The Dark Knight Rises: Director’s Cut Featuring Maskless Bane Announced

HOLLYWOOD, U.S.A. — After drawing mixed reviews for the final installment of his Batman trilogy, director Christopher Nolan decides to reshoot key scenes of The Dark Knight Rises, but taking out a key element this time.

Warner Brothers (WB) Pictures has announced a Director’s Cut version of the said movie scheduled for release this coming December in theaters everywhere. The acclaimed director is already hard at work, reshooting key scenes with actor Tom Hardy, who plays the masked terrorist leader Bane, but this time, without the mask.

“We have received a lot of complaints from viewers saying that Bane’s lines were incomprehensible and that they missed few plot points because of poor diction due to the mask,” said Nolan. “That is why WB asked me if I would like to make a director’s cut, featuring a ‘more comprehensible’ Bane”.

Maskless Bane played by Tom Hardy during the reshoot of a key scene from the movie.

Nolan revealed that he was hesitant at first about the director’s cut and also wasn’t sure if Tom Hardy would feel insulted by the proposal. But when Hardy jumped at the opportunity because it will showcase his acting prowess without a mask, both of them agreed.

“We hope that this undertaking would appease viewers complaining of inaudible or incomprehensible lines from the movie,” said Hardy. “I suggest they watch it again in 3D this coming December to be able to enjoy the movie to its fullest extent.”

Rumors are also floating around that actor Christian Bale would rerecord/re-dub his lines as Batman without the husky voice that some viewers found annoying. Instead, he will use his regular “Christian Bale voice” for both Bruce Wayne & Batman and this feature will purportedly be included in the Blue Ray & DVD release of the movie next year.

“That or as The Dark Knight Rises: Director’s Cut Part 2 if part 1 would prove to be lucrative,” said an insider who is knowledgeable about the project.

This would be the first time that Christopher Nolan responded to complaints after his movie is released, let alone reshoot entire scenes for the movie.

Nolan’s 2010 critically-acclaimed movie Inception was also subject of requests for a director’s cut but the filmmaker turned them down. “Reshooting the whole movie to make the plot easily understandable to certain viewers was certainly out of the question,” said Nolan.


10 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises: Director’s Cut Featuring Maskless Bane Announced

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  2. Banes face was not mutilated (Nolan doesn’t even explain it in the movie unfortunately) its a mask that pumps steroids into his system or ‘venom’ which makes himself violent, big and crazy!

    • in the movie, it wasn’t pumping steroids/venom but pain killers because he was always in pain.. as to whether his face/mouth was mutilated… I forgot but I think it was.

  3. HOW STUPID ARE YOU GUYS?????????? This article is a joke and nothing more.
    Would a director REALLY reshot a movie after it came out?
    Would he shot Bane without a mask and ruin the damn movie?
    Would he shoot it in 3D even when he hates the medium?

    Wake up!

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