Kidnappers Emboldened After Aquino Blames Jordanian Journalist For His Predicament

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MANILA, Philippines — Kidnappers around the country are literally jumping for joy at the lucrative future their groups are foreseeing, after President Benigno S. Aquino III blamed Jordanian journalist Baker Atyani for the predicament he is in, and for the “damage” he has cause to our country.

The President made the statement during a press conference after administering the oath of Liberal Party members in the Cordillera Administrative Region in La Trinidad, Benguet. “It should not have happened if the guy had not misled the appropriate authorities. That’s the issue. And he has caused us damage (all) the same,” he said.

The President also reiterated that the journalist from Al Arabiya news network will undergo a process to explain “all of these things” while admitting to receiving confused information while being briefed daily. He also warned that Atyani may be banned from returning to the country for ignoring state warnings and putting lives at risk.

Kidnappers meanwhile felt emboldened to go on high profile “kidnapping sprees” after hearing statements made by the President.

Teody Catulin, alias “Boyet”, leader of the notorious Eye on The Rich Guy Kidnap for Ransom Group was giving his members a pep talk when we arrived at their hideout for the interview. The group is a product of the Department of Education’s (DEPED) “anti-simplistic gang names” program, formerly known as Boyet Gang. They are notorious for kidnapping various wealthy businessmen around the country during the group’s heydays but saw a decline in their operation due to members being arrested or losing interest.

* Teody Catulin, alias Boyet, threatening us to write the last sentence of this article.

“We are in the process of reorganization and is currently looking to hire more henchmen to facilitate our operations,” said Boyet with confidence in Filipino.  The group is eyeing for a big comeback after a 5-year hiatus.

According to him, with the recent attitude of the government towards the Atyani incident, he and his colleagues felt empowered and determined knowing that no matter what they do, they can rest easy with the knowledge that the authorities will blame the victim and not the kidnappers. He added that the government might even deny the crime that they committed has happened if they can kidnap somebody cleanly.

To top it all off, if ever kidnap victims are “rescued” or freed, they might be labeled persona-non-grata-by the government and would not be able to press charges. If these are added salt to the wounds for the victims, they are certainly cherry topped whipped cream for the kidnappers.

“Boy, are we so glad that we voted for this guy,” said Boyet.

The SWN crew was not harmed during the interview. We did pay a hefty amount of ransom for us to be able to leave their hideout, because we didn’t want to wait for the government to rescue us, let alone knew that we were kidnapped in the first place.  

By the way, ang gwapo-gwapo ni Boyet.❤❤❤ *


5 thoughts on “Kidnappers Emboldened After Aquino Blames Jordanian Journalist For His Predicament

  1. Getting kidnapped… more fun in the Philippines.

    Aba’y kung gan’on, ‘yung mga victims, pwede pa nilang enjoyin ang time nila bilang bihag ng mga kidnappers nila!


  2. Napakaartistahin naman ng itsura ni Boyet. Ang puti puti. LOL

    Buti nalang this is just a satire. Otherwise, isang malaking pagsisisi ito for siding with the presient during the elections. No choice, I dnn’t want Erap or Villar to win. 😉

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