Bayan Muna Protests American Idol Results. Demands Investigation & Recount.

MANILA, Philippines — Bayan Muna Representatives Neri Colmenares & Teddy Casiño filed today House Resolution 3489  seeking an investigation on the the result of American Idol season 11, minutes after Philip Phillips was announced the winner.

For the fifth season in a row, a white guy (sic) with guitar has won “American Idol,” after rocker Phillip Phillips was crowned the latest winner of the popular US talent search on Wednesday night (Thursday morning in Manila).

Phillips bested 16-year-old Filipino-Mexican-American contestant Jessica Sanchez after more than 130 million votes – a record — were cast during the four-hour period after Wednesday’s final two performance show.

(from ABS-CBN  News)

Rep. Colmenares and Casiño accused the organizers and the American people as a whole of being racist, saying that it was impossible in the first place for a Mexican-Filipino to win said contest. “Being saved by the judges from elimination a few weeks ago was only done to gain ratings and lure in Filipino audience and voters,” said Colmenares.

“Hook, line and sinker!” added Casiño.

The House of Representative would schedule hearings to discuss the merit of Bayan Muna’s allegation and if proven to be true, they would bring the petition to the American embassy in Manila to demand an investigation and possibly a recount.

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Ilang beses na tayong dinadaya! Nariyan ang mga Pilipinong si Jasmin Trias, Thia Megia, Camile Velasco at si Ramielle Malubay. Kung ang pinoy ay hindi mananalo sa paligsahan na ang pangalan ay American Idol, sana hindi nalang nila pinag-audition nung una pa! (How many times have we been cheated? There are Filipinos like Jasmin Trias, Thia Megia, Camile Velasco and Ramielle Malubay. If a Filipino cannot win in a contest named American Idol, maybe they shouldn’t have let them audition in the first place!)” said the lawmaker angrily.

“It’s ironic that Filipinos are eager to win contests such as American Idol and other talent search based here,” said Henry Spade Cummings, a production member of Fremantle Media. “But ironically they are also eager to protest when Americans train their soldiers during military exercises or when your country asks for our help during intense international disputes.”

Cummings said that he was confused whether Filipinos are pro-American or anti-American.

“It’s also ironic that Filipinos root for their countrymen to win the American Idol, but when their bet loses, they resort to sour-graping, saying things like she is still their Philippine Idol and World Idol or that Phillips had better production values,” added Cummings. “Why don’t they create their own talent search then?”

Jessica Sanchez for her part has received various offers from our local entertainment industry, including ABS-CBN and GMA7.  According to the 16 year old singer, she has yet to decide or sign a contract as she is still contemplating whether she really wants to appear in telenovelas, host a weekly noontime show, endorse a local shampoo brand, be a brand ambassador of a fast-food chain, or be paired with a hunk actor and star in sappy romantic movies.

When asked if any of the network offers includes anything about singing, Sanchez just gave a very disappointing no.


58 thoughts on “Bayan Muna Protests American Idol Results. Demands Investigation & Recount.

  1. hehehe ,dami kasi o halos lahat yata ng pinoy sa FACEBOOK voting APP bumoto ,eh hindi valid yon .kaya ayun nasayang lang ang vote nyong lahat, bwahahaa.


      If after reading these FAQs you have further questions, email

      Voting Tips
      How do I vote?
      Who can vote?
      (1) Toll-free Voting: Anyone calling the toll-free numbers from an area code from within the Continental U.S., Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands will be able to cast their vote(s) for American Idol.
      (2) AT&T Text Voting: Any AT&T wireless subscriber who has the ability to text message and has an area code from within the Continental U.S., Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands will be able to cast their vote(s) for American Idol.
      (3) Online Voting: Anyone with a Facebook account registered within the Continental U.S., Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands will be able cast their vote(s) using the online method.

  2. Your articles are great, kudos – but it saddens me to admit that this is really realistic. We’re actually capable of pulling that kind of bullshit off.

    • Thanks for the compliment! 🙂

      Indeed the chances of these scenarios happening are high, which really makes it really scary 🙂

      Hope to see you often here “Proud” Filipino 🙂

      • Mabuti at naunahan mo silang ipakita ang katawatawang pagiisip na ganito, at pihadong may mga napagiisip-isipan nang gawin ito. Sana lang ay mabasa nila ang artikulong ito at nang makita nila kung gaano silang magiging katawatawa.

  3. mahiya naman kayo….pinapalabas nyo lang na sore loser ang mga pinoy sa ginagawa niyo…
    tanggapin niyo na lang, na natalo si jessica…
    paano kaya kung si pacman naman ang natalo sa nxt laban niya…
    ano nanaman kaya mangyayare hehehe

    • Nope! This is a lampoon article! teddy Casino laughed, this is not true, eleksyon, so maglalaasan na mga.ganto?!!!

  4. this might be the reason why our country is not making any progress at all. di ba pdeng unahin muna yung mga nagugutom nating kababayan bgo mag file ng bill para maassure na natalo talaga si Jessica? these members of the House of Representatives are not fulfilling their duties well enough, and unfortunately prang masyadong hindi sila compatible sa role na ginagampanan nila. Instead of worrying about whether dinaya nga o hindi si Jessica eh they should have the common sense to rather take action and do something to serve their constituencies. nakikita ko na tayong mga pinoy, hindi na natin alam ang mga karapatan natin at ignorante na rin tayo sa kung ano ang tama at mali sa ginagawa ng gobyerno. we chose these representatives :)) we voted for them :)))) as citizens of the country we are responsible to voice out our needs sa gobyerno, perhaps we need to politically educate ourselves more at magparticipate na rin politically. tayo ang pumipili sa mga taong magpapatakbo ng gobyerno, tayo rin ang maapektuhan. we need change.

  5. FYI everyone, ang balitang ito ay hindi totoo. bagamat ang ilang progresibong mambabatas ay fans din ni jessica, hindi bibigyan ng panahon ng Bayan Muna ang pagpoprotesta laban sa resulta ng AI. Dahil unang una, mas maraming bagay ang inuuna ng BM, at iyon ay ang kapakanan ng marginalized sectors ng lipunang pilipino.

    • if this news is untrue who created this crap with out evidence? hindi natin laro ang American IDOL! we can vote sa pinoy idol instead or pinas got talent! mga tao talaga bitter!

      • Ang tawag po dito ay “satire” o pangungutya kung saan ay hinahango ang ilang katotohanan at pinalalawig hanggang umabot sa katatawanan. Ang layon nito ay ang ipakita ang kamalian o kahibangan na maaring madulot ng pinagbasihang katotohanan.
        Hindi naman ito nalalayo sa katotohanan kung saan may nakabinbing mosyon sa kngreso ngayon upang bigyang pugay si Sanchez dahil sa kanyang pag abot sa finals ng isang reality show at ang pag pahayag ng Malacanang mismo ng kanilang pag bati sa kanya. Sa palagay ba ninyo ay kung may dugong Aleman si Philips at makiki sawsaw pa sa paligsahan ang kanilang mga pinuno?

    • Tama, actually, hindi ako natuwa sa ‘balita’/joke na ito. Bakit kailangang gamitin ang pangalan ng BAYAN MUNA?

  6. I wish people would stop saying that Jessica was robbed! She did an AWESOME job and she was NOT robbed, people! Have ANY of you even noticed that most of the ones who have actually won aren’t nearly as successful as the ones who were their runner-up? If Jessica aligns herself with the right management, she will go FURTHER than you think!!! PLEASE stop saying that it was rigged because that’s SO irrelevant and SO last century!!! I’m WITH you, Jessica! If you need a drummer, give me a call!!! You’re AWESOME, yo!!! Case in point- Jennifer Hudson. When Fantasia sang earlier, people were like, “Whoa! What HAPPENED to her???” Jennifer Hudson wasn’t even part of the Top 3 in the SAME season Fantasia won and look where she is now! Quit your bitching, whining, and griping! Jessica is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO talented and you don’t see beyond that? Someone PLEASE hook her up with a kick-ass manager and let’s see her REALLY fly!!! Now the news is that Tommy Mattola is going to produce her first album. DUH! That’s what I’ve been saying all along! Now she just needs to hook up with the right manager… There is NOTHING to recount!

  7. I wish Bayan Muna Representatives Neri Colmenares & Teddy Casiño can read this comment: BEFORE YOU PASS RESOLUTIONS ON RECOUNTS OF AMERICAN IDOL…why don’t you pass resolutions that stupid people like you should drop dead.

    The country is plagued with problems…people with no house, no job no food to feed their family and you are more concerned of one person who didn’t win a effin” singing contest????

    My country is in for a really messed up government.

  8. she lost we all have to accept the fact the jessica did not won bayan muna should stop protesting against USA I noticed they keep on protesting against USA but they are not complaining against dumb chinks

  9. Congressional hearings to investigate this??? A real waste of people’s money. Just give the money to the poor instead of giving in to these Congressmen who just want to make an issue out of it –to grandstand— you know elections are just around the corner and they think that if they dip their dirty fingers in showbiz issues like this, they will get the masa vote. Gabriela, even defended Claudia Baretto who verbally abused two women employees of Cebu Pacific. I thought they were pro-workers??? Now i know that these people are pro-show-biz!!!!! Show-biz gets the votes so they think they can….. hehehe Casino and Colmenares are nothing but clowns in the Congress.

  10. sa tingin ko kahit satire ito, abusive yung paggamit ng pangalan ng nina Colmenares, Casino at ng Bayan Muna. 😦

    • I would be more than happy that these people from Bayan Muna will trace the source of this fake news and sue you guys. Not funny at all, will advertise this page to all my friends so that they’ll see how stupid you guys are- dinamay nyo pa pangalan ng maraming tao. tsk tsk tsk.

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