Malacañang Bares List of Nominees to Replace Impeached Corona

MANILA, Philippines — Malacañang has released and made public a list of nominees that they have their eyes on to be the new Chief Justice, less than a day after the Senate convicted Chief Justice Renato Corona for betrayal of public trust and culpable violation of the Constitution, in a 20-3 vote.

Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda made the announcement after Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile advised President Benigno Aquino III not to pick an outsider to be the new Chief Justice and instead pick from the incumbent associate justices of the Supreme Court.

According to Lacierda, the list is still in the drafting stage and subject to change. The nominees are:

  • Kris Aquino — The Queen of All Media could soon be the Queen of the Supreme Court. No more red shirts.  Clothes should be fashionable, even during protests of SC employees.
  • Mahar Mangahas — President & CEO of Social Weather Stations (SWS). He would be capable of judging cases because his polling body knows what the “people” “wants”.
  • Midas Marquez — Having lost his job as spokesman of the Supreme Court and chief of its Public Information Office, Marquez is the top bet to get the post. He is replaced by his deputy Public Information Officer Gleo Guerra. He is the only SC insider on the list.
  • Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel — Ranked 13th in the last Senatorial elections. Hontiveros-Baraquel is currently the Spokesperson of Akbayan Party and a staunch supporter for the passage of the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill.
  • Grace Lee — a very passionate and down-to-earth TV & radio personality who has captured the hearts of Filipinos for making the President feel loved.  Disqualified due to conflict of interest. 
  • Franklin Drilon — Chairman of the Liberal Party and played a big part in the just concluded impeachment trial as a Senator judge.
  • Anonymous — Played a bigger HUGE role in the just concluded impeachment trial as the source of various damning evidence against the Chief Justice. Gender is currently unknown.
  • Chef Pablo “Boy” Logro — Celebrity chef and host of 30-minute cooking show Kusina Master on GMA Network. Promises to shout “ping ping ping ping ping” whenever he strikes the gavel upon becoming the first Chef Justice. (sorry for the corny pun
The list is still up for debate and deliberation and the Palace is open for suggestions. Who’s your pick? Kindly vote below. 
P.S. Thanks to @johnebora for the clarification regarding a sound effect 🙂

12 thoughts on “Malacañang Bares List of Nominees to Replace Impeached Corona

      • I’ve browsed some of the articles and I got a good kick from them. Seriously, you guys need more publicity. That shtick from the last comment saying you guys should be sued for fake news drove me to the ground. LOL

      • Thanks famous_wolf (a celebrity?) 🙂

        I’m actually a one man team here at SWN and I personally prefer less publicity and just rely on word of mouth and referrals.

        I think being sued in the future is a possibility now that HOR approved the Cybercrime Bill. *hides in fear (any free legal advice from my readers into law?)

        That is why i really prefer to just just be like a hole-in-the wall restaurant/cafe in the interweb 🙂

        Thanks again for commenting famous_wolf 🙂

    • nope sorry, the username is just a translation of my real name in a certain language. Your Diablo 3 article basically made this almost mainstream though, if the reactions were to be seen. All you need is some random netizen to make a video that goes viral tracing back to this website. And I don’t think you’d get sued just like that even though it will probably give the government a Nazi like control over the media.

      • That article might’ve made it mainstream to gamers hahaha 🙂

        Sometimes it’s hard to rely on “virality” kasi after a while, the “excitement” dies down unless you follow-up that video with another 🙂

        Before the Diablo article, I have the Anti-Angry Birds Bill article that also went viral and even trended 3rd on Twitter. After a week or so, hindi na consistent. Pero it did earn some followers nonetheless 🙂

        Online Defamation as the Cybercrime Bill puts its. Really scary for bloggers as it puts the freedom of speech in jeopardy, at least online. 🙂

        Thanks again! 🙂

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