China Tells Palace: Kayo Mak-ingat!

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Sum Tingwong

MANILA, Philippines — China is telling it to Malacañang in Filipino.

Gusto ko sabi sa Pipino, wak mo kami sabi ingat, kayo dapat mak-ingat (I want to tell the Filipinos, don’t tell us to be careful, you’re the one who should be careful),” said Chinese Presidential spokesperson Sum Tingwong in a press conference Thursday.

Sum, who has a brother running a business in Binondo, Manila and who can speak Filipino, was asked to comment about the statements made by Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda the other day, where the latter told China to “xiao xin yi dian (be a little careful)” during a press conference as well.

Lacierda, who has Chinese blood and who can speak Mandarin, was being asked to react to a People’s Daily commentary accusing the Philippines of deliberately stirring up tensions in the South China Sea after President Aquino said he may ask the United States to send spy planes to help monitor the disputed areas in the South China Sea.

“The transcripts, as Secretary Ricky [Carandang] said, would show the context by which the statement was made by the President. So there’s no issue to us. We do not view it as a provocative statement,” Lacierda said. (from ABS-CBN News)

Sum went on to add, saying that if the Philippines decides to employ the help of US spy planes, they would have no choice but to shoot them down; as this is a clear violation of their sovereignty on Huangyan Island.

Wak niyo kami subukan a. Pak kami galit, hindi na kami makparigoy-rigoy pa (Don’t test us. When we get mad, we would no longer dilly-dally)!” said Sum.

Lacierda, on the other hand is preparing another statement in Chinese in response to China. Malacañang has sought help from former Presidential brother-in-law James Yap, who also has Chinese blood, in writing their future statements.

There are rumors floating around that the Philippine’s response would be to say ‘Dui bu qi’ (Sorry) after all.

Stay tuned.


6 thoughts on “China Tells Palace: Kayo Mak-ingat!

  1. There’s still unclear issues regarding the real owner of those disputed areas in the South China Sea, so I think that the Philippines can send spy planes there as long as it is confirmed that China owned it. And also, there’s a possibility that it is part of the Philippines.


    • what i mean is, the Philippines can send spy planes there as long as it is NOT yet confirmed that China owned it.


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