Filipino Women Declare “Sex Holiday” Unless RH Bill Gets Passed.

MANILA, Philippines — After a lawmaker was quoted as saying that the chances of the Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill) getting passed are slim, RH Bill advocates will try a tactic that they hope would motivate the House of Representatives, similar to the motivation they showed when trying to impeach then Chief Justice Renato Corona.

House Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales II said at a press briefing that “The hole which the RH has to pass through is getting smaller. Realistically, it is tougher and the time is getting shorter to approve it in the House. (Congress) will only work up to December with the elections coming.”

He said the RH bill — formally known as House Bill (HB) 4244 — will be shelved in the next two months, since the House will become busy with deliberations on the 2013 budget.

But Gabriela party-list Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan, an author of the measure, said the House leadership should not give up on passing the RH bill. (from GMA News)
Groups who are pushing for the passage of the bill reacted to the lawmaker’s statement, asking why Gonzales is conditioning the minds of Congress and the public that the RH Bill will not pass. “Hindi pa nga nakakabalik sa sesyon, pinapatay na agad (the session hasn’t even resumed yet, but they are killing it already)!!!”
A member of the Pro RH Bill group revealed that, “House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte promised to vote on the bill when he was presented with one hundred thousand (100,00) pro-RH Bill signatures a few months ago. But when asked to confirm by a member of the House of Representatives, he denied any promises made.”
“Certainly old age is affecting his memory. That or there is no honor in his words,” added another.
RH Bill advocates are also angry at President Benigno Aquino III because of his laid back attitude towards the bill, opting to not include it in his priority bills. They admitted to voting for the bachelor Senator due to his pro-RH Bill stance in the last presidential elections but felt betrayed when he made an about turn 2 years into office.
“Grow some hair and some balls,” said an angry mother of five.
Thus the “No Sex until the RH Bill gets passed” ultimatum was conceived. “We are urging women to refrain from engaging their partners until our leaders & lawmakers enact on this bill instead of sitting on it.” said RH Bill advocate Diwata Inosencio. “A Sex Holiday of sorts”
“This is similar to the ‘No pork barrel until Renato Corona is impeached‘ strategy that Malacañang utilized months ago,” added Inosencio. “Women should stick together for what they think is best for their health.”
She revealed that they have the full cooperation of the wives of the members of the House of Representatives, where they all promised to abstain from engaging in any sexual intercourse with their husbands until the bill gets passed or voted on.
“If my husband also believes that the hole in which the RH has to pass through is getting smaller, he has to think again, because the hole just closed.” She went on to add, “ironically, it doesn’t get tougher but it is getting shorter,” said a wife of a Congressman who wishes to be unnamed.
As for the President, women across the country also pledged to refrain from entertaining any attempt at courtship or intercourse for that matter by the bachelor leader. “He wouldn’t be able to reach 3rd base, let alone pre-1st base,” said a very attractive female socialite while clenching her fist.
“If he (Aquino) doesn’t take action right away, he might see himself being a bachelor all his life,” said another.

Photo courtesy of Jackie Guyot.
Thanks to Yob F. for the tip.

Catholic bishops and priest, who are against the RH Bill and women’s right to choose, downplayed the threat, saying that men doesn’t need sex.

“Just like us,” said a Catholic priest who was accused of sex abuse.
Malacañang was given a copy of the demands so that the President can decide whether to include the prioritization of the RH Bill in his upcoming state of the nation address this Monday.

9 thoughts on “Filipino Women Declare “Sex Holiday” Unless RH Bill Gets Passed.

  1. This ““No Sex until the RH Bill gets passed” betrays the deeply ingrained contraceptive mentality of pro rh people. It clearly shows the sexual act, for them, is not linked anymore to parenthood. The more we should fight against legalization of contraception!

    Contraception continues the propagation of the notion that women’s bodies are for pleasure, possession, wealth and greed!

      • You are correct. My comment is not satirical. It is serious. This “sex holiday” call reflects contraceptive mentality: sex for pleasure and money only.

      • Kim said, “I did not know that contraception is illegal.”

        No one said contraception is illegal, Kim. Catholic bishops are exhorting the faithful that contraception is immoral. Legality and morality are two different concepts. Legality pertains to human laws. Morality is proper of divine laws.

        You must be tricked in thinking rh bill is not to legalize contraception.

        Some Filipinos are trying to legalize contraception, since allowing abortion is unconstitutional.

        It is wrong to legalize an immoral practice. The same way that it is a big contradiction to legalize stealing and theft. Stealing and theft is immoral the same way that contraception is immoral.

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