Fans Demanded Refund After Accusing NKOTBSB Concert of False Advertising

MANILA, Philippines — Concert goers and fans on Sunday demanded a refund after watching the concert of two of the most popular American Boy Bands of the late 80’s and 90’s, here at the Mall of Asia Arena; accusing the performers and concert organizers of false advertising.

Approximately two thousand (2,000) fans of both  New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys , majority of which were females, gathered outside the arena after the concert, where they all had the same consensus: refund.  The protesters deemed the performance of the artists were not up to their expectations and started shouting  “you got it wrong” and “quit playing games with our heart“, obviously a jab to the groups’ respective hits.

At around 1:00 am, authorities estimated the number of protesters have reached the five thousand (5,000) mark.

Suzanna Lopez, an avid fan of the Backstreet Boys since the 90’s, paid a whopping thirteen thousand pesos (P13,000) for a front row seat; only to be disappointed. “They were not the boys that I grew up with,” said Suzanna. “They no longer have the body to die for that I remembered from their music videos.”

The performers apparently no longer sport their signature abs and well toned body that they were known for. A fan was heard complaining that the performers’ skin were all wrinkled.

“How could I scream with glee and excitement when all of them resembled my dad or uncle?!” said Cathrine Anastacio, referring to Jonathan Knight of NKOTB being the oldest among all the performers at age 43.

Rumor has it that Jonathan Knight even forgot the lyrics  to the song Step by Step when it was his turn to sing. “He was supposed to say step five, don’t you know that the time is right,” said Bianca Badiday. “Baka ulyanin na sya dahil sa edad nya (Maybe he’s becoming forgetful due to his age).”

Jonathan’s brother, Jordan, didn’t fare well either when on the same song, his voice apparently croaked when he was singing the line it’s just you and me. “Gusto nyang gayahin katulad nung dati, kaso hindi nya nakayanan. Ayun, pumiyok tuloy sya (He wanted to sing it like before, but he can’t. That’s why his voice cracked/croaked),” said another fan.

“Age has obviously caught up with them,” remarked another.

Stephanie, not her real name, was in tears as to the outcome of the concert. She was seen crying and shaking in disbelief to see her idol fall from grace, having been a Nick Carter fan since the band’s first album up until he released his second solo album.

The final nail on the coffin according to Stephanie was during the group’s performance of the song I Want It That Way. Carter’s voice apparently cracked when he ironically sung the words, “don’t wanna hear you say, where the pitch for the lyrics was too much for the 32-year-old. Eyewitnesses said that fans were covering their ears in pain and agony.

Pasay City Mayor Antonio Calixto has promised to look into the matter, and would review footage of the event to determine if the complaints have sufficient grounds to file a lawsuit. They would also invite Ovation Productions, the concert organizers, to explain their side.


70 thoughts on “Fans Demanded Refund After Accusing NKOTBSB Concert of False Advertising

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Those are the things you should expect since everyone is getting older. You girls screamed at their abs decades ago and not because of the quality of their performance. However, it’s a different story when it comes to rock and roll. The heaviest and fastest Thrash Metal band, Slayer, is also getting old but it didn’t matter to the fans because they can still cut their killer tracks! Look at Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath) or Steven Tyler (Aerosmith). These guys are well over 60 years old but their fans, that includes me, don’t mind at all if they have saggy breasts or deflated asses! They still rock! HAHAHAHAHA to you NKOTB and BSB fans! By the way, Megadeth will be in Manila this July. Even though they got older, they still kick ass unlike your pathetic boy bands who are only good at showing their abs and cute feces, uhm, faces. Now they don’t have the abs and faces, what will you do next? Ask for a refund? how pathetic!

  2. This article is bullshit!! non of these are true!! no need for refund…NKOTBSB concert was a blast!! it’s kinda expensive but it’s all worth it! most of the people in the arena enjoyed the was a goosebumps being there…they’re amazing!! tickets were sold out but still a lot of people outside the arena still hoping to get available tickets that they can afford.. im not sure where this issue came from that somebody wants a refund, when in fact there’s a lot of people were dying to get tickets.. i bet that the one who made this article is an anti-boyband…how pathetic…whether we admit it or not we grew with their music…so stop making fuss out of those guys..they are already a legend and it’s not their fault if they’re still a lot of people that still love them…they’re great guys…no competition on their end…they’re just doing what they love..

      • two words to describe u: “stupid asshole”..we just don’t find this funny since the guys doesn’t deserve this kind of joke…id rather see other artists being joked like this…but not them…ever! so get lost if you got nothing nice to say..

      • On behalf of commenter Kool, I’m sorry for him/her describing you with such words.

        I hope such comments does not detract or deter you from reading older and future articles from this site.

        This article was meant to be for fun and laughter only and never meant to offend anyone. If ever you did not find the article funny, I am sorry.

