Lawmaker’s “Anti-Rama Bill” Aims to Address Society’s Shortcomings

MANILA, Philippines — After witnessing what a lawmaker described as a clear sign of “unclassiness”, a bill is currently being written to penalize disturbing commotions happening during wakes aimed specifically at feisty talent manager Annabelle Rama-Guteirrez.

Controversial talent manager Annabelle Rama got involved in yet another fight, this time while at a wake of late comedian Dolphy.

Rama reportedly got mad at an entertainment reporter on Friday, July 14, while having dinner at the wake at the Heritage Park in Taguig. Rama joined that night some former stars of Sampaguita Pictures, where Dolphy and her husband Eddie Gutierrez used to work together.

Rama scolded and yelled at the reporter, and even tried to hit him with a stick. Gutierrez and TV host German Moreno were seen calming her down after the incident.

(from Rappler)

The reporter was identified as Chito Alcid, who has written articles about her daughter Ruffa in the past. The commotion apparently started at the comfort room area and then spilled to the dining area.

1Lamay Partylist Rep. Danillo T. Passion was at the vicinity and witnessed the commotion unfolded. “I saw the whole thing. Even Gov. Singson tried to pacify Annabelle,” referring to Ilocos Sur Gov. Luis Singson.

After being calmed down, the Gutierrez couple left the venue.

Rep. Passion, shocked and amazed by what he had just witnessed, thought of writing a bill that would address what has just happened. He hurriedly went home after saying goodbye to the Quizon family to start the draft which you can read below:

A sample signage to be posted along entrances of funeral homes

House Resolution 71412 or the “Anti-Rama Bill” aims to prohibit Annabelle Rama-Gutierrez from attending any wake, whether that of relatives, friends or strangers upon approval and enactment of the bill. Security personnel of the funeral homes shall be the one to enforce the bill, and would require the establishment to post a notice of prohibition at their entrance with her name, photo and a big NO affixed on the sign.

Under no circumstances shall Mrs. Rama-Gutierrez be allowed inside, no matter how dire the situation is or how dramatic her plea might be. Security shall abide by the “No Ifs or Buts. No Means No” rule as provided by this bill.

Failure of enforcement of this bill will see the violating funeral home’s licence-to-operate suspended, with succeeding violations punishable by closure and a “blacklisted” status in the funeral services industry after a review by a select panel of critics.

Passion was quick to defend the lack of punishment for Mrs. Gutierrez, saying that society must adapt to her actions instead of the other way around.

Ganyan na talaga yan eh, hindi mo na  sya mababago. Kaya ang lipunan na lang ang magbayad sa mga pinag-gagagawa nya (She’s already like that, you can no longer change her. That is why society has to be the one who pays for her actions).”

The bill also has a future-proof provision whereas if Mrs. Annabelle Rama passed away, she would then be allowed inside a funeral home. Conversely, a list of enemies up to the point of her death would be posted along the entrance of her wake. The same security measures shall be enforced to prevent any altercations, vandalism or commotions that her enemies might do.

Currently on the list are  Amalia Fuentes, Nadia Montenegro, Ynna Asistio, Chito Alcid, Wilma Galvante, Mr Fu and Writers of TV5 showbiz oriented talk-show Paparazzi, Heart Evangelista, Yilmaz Bektas, Dolly Anne Carvajal, Lolit Solis, John Lloyd Cruz, Lorayne Pardo and Angeli Valenciano among others. The list might grow longer at the rate that the talent manager is going with regards to her “friend-making” skills.

Rep. Passion wanted to name his bill the Anti-Epal Bill but was then reminded by his secretary that the name is already taken.

The bill will be submitted this Monday for scheduling of hearings and interpolations until being passed into law.


49 thoughts on “Lawmaker’s “Anti-Rama Bill” Aims to Address Society’s Shortcomings

  1. This is insane. Why should the dead be spared from Annabelle Rama? Just because you’re not as alive as the rest of us doesn’t mean you should get special privileges. I hope this bill doesn’t come to pass. I believe that it was Jefferson who said that all men are created equal. I believe in equality. The dead shouldn’t get away with this, or with anything else, for that matter. Being “dead” shouldn’t be an excuse; not now, and not ever.

  2. May dictionary po tayo anjan si Merriam, look up for the meaning of satire folks and die laughing! Clever as always Mr. Author!

  3. hahaha. if i do not know the news, better wait for sowhatsnews articles. always updated sa pangyayari. kudos to you. bilis ng write up.

  4. As usual, you post the perfect troll baits. hahaha. And here’s to hoping hindi ka rin mahataw. Mygawd! Talagang you tweeted her pa about this post. You have guts man! \m/_(^_^)_\m/

    Hope she gets the joke! 😀

  5. This is funny bit they should just give Annabelle Rama a senate seat, just imagine how legendary would the debate between Anabelle Rama and Miriam Defensor Santiago would be.

  6. Baka hamunin ka ni Eddie ng suntukan. Hahaha.

    Seriously, I find amusement in the apparent lack of class of the lady. Just goes to show you that money isn’t a cure for bad breeding.

  7. talaga namang walang modo yang anabel na yan eh.. huwag nyo ng bigyang pansin kasi lalong ng aarte!!!! bahu ng hininga ng babaen yan!

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