it was announced at the show.

Also at T3, the hosts announced that Fabros will also receive a sack of rice, a gift certificate and two cabinets.

(from Interaksyon)

Armed with a video recording device, each one of them  took turns slamming the hood of Carabuena’s dark green Volvo S60, which was parked outside his house in Quezon City. They were hoping to elicit a reaction from him, even provoking the owner of the car through words.

Hoy Barney, lumabas ka dito (Hey Barney, come out here)!” one of them shouted. “Ipakita mo gaano ka katapang ngayon (Show us how brave your are)!”

Another one shouted, “Matapang ka lang pag payat ang kalaban mo (You’re only brave when faced with a thinner opponent)!”

Receiving no reaction from Carabuena even after an hour of banging, shouting & taunting; the traffic enforcers became desperate.

The leader of the group, senior traffic constable Marciano Lapinig began crying, pleading Carabunea to come out.

Ginoong Carabuena, nakikiusap kami na pagbigyan nyo ang aming hiling (Mr. Carabuena, we are pleading for you to come out and grant us our wish),” said Lapinig with a trembling voice. “Kahit tig-isang sampal lang sa bawat isa sa amin masaya na kami (Even one slap for each will do).”

It turns out that the group’s intention was to not to condemn the actions of Carabuena, but instead anger and provoke him into hitting them one-by-one, while capturing it on video.

They were planning to upload said video on the internet hoping that it would become viral, thus earning sympathy and rewards from generous citizens. They alleged that they are also underpaid for the job that they do.

Sensing that “Road Rage Barney” would not heed their demands, the group then agreed to instead offer to pay Carabuena if he would agree to their request.

Alam naming nasuspinde si Boss Robert sa pinagtratrabahuhan nya sa Philip Morris (We all know that Boss Robert was suspended from his job at Philip Morris),” said Lapinig.

Kaya naisipan naming mag ambag-ambag ng kakaunting donasyon na ibibigay namin sa kanya kapalit ng pagsampal at pagmura nya sa amin sa harap nitong camera (That is why we all agreed to make a small contribution for him in exchange for him slapping and scolding us in front of this camera).”

In the end, the group went home empty handed.

They did promised to return with more members in tow to try and accumulate enough contributions to entice the now jobless, and driver license-less Carabuena.


9 thoughts on “Group of Angry MMDA Enforcers March Towards Robert Carabuena’s Home in QC

  1. I’m a seasoned motorist and this traffic altercation and other funny road moments happen everyday and they are not new. Carabuena was just unlucky that he was caught on video.

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