        I am hoping that you would see the lighter side of it and maybe had a laugh or two with the other articles on this site. 🙂

  3. i scrolled down the end of the page…it’s says its not true!! lol u got me there!!haha…but anyway, im a big fan of last night’s concert so hearing someone picking up on them is the last thing i want ,,…u did a great job of fooling people but better be careful next time coz they might go find you and cut your wrist!! lol…just kidding:p

    • Thanks for being a good sport Ma’am. It doesn’t hurt to have a little laugh here and there. Life doesn’t have to be so serious every time. Have a great day! 🙂

  4. u think so well for me its not, u may have your own purpose but ur humiliating people. u dont know what theyve been thru. to hell with ur satire!

    • i feel you.. whoever made this satire doesn’t have anything to do with their lives…they’re just insecure, so the least they can do is to humiliate others so to cover up their weakness…stupid ass!! people like that will never become successful!!

      • Stephen Colbert: Hi and welcome to the world of comedy. There are buckets for tears just beside your seat and a big bar of ‘snickers’ just on the armrest. Now listen to me drone on with exaggeration and irony as I don’t give a fuck.

    • duh!! this is not funny…strike other bands but not nkotbsb..esp bsb…they’re great guys and they don’t deserve this…

    • i write and play alternative-rock songs but I’m not ashame to admit that I’m a boy band fan…particularly the BSB..coz i grew up with their music and it inspired me a lot coz they do make a great music…a true musician knows how to appreciate good music regardless of their genre ..rock music is good but that doesn’t mean all rock songs rocks…it depends on the artists and the way the song has been made..

  5. such a stupid complained we got here, i couldn’t even hear their voice due to the scream of people, look at yourself now and compare 10 years ago, any difference? I’m sure you know the answer. And take note, they are not brown, their white, so their skin is different from asian. The only compain i can think of is they did not start the concert on time and no announcement of what is going on, however i enjoyed the concert cauise its up to me to enjoy it or not, i chose to watch the concert, then i must enjoy it. They are great.

      • hello Mister!! please choose those people you’re gonna make fun with…although this article is a joke or satire..this is still humiliating the people involve since you posted this in public where everyone can read…and not all of them will figure out that this a false article…this is a very sensitive issue and you’re not only destroying the artists but also the other people that worked hard to make this show possible…the Ovation Production did a great job and they don’t deserve to receive this kind of feedback

  6. I don’t find this funny at all. People will think this is the truth. And it couldn’t be farther from the truth! NKOTBSB put on an AMAZING show night after night. Making fun of people is never cool.

      • I’m a Doctor and enjoy reading false articles like this for the sake of humor. What does that say about me?

      • A loser who has good pay and a nice blossoming business where I won’t have to worry for my kids?

        LOL. Butthurt fan is butthurt.

      • You know what? I don’t know you and i don’t care…that’s my opinion…losers are losers…so you should not get offended if you’re not

      • LOL ragequit. But let’s be fair here, I listen to BSB and sing their songs on Karaoke nights with friends if we still have time. This article is just there to humor and make it more entertaining. Humor is humor, there is no need to take it seriously, lady. Sheesh, that’s the point of satire.

      • I’ll take that point of satire if it was other cheesy popstar justin bieber or satanic lady gaga, etc…but these guys are great and they don’t deserve this

      • Well, that’s your opinion, and I respect that.

        It’s easy to say that you get the point of satire but then you follow that phrase with an “if”. How come the double standard?

        I’ve said my piece and hopefully made you see the lighter side of the article. If your point of view still hasn’t change, I’ll understand if you will not be a regular visitor here.

        But here’s hoping that that would not be the case.

        Thank you and best regards!


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      • I was hoping that I could find some good news about this NKOTBSB event but this is what I got..i just don’t find this funny at all and this made me upset instead,coz i find it humiliating… i have nothing against Bieber or lady gaga, but i would not mind reading an article like this about them or with other artists.. coz they mean nothing to me

  7. People, it’s humor. Stand up comedians are far worse satirists, and their brand of parodies are somewhat painfully laughable, and we pay to see them. You kill me, mga kapatid, generations nurtured in Eat Bulaga and force fed with Wil Time Big Time and still can’t take a joke . . .

    • Or they never understood the joke at all and like the grandiosity of the obvious rather than the subtlety of wit. 😀

      • This perfectly encapsulates what satire is all about. Here’s to hoping people can appreciate the art it entails to write satire and to understand the wit behind it. kudos to you and SWN for the ‘patience’. (^_^)

    • It’s actually written just for laughs Ma’am Bella, just like all the other articles on my blog. Sorry that you weren’t able 2 see d lighter side of it and if it ever offended you, it was not my intention. Sorry again. Good afternoon 🙂

  8. Lighten up people. Even the definition of satire is just at the bottom of the page. Time to improve your vocabulary. New word to learn: “satire”.

  9. Hahaha… so funny i was almost fooled.. i watched the concert and as i was reading this it felt weird coz nick didn’t even sang that part of the “i want it that way song” coz he let the fans sing it!!! The best concert i have been! 😉

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