Retailers Ordered to Stop Selling Diablo 3 After CBCP was Granted TRO by SC

MANILA, Philippines — Popular PC role-playing game (RPG) Diablo III, which was released worldwide last Tuesday was ordered to be pulled off shelves and prohibited retailers from selling them after the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) was granted a temporary restraining order (TRO) by the Supreme Court (SC) after the church group found the game to be “too “evil” and “anti-Christian”.

This Honorable Court hereby grants the petitioner, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines a temporary restraining order against the selling of the PC game Diablo III, hereby known as the respondent, to the Filipino people, effective immediately until an indefinite time or upon the court’s lifting of the said order.

Retailers shall be prohibited from selling, renting the respondent whether physically or through online transactions. Violators who are caught or proven to defy the TRO shall be meted with a punishment (smiting or excommunication) to be determined by the petitioner and their God.

Citizens who has already bought and played the respondent are ordered to cease and desist such unholy activity immediately to be able to be saved by the petitioner and their God.

CBCP “Gaming Priest” Jobert Jeyes advised players from the Philippines to refrain from playing the game he deemed as the work of the devil. “The title alone says it all,” said Fr. Jeyes. “And with playable characters such as the witch doctor and the wizard, the game is certainly not God friendly.”

He also suggested players to bring their copies of the game to the nearest church in their vicinity for it to be burned by a CBCP representative. Players who bring their game for burning also has the option to repent and confess their sin for playing such game, “before it’s too late,” added the gaming priest.

CBCP suggested other non-demonic games such as Tetris, Fight Night (featuring Manny Pacquiao), or even The Sims; where players are allowed to procreate with their partner as much as they want without the option of contraception. “One of my favorites,” quipped Fr. Jeyes.

When this author suggested popular video game icon Mario as another option, the gaming priest objected, saying that the game has hidden gay message in them. (story here)

Gamers were enraged by the newest intrusion of the Catholic church to their lives, as evidenced by their response and reaction to the TRO.

“How can a game be demonic or too evil if it lets you play as a Monk or a Demon Hunter?” asked Barry Lopez sarcastically. “It’s obvious he didn’t understand and play the game. Kinda like the CBCP did not, or does not want to, understand the RH Bill.

Another gamer who bought a limited edition version of the game for PhP 8,000 was enraged on the supposed to be outcome of his disc. “I bought this with my hard earned money, and all that they’d do is burn it for the sake of pleasing God?!”

IP E-Game Ventures Inc. (E-Games), the partner distributor of Blizzard in the Philippines has yet to issue a comment on the TRO as they have yet to receive a copy of the court order.

Senate Majority Leader Tito Sotto, who was in the news recently because of a documentary aired on CNN, promised to investigate the game and it’s demonic influences as well. “Tratrabahuhin natin to sa Lunes bago umupo si Chief Justice sa witness stand sa Martes (We will work on this on Monday, before the Chief Justice takes the witness stand on Tuesday)”, said Sotto.

This would not be the first time that the actor-turned senator set his eyes on pop-culture staples, when in 1995, he tried to ban the airplay of such songs as Alapaap and Laklak due to their alleged bad influences to the Filipino youth.


822 thoughts on “Retailers Ordered to Stop Selling Diablo 3 After CBCP was Granted TRO by SC

  1. Stupid.
    There are far more violent games out there that is not making this fuzz.
    And yet just because this game has the name, now who is judging the book.
    Apparently it is bad to kill diablo, but good to kill other people ( fps shooters )
    And strategize how to take down a whole country ( strategy rpg )
    Such a shame, and a gamer priest that knows nothing, don’t call yourself a gamer if you
    cannot understand this game.

    Diablo is just a name, if we call it something gayer it might be appropriate for these priests.

    • “CBCP “Gaming Priest” Jobert Jeyes.”
      Doesn’t that name sound familiar?
      As in, “Running Priest” Robert Reyes?
      This article is *satire*. It’s a joke. No need to get your blood pressure up. 😉

    • this is too crucial to those players who’ve been waiting for the Next series of Diablo 3 and yet they’ve banned it in the Philippines.. What will be the fact of their Petition.. Infact The Philippines is a Democratic Country.. There are no Fact to be Banned about the Diablo 3.. Filipinos shouldn’t be banned from playing the said game..

    • “after the church group found the game to be “too “evil” and “anti-Christian”.” Those people who found this game too evil or what-so-ever means they played it and they did not won. Siguro ng pray over pa yang mga yan tapos mag holy water pang kasama. I am not a gamer though this is seriously, bullshit. Wala lang silang magawa.

      • You do realize that this article is NOT REAL and SATIRE, right? Because it’s seriously bullshit for people to get mad over nothing. Wala lang silang magawa. More precisely, wala silang sense of humor.

    • They should touch the Gamers Society.. Games Names Are just flaring strategy for gamer.. And Besides Philippines is a Democratic country.. We can do what we want.. that we really really want..

    • dont be too quick to judge on the priests/CBCP. if you think they were quick to judge the game, then they aren’t any different from you. So before you post anything, check if what you are reading is true. The article is satirical. Fictional. So chill….

    • Epic fake news is epic. Madami agad naniwala kase mga hindi muna nagbabasa. Tipong inuna munang i-copy ang link at i-share sa facebook.

    • That’s why folks we have idiots in government, if the populace get fooled easily by an obvious satirical article like this, it’s no surprise they are easily gulled by our idiot politicians.

    • how about san miguel beer? naming an alcoholic beverage with the name of a saint?

      “Banal na aso.. Santong Kabayo”

    • i bet this has something to do with syndicates no doubt about it The Game story is just fucking simple just kill kill diablo not worship him not follow him not tame that is why they name it diablo fuck thats just a fucking title. so you want blizzard to change the name to Kill Diablo 3 thats fucking lame

    • what makes a person get violent is not the game it doesnt even make a person become follower of evil or something. I’m a Christian myself. BTW FYI to everyone, this is a RPG that gives a role for everyone to defeat evil. ONLY as a PLAYING role! this is some sort of a comprehension between reality and fantasy thing. in my own opinion, the CBCP is that cautious that the game would affect individuals and their respective moral and spiritual ISSUES… AGAIN… why does the CBCP didnt blocked other shooting game that splats head off? OTHER games that portrays different SORT of EVIL? could be the best solution for this is the proper rating that would limit young ages to play this game? and not to BLOCKED the Game itself to PH.

      • Why the didn’t they block the grand Theft Auto with all their sexual scenes. There are so many things that can be seen as violent. Why, even Ragnarok, MU, DragonAge, has wizard classes. And we are not to forget, we also have DOTA. Hell, come on! There have been several games with witch doctor and wizard classes for the past seven years. They have to accept, the CBCP, that even though the Philippines is a predominantly catholic, not all accept the views of the CBCP. Hmm, maybe if i convert to Judaism or Buddhism i would be allowed to purchase the game. Yeah, that’s right, are Buddhist Chinese excluded from the CBCP? After all, those from other religions would not get excommunicated.

      • maybe they don’t give “tithe” or donation to the church he he… Remember a cardinal who said he will accept money even from the Devil just to feed the Poor? wrong judgment…

    • if you cant conquer by force.. conquer by religion.. rule of war.. demoralize people and teach them fear of the life beyond death and they will obey what ever you will say in the name of salvation.. ang tanda tanda niyo na mga namumuno sa CBCP ang kikitid pa rin ng utak niyo.. gabay kayo, hindi diktador. wala na kayong magawa kundi kontrolin ng kontrolin ang pangingisip ng mga tao. malaya ba talaga tayo? babalik na naman ba tayo sa panahon ng katsila na ang simbahan ang namumuno at ang mga opisyal ay mga tuta lamang?


    • He wants us to play tetris and the sims? it’s not even worth the time. I love God but i hate His people esp those closeminded ones!

    • i totally agree. apparently we are all living in the dark ages where we are forcibly made to follow and uphold the belief of one organization

    • Sadly, it may be the 21st century, but we Filipinos really don’t live in, not the way we handle current affairs and the Internet.

      Also, if you say the word “oranges” really slowly, it sounds like the word “gullible”.

      • Although, yeah, that’s the point. It shows how easily believable the article is because of how CBCP is presenting themselves to be. But then if we make conclusions without at least even reading the rest of the article…that’s even worse. Paano na tayo laban sa mga official statements ng CBCP na lagi nating kinagagalitan? Makes us even worse that way.

  2. its a friggin game to defeat evil damn it, and they promote a game with a plumber who kills innocent turtles?

  3. hahahaha!!! Gamers Anonymous are about to unleash hell. Run, Jobert J! Run!!! Perhaps, to make the game palatable to CBCP, let thm cll it Blodiab. teeheehee!!!!

    • P’re, ang galing ng comment mo. I’m really impressed. 😉 Yes, “gaming priest” Fr. Jobert J. should definitely start *running*.

    • Pare, it’s a joke. Satire. Kaya nga “CBCP “Gaming Priest” Jobert Jeyes”, based on “Running Priest” Robert Reyes.


  4. thank you SWN for helping ‘upgrade’ Philippine society one article at a time, one Darwin Awards sucker at a time! Mabuhay ka!

  5. I have played diablo 2 before but will not buy diablo 3 because it does not feature offline mode and I have a laggy and crappy internet connection. But the church interfering and forcing game retail stores to stop selling Diablo 3 is just STUPID. The catholic church is really crossing the line here. I’m not buying the game but I COMPLETELY DISAGREE, with this idiotic move.

    • okay lang.. nakakatawa nga basahin ung comment eh.. napapaghalata na hindi marunong mag-basa.. parang apoy na binuhusan ng gasolina ung mga comment..

  6. I’m a God-fearing citizen, yes, but I too, believe that this went a bit overboard. Simply put, the game doesn’t promote patronizing evil. From where I’m standing, CBCP lacks information about the nature of the game. And by that, I mean they should do more than merely scrutinize the game title. I bet they didn’t even bother looking into the game’s website. By the way, I’ve played the second installment as a Paladin – symbolically a man of faith and holiness. How about that?

    • Dude, it’s NOT a real news report. It never happened. This is satire at the CBCP’s expense. Kaya nga “CBCP “Gaming Priest” Jobert Jeyes”, and NOT the real “Running Priest” Robert Reyes.

      Although, astig if Robert Reyes did play, and as a Monk.

  7. I’m a God-fearing citizen, but I think this went a bit overboard. Obviously, CBCP lacks information about the game’s nature. They should do more than scrutinize the game title. Clearly, the series does not promote patronizing evil. Call me anything you want, but I played the second installment as a Paladin – a man of faith and holiness. Smite me, then. ‘Cause I’m sure the Prime Evils didn’t like it when I did that to them in-game.

    • Sadly, p’re, you missed the joke “CBCP “Gaming Priest” Jobert Jeyes.”
      As in, “Running Priest” Robert Reyes?
      This article is *satire*. No need to get your blood pressure up. 😉

  8. Padre Damaso in the making?Again?Part 3 na ngayon lang nila dinispute, and walang sense, daming bagay na dapat ayusin sa simbahan eh, like 2nd collection?! etc. waste of time…

    • Like being annoyed by a fake (satire/joke) news article? 😉
      Easy, p’re. It’s just a joke. Kaya nga “CBCP “Gaming Priest” Jobert Jeyes” imbes na “Running Priest” Robert Reyes.

  9. What about playing as a Wizard? You should have banned screening Harry Potter altogether. So medieval, guys.

    • hey leave Harry Potter alone!!!! LOL. c’mon this article is meant to be funny. IT IS NOT REAL. You can still play Diablo 3 without the fear of “the petitioner and their God” punishing you. hahahaha, as if that wasnt clue enough!

  10. I fear God as well, In fact I write stuff about the bible too. This, I think, went overboard. As long as your relationship with God isn’t preventing you from communing with Him and loving God and obeying his commands, then it should be fine to play Diablo III.

    If the standard applied to these games are applied to the movies or TV shows, then I should say, there are a lot more things that we could’ve banned like the movie Constantine, Insidious, the Rite (featuring a priest possesed by a demon) and the like which features characters similar to those of Diablo III then those movies should’ve been burned as well.

    Let’s play a game called “Jesus said”

    Jesus said, whoever did not sin, cast the first stone. So sinong unang mamamato?

    • ITT, people don’t know what satire is and has never watched Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart. LOL, people, read the fucking story carefully.

  11. this is complete bulshit!

    they dont even know what the game is all about and they judge it negatively on the first look.

    i have now branded the cbcp as people that i hate because of absolute stupidity!

    • This is also complete bulllllllllshit!

      You don’t even know that this article is satirical in nature, and you judged it as true on the first look.

      I have now branded you as a person I feel sorry for because of your absolute misguided excitability!

    • Let them be. It’s funnier that way. 😀
      When the time comes that people here understand satire, I believe Philippines is already a good place.

      • Di pa talaga siguro kaya umintindi ng mga pinoy pag ganitong panulat ang nababasa. 🙂

  12. this is stupid. Priests here in the Philippines thinks they can control everything. Back off, coz you are crossing the line. Focus on your jobs not on freakin games.

  13. dude why ban the game? playing this game, you already serve God by killing the diablo! what more can you ask??? theres nothing more CHRISTIAN than that!

    • Because this articles was meant to destroy the Church by misleading people like you into thinking that this is true when it isn’t and, furthermore, makes people mad against the Church. “Jobert Jeyes” is like saying “banny baguiao”. We see this a lot in comedy shows in TV when they want to joke about an issue.

    • This articles was meant to destroy the Church by misleading people like you into thinking that this is true when it isn’t and, furthermore, makes people mad against the Church. “Jobert Jeyes” is like saying “banny baguiao”. We see this a lot in comedy shows in TV when they want to joke about an issue.

  14. mabuti sana kung yung mga players sa games eh nakikipag kaibigan sa mga demons…but its NOT! in fact pinapatay or pinupuksa pa nila ang Kasamaan (Evil)…common guys! think before you act!

    • Hey. Understand what you read before you react…. hahahaha!
      This articles was meant to destroy the Church by misleading people like you into thinking that this is true when it isn’t and, furthermore, makes people mad against the Church. “Jobert Jeyes” is like saying “banny baguiao”. We see this a lot in comedy shows in TV when they want to joke about an issue.

  15. Dude!!!!! There was Duke nuke em, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, etc dafuq is wrong with you priests? you are judging the game by its name. You are just corrupt idiots trying to think of another stupid idea so that the public notices you. STOP pushing stupid orders. we already have enough here in the Philippines.

    • If you read the article properly, It said that CBCP SUGGESTED these games. It doesn’t matter anyway, since the article is not true. It’s actually very entertaining to read the comments. LELS. :3

    • huwaw…grabeh, ayus………………wahahahahahaha, even the comments are epically hilarious, this article really made my day hahaha xDxD

  16. CBCP should ban the sale of Crocs, for animal cruelty. I mean OBVIOUSLY they’re made out of animals right? Just look at the name. someone needs to stand up for God’s creatures. We need a Camping Priest to protest!

    • Hey. Understand what you read before you react…. hahahaha!
      “Excommunicate you now?” You’ve got too much pride, kid!
      This articles was meant to destroy the Church by misleading people like you into thinking that this is true when it isn’t and, furthermore, makes people mad against the Church. “Jobert Jeyes” is like saying “banny baguiao”. We see this a lot in comedy shows in TV when they want to joke about an issue.

  17. Aw meion pa pla hindi nkabili XD kidding aside, the controversy will only boost sales. thank you, CBCP!

    • Actually, priests should play more video games so they can connect with the people more easily.

      Not that “gaming priest” Jobert Jeyes is a real priest, anyway.

  18. Clearly this satire enraged a lot of the readers 😛 Magbasa po kasi muna at intindihin ang binasa :). I’d like to see the Catholic Church smite you guys, LOL, except si Zeus pala yun at hindi si Papa God.

  19. Wow people are actually taking this seriously.Hey guys, this is a fictional article. Like all other articles in this blog. But then again, the satire is just too good, it may just be true. 😉

  20. you got trolled:
    “So, What’s News? is a satirical & fictional news website. Our aim is to inject humor into everyday news to provide respite to readers who have grown weary with mainstream news organization’s partisan, biased and depressing way of presenting the news.”

  21. Jeez these comments make me rage even more than the article. Its f***ing satire people. Dammit -_-

    • dun palang sa line na “punishment will be determined the petitioner and their God”, obviously, it’s meant to be funny. marami kasi, magkaopinyon lang e, post na agad. sobra makareact, sasabihin quick to judge ang Church e sila din naman.

  22. this is plain stupidity. This priest are crossing their lines, seriously, nkakatanga nmn ng mga paring yan. Ni di nga nila alam kung ano tlga ang story ng game eh, tapos gnyan. P***** I** NYONG MGA PARI KAYO, MSYADO KAYONG NANGENGEALAM SA MGA DECISION NG MGA TAO!!!

    • Look who is stupid.. hahaha Hey. Understand what you read before you react…. hahahaha!
      This articles was meant to destroy the Church by misleading people like you into thinking that this is true when it isn’t and, furthermore, makes people mad against the Church. “Jobert Jeyes” is like saying “banny baguiao”. We see this a lot in comedy shows in TV when they want to joke about an issue.

  23. CBCP: You guys are idiots.

    I’m sure the CBCP has not even played this game, let alone even read the back. Promote evil? Oh please, you’re fighting the devil in this game!

    • naku nagmura ka pa, ikaw ang tunay na paparusahan ni God hahahahaha. Lagot ka! you are reacting to a fake article, just so you know. hahahaha.

    • Hey. Understand what you read before you react…. hahahaha!

      This articles was meant to destroy the Church by misleading people like you into thinking that this is true when it isn’t and, furthermore, makes people mad against the Church. “Jobert Jeyes” is like saying “banny baguiao”. We see this a lot in comedy shows in TV when they want to joke about an issue.

  24. These “so-called” priests are morons. They take things too personally. If they’re too good at this, they should’ve banned DOTA as well. *These sort of things make me sick

    • You take things too personally. Don’t tell me satire makes you sick. Whatever happened to the Pinoy sense of humor?

    • Hey. Understand what you read before you react…. hahahaha!
      Who’s the moron now….. It’s clearly you….. hahaha

      This articles was meant to destroy the Church by misleading people like you into thinking that this is true when it isn’t and, furthermore, makes people mad against the Church. “Jobert Jeyes” is like saying “banny baguiao”. We see this a lot in comedy shows in TV when they want to joke about an issue.

  25. Pati ba mga comments dito Satire din? Parang sumobra na yung iba e. Pero this article is really not helping the catholic church. This site is not that popular, and mostly people are redirected lang sa link na to, especially the Diablo players. The satire note is even placed at the bottom of the page na di mo naman agad mababasa.


    • From now on, I know that the person with the name NATHANIEL SEBASTIAN has a very low IQ.
      Hey. Understand what you read before you react…. hahahaha!

      This articles was meant to destroy the Church by misleading people like you into thinking that this is true when it isn’t and, furthermore, makes people mad against the Church. “Jobert Jeyes” is like saying “banny baguiao”. We see this a lot in comedy shows in TV when they want to joke about an issue.

  27. Ano hindi ba nila alam ang pinagkaiba ng Religion and Games at tsaka may mas violente pa sa larong giablo ahh katulad ng gears of war

  28. tang ina. ang bobo nila eh. the game has been around since 1996. the graphics and storyline of the previous diablo games were even MORE “ANTI-CHRISTIAN.” what is happening to the church???

    • tama, nothing wrong with Diable III, in fact, mas anti-christian ka pa nga e! dude, you asked what was happening to the church? NONE. sa iyo meron, though. naniwala ka na nga sa fake article, nagcomment ka pa with matching bad words, hala ka, lagot ka kay padre damaso!!!!

  29. matuto magbasa! basahin ang disclaimer sa baba! “So, What’s News? is a satirical & fictional news website. It is NOT REAL.”

  30. Mga umaangal sa article na to i doubt binasa nyo yung buong article.
    Also, 10/10 for making these people butthurt.

  31. KATOLIKO AKO! I even go to church/pray. BUT!!! WHAT THE? Dont ever judge the game by its name, PLEASE BAWAL MAGING TANGA!! GAHHH! PREVENT NYO LANG! Please lets understand first the story of the game~ oo nga DIABLO~ but the game was saving the world from demons/evils. @_@

    HINDI NILA PINAGIISIPAN MUNA BAGO SILA MAGSALITA. PAHIYA *Instead of pansinin nalang nila yung mga krimen, or mga katarantaduhan sa gobyerno eh.


    mga nangangaral pa, sablay naman.

      • Oh my fault!!! XDD hahahaha Hindi pala totoo toh :DD Im kinda~ na adik lang masyado sa game. hahaha. Ako pala yung tanga hahahahaha. 😀

        pero~ pwede din kasi siya mangyari >__<

  32. Hay nako ang kikitid ng utak ng mga to. Antatanga pramis. If only closed minds came with closed mouths.

    I’ve played Magic: The Gathering, Diablo 1 + 2, Dungeons and Dragons, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls series, etc. Hanggang ngayon hindi naman ako naging demonyo at hindi ko kailangan ma-save ni ‘god’ dahil wala naman nangyari sa ken.

    Ganun na ba kababa ang CBCP at papatulan pati ‘FANTASY’ game? Hay nako. I-ban niyo nalang lahat. Pati lahat ng palabas sa TV. Eh puta mas masama pa impluwensya ng kalibugan ni Willie Revillame sa tv kesa dito sa Diablo 3.

    • Ganun na ba kababaw ng mga tao at pinapatulan nila pati SATIRE? Kahit halatang hindi totoo ang news article (“gaming priest” Jobert Jeyes vs. “Running Priest” Robert Reyes)?

      • i was about to quote him and mock his comment too. thank you. 🙂 and by the way,if you wanna be so serious about this, all of us, Lawrence, need to be saved by Jesus. sa comment mo pa lang kelangan mo na ma-save e. yun lang 🙂 Stick to the topic, because in your dire need to react to an article that was supposed to be a joke, you may want to be careful not to step on valid Bible teachings.

    • hindi problem yung di malinaw na disclaimer. yung mga facts pa lang stated sa story bullshit na. bobo ka talaga pag di mom nagets yun while reading. damn

  33. nagpapansin lang yang gamer priest na yan. nagjudge agad sya dahil lang sa title. ang purpose ng laro destroy evil. naiingit lang yan.

    • Medyo mali ang intindi mo sa article, bata. Hindi ito totoong article kundi joke lang. Ikaw ang nagjajudge kaagad ng masama eh.

  34. I think the intention is to control the population of Diablo lurking in the philippines most specially in our government. It seems like there is no more room for another Diablo to come in. All i can say is, this is one of the reasons why people tend to change their religion for the reason that Church sometimes make a decision which are irrational. Maybe ban gay priest first then, priest who gets married before dealing DIABLO HEHEHE!

  35. this just goes to show how meddlesome the church here in the Philippine is. A bunch of hypocritical asses. It’s just a game, if you really have the faith, you will never succumb to a game such as Diablo 3 nor you will bow if you’re in front of Satan himself. Stupid priests…

    • “So, What is So What’s News?
      So, What’s News? is a satirical & fictional news website. It is NOT REAL.”

      Enough with the harsh comments people. LOL

  36. Sa owner ng website na to, di mo ba nakikita na nasisira na image ng Catholic Church. Di naman sikat tong website mo e, kaya lang naman madami nag comment dahil linalagay sa forums yung link neto. OO, siguro madaming tanga na di marunong magbasa ng satire. Pero dapat may backup plan pag nagsabog sabog na.

    • If stupidity, carelessness, and impetuousness were usable currencies, bayad na bayad na ang mga utang ng Pilipinas sa comments section pa lang ng article na ‘to, sabay nabili pa natin ang Scarborough Shoal, Seychelles, at kalahati ng Southeast Asia. *shakes head*

  37. Nooooo! i have alerady earned money for the game nice try CBCP im going to another country to play the game :DDD

  38. Hey, CBCP? How about banning Angry Birds? Kawawa naman yung mga baboy, nakatayo lang tas hahagisan mo ng ibon at bato. Or Tetris? Wala namang ginagawa sa yo yung mga block, pero sisirain mo lang sila ng sisirain. Hell, even Mario. Palakad-lakad lang naman yung mga Goomba, tatalunan mo, durog utak.

    Seriously. This is why I don’t go to church anymore. God is good, always, but the church?

  39. Hahahaha ambilis nyo naman mag react. Hindi naman ito totoong news eh. Parang the Onion lang ito. Cool lang kayo. Sige level up muna ako mga parekoi

  40. to all you commenters:


    this is SATIRE post goddammit.

    onting sense of humor naman diyan.

    • But dude that soo wasn’t funny, we were like, all panic mode kasi meh friend kami na hindi makasali sa online PT, waaaa you trolls LOL

    • Don’t hold your breath. I don’t think any serious columnist should waste his time on fake, satirical news articles that are taken too literally and too seriously by people without a sense of humor.

  41. To quote the “About” section of this website:

    “So, What is So What’s News?
    So, What’s News? is a satirical & fictional news website. It is NOT REAL.”

    all these being said, to all the haters – Y SO SRS????
    this is SATIRE. take it in with a little sense of humor.

  42. aint the purpose of the game is to defeat DIABLO? doesnt that make it fighting against evil? and THEY want us to not play it? just a thought. havnt really played any games for a while tho. not since d2

  43. Seriously?! Again the church is being unreasonable. Siguro kasi sobrang na hook yung pari sa D3 kaya ayun, hindi na celebrate ang misa… kaya mayun work of evil na… Anu ba naman kamusta na anf OL party namin kung ang isa hindi makakakuha ng D3… Sana tiningnan nila ang GTA potah anu nilalaro niya sims? Ano ibaban nila lahat ng games except the sims? Tsk… OKay Pinoy gamers it’s time to migrate to a country where the church doesn’t get in the way of our games.

    • Seriously, this article isn’t even real. It’s satire. Although, if gullible people like you without a sense of humor did migrate, it would probably make our country a better place.

  44. “So, What’s News? is a satirical & fictional news website. It is NOT REAL.”

    You may scroll to the very bottom of this post to see the text for yourself.

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  46. So, What is So What’s News?

    So, What’s News? is a satirical & fictional news website. It is NOT REAL.

  47. Yes! Let us burn all the copies of Diablo III because the game lets you vanquish demons. Let’s all just play The Sims, the game that lets you kill innocent virtual people and Mario which lets you stomp turtles and eat shrooms!


    • Yes, let us also start believing everything other people say.
      Did you know that if you say the word “oranges” really slowly, it sounds like the word “gullible”?

  48. sobra na talaga ang Catholic Church na yan.. pati sa isang Game makikiaalam.. anu gs2 nila? maging ignorante ang tao? RH bill hinaharang, pati ang pag laro ng simpleng game? masama din para sakanila?anu susunod? sa Media naman sila? bawal ang ganito bawal ang ganyan? BAWAL ANG SCIENCE?? hay.. bunch of f*ckin Hypocrites … BUKSAN NYO NAMAN PO MGA MATA NYO DAHIL SOBRA NA KAYO MAKIAALAM!!!!

      • honga e… hihihi.. CONCLUSION: nakakabobo ang video games pare! 🙂 sakit na ng tyan ko sa kakatawa!!! winner ito, ala Magnum.

  49. I don’t know what the hell is CBCP is concerned about? Is this because of the name Diablo? That’s bullshit and those bishops were not given wisdom by God and they’re destroying the business.

    • And you’re destroying the joke. Kahit na holier-than-thou ang CBCP, apparently kasing rami lang ang mga walang sense of humor, lalo pang hindi naman totoo ang news na ito. Satire nga, e!

  50. Diablo 3 ay isang laro para kung paano patayin ang mga diablo haha! Bobong mga pari maglaro rin kasi kayo para alam nyo.. Puro kayo jakol mga pari

  51. seriously guys.. obviously the article is fake and was just made for fun. What’s hilarious is how almost everyone is taking it as a serious article. Ang galing talaga makamislead ng mga tao ng internet, yung mga tao din lahat na lang ng nabasa pinapaniwalaan.

  52. im a Catholic and i dont agree on this. DIABLO 3 GAME is DESIGNED TO DEFEAT THE DIABLO. NOT JOIN THEM. KJ KJ KJ KJ KJ!

    • I’m Catholic and I laugh at this article because it’s satire. Good, humbling, insightful satire. Unfortunately, too many people here don’t get that it’s a joke.

  53. Apparently, people do not know what satire means. Matuto kasi kayong magbasa. Wag yang lagi na lang MMO ng MMO. Mga bobo.

  54. Guys dont be stupid okay? Ang bibilis nyo magreact. Pakibasa nga ulit nung article. Jobert Jeyes? Gaming Priest? There is a Robert Reyes and he is called the Running Priest. Haaaay ang tao talaga.

    • Thank you, p’re, for being the voice of reason here. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who picked up on “‘gaming priest’ Jobert Jeyes.

  55. Ngpapapansin lang yn mga yan.. kung gamer kang pari ka dapat alam mo na laro lng bakit d mo batikusin yung ibang laro na patayan ang concept.. Your saying gawa to ng demon eh sa laro na to their trying to defeat a demon.. Napaka hipocrito mo.. D ka bagay pari kung d mo alam ang gawa lang ng tao o ng demon..

  56. BADTRIP TALAGA MGA KATOLIKO NA TO!! Mga HIPOKRITO, video game lang to e. Mas DEMONIC ang ginawa ng mga katoliko nung panahon ng “CATHOLIC INQUISITION”!!! I-google nyo, sila ang tunay na masasama!

  57. And justice will fall…(idiotic perception of the so-called “gaming” priest).. at the end of days. (May 17, 2012)

    LOL completely bullcrap.
    if this is their take on the game his SIMS game has a reaper on it whenever someone is dead similar to diablo where in there is a reaper LOL
    Fight Night has violence in it wherein the church teachings is love your enemies.
    Where is your ban to that?!

    RIDICULOUS, LUDACRIS. Mr. gaming priest. wag ka nga papansin!

    Clearly not a valid argument from the CBCP

    they dont even ban zombie games!!

    GG ka nalang sir, wag ka mainggit cuz u cant play the game

    • At halatang wala kang alam sa news and current affairs.
      There is no such person as “‘gaming priest’ Jobert Jeyes”. The real person is “Running Priest” Fr. Robert Reyes.
      You see, this isn’t even *real* news. It’s satire. It’s a joke.
      At walang naiinggit sa mga gullible at walang sense of humor.

  58. Funny how they think that stopping the retailers will prevent others from getting a copy of the game (legally or otherwise)

  59. Ones and for all.. Pwedeng mag comment ng “Mali ang CBCP” or anything related pra hndi mag mukang tanga.. Kce kung galit na galit mga comments nyo edi naniniwala kyo sa binasa nyo mga unggoy.. Ang blogsite na to ay “So, What’s News? is a satirical & fictional news website. It is NOT REAL.”

  60. Tasteless. There are a lot of people here in the country who would attack any religious group especially the CBCP over this without even going through the whole article when it is an obvious joke.

    It’s funny, yes, but only for people who get it. Otherwise it is plain irresponsible.

    And no, I’m not Catholic.

  61. What the (beep!) are they talking about…it’s just a (beep!)-ing game! even though I just watch how the game Diablo do it’s thing…I mean come on! The purpose of it is to kill the Demon or whoever causes the danger to mankind yet they accuse of it as an “anti-christian”? Are you (beep!) kidding me?!!! And puhhhleeeease! There are more violent games around the world and for Christ sakes! What do they know about that game and behind the creators of it?…..*sighs*

    Well that’s my opinion to it. Even thought those CBCP have some very small good points but they shouldn’t just judge a game by it’s cover unless they see the real thing they’re searching for.

  62. WTH! I never thought they’ll going to criticize the game this much… SERIOUSLY?! … I mean it’s just a game?… they must concentrate on thing that is more important than this…>.<

    • WTF? I never thought some people would actually BELIEVE this was real news. SERIOUSLY?! I mean, it’s satire. It never happened. You’d think people would concentrate on things more important than getting angry over something that never happened, more important things like actually playing and enjoying Diablo 3 (assuming you can get online).

  63. oh yes. The Sims is a great game…. btw i love killing people there and having sex with other girls other than my wife then kill my baby from hunger. hahahahaha! fuck .


    Satire – noun – /ˈsaˌtīr /
    -the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

    its f*****ng plastered on the bottom of this page, damn it!

  65. WHAT the hell?!!! I never thought Filipinos are such idiots! Don’t you guys have the common sense to tell if an article is valid or just a satire?

    • Sadly, p’re, most of my fellow Pinoys don’t. The only good news here is that a few people caught on, but they’re only a minority.

  66. wadafak… angdaming bobong pinoy dito oh, di marunong magbasa… hahahah fake article nga ito… ano ba kinakagalit niyo? hahahahah anak ng teteng this….

  67. This is madness…I would not respect CBCP for deeming the 5 years of hardwork by Blizzard Entertainment as “too-evil” and “anti-Christian”…

    • Madness? This is SPARTA! Este, this is THE PHILIPPINES! Where most people don’t know what satire is and easily believe whatever they read, kahit joke at hindi totoo!

    • First of all, it’s 12 years, Blizzard worked on the title for 12 fucking years, and this is not madness, nor this is Sparta, its just you being plain stupid. A: Get your facts straight, B: Shut the hell up and read the article again, then scroll down to the bottom of this page and read everything written in the black box you dip shit… .l.

  68. It may be a satire, but with CBCP’s track record to stick their noses into ANYTHING, the idea may not be too far fetched.

  69. This is damn genius hahaha… Sa mga ngoover react it’s not true… Aheheh… Kaya medyo kakaiba name nung pari eh… parang jejemon… ^^

  70. be watchful men , ! ! ! this game is 100% demonic game . . have sense . . if you denied that ohhhhhhhhhhhh just think who is stupid . i played this game once but i dont like it . . .

    if you LOVE JESUS . . . You know what are doing . . .

  71. HAHAHAHAHAHA the comments are funnier than the article itself. 😀 Good job, writer. And to the serious ones, hats off. You keep the knee-jerk tradition of the Filipino netizen alive. *salute*

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  73. anong klaseng demokratikong bansa to? di sa lahat ng bagay at pagkakataon masusunod ang simbahan. pati ba naman libangan ng tao papake-alaman pa? anong sense nun? -.-

    • Anong klaseng bansa ito? Kahit anong binabasa sa Internet pinaniniwalaan agad kahit satire? Wala bang sense of humor ang mga tao dito?

  74. WTF, so this wasn’t true!?!?!?!?!? Dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I burned my older brother’s Diablo III game just because I was so worried for him. Oh no, what do I do????????? He’s gonna get angry for sure!!!!!

  75. HAHAHAHAHAHA the comments are funnier than the article itself. 😀 Good job, writer, for managing to fool some people. I hope you don’t think that this is effective humor. You can still improve. And to the serious ones, hats off. You keep the knee-jerk tradition of the Filipino netizen alive. *salute*

  76. all i can say is, you guys who are so serious about this article are the “bobo”
    tanga nyo grabeh!!! nkakahiya kayo, ambilis nyo maniwala sa mga fake articles, kahit saang news nyo hanapin to, nde nyo makikita tong article na to kasi nga “fake” to, it’s a fictional article made by ofcourse filipinos for entertainment purposes. eh kayo mga tanga, mga inutil naniniwala agad, nagagalit agad. hahahaha kakatawa kayo. maglaro nalang kayo ng diablo 3. mga TANGAAAA!!!!

  77. so killing demons is bad but killing fellow citizens like GTA IV and Dead space 1 and 2 as well as beat up games isn’t? Fight Night which is also fighting game is much more suggestive where there is manny pacquiao? what kind of promotion is that? also they saw that weird message which REAL gamers didn’t isn’t that weird… didn’t they also know that Light yagami which is a character from an anime series when read backwards is imagay? what’s wrong with them? they can’t fix other problems like the ECONOMY so they’re TRYING to fix other USELESS things like this? don’t they know that D3 doesn’t have profanity unlike other games and music videos does? really really nie….


  78. IMHO The day Religion runs this country. they may as well declare the government evil and burn it too.

    The state and religion should be 2 separate entities and should not influence one or the other.

    • IMHO, the day people lose their sense of humor and critical thinking and start taking everything too seriously and believing whatever they read, we may as declare ourselves a country of gullible, pathetic fools.

      People without a sense of humor should not read satire. 😉

      • @messenger I am just saying if religion would really be this influential then we the sheeple will be following every word they say if they tell us to shoot our selves all for the glory of some entity then we do it

  79. I agree with this. The CBCP made the right call. Diablo III is clearly the devil’s work. Being a highly religious family, me, my wife and my children (all seven of them, as God intended) will not even dare touch this game. I can tell just from the title alone what this “Diablo” is all about. You play as a servant of the “Diablo”, or Devil, and his Unholy Trinity (hence the III), in a sort of blasphemy against Jesus Christ. How can anybody condone this? I hope Diablo III is officially banned from the Philippines, and that legal action should be done against the makers of this foul demonic ‘game’. We have already started a neighborhood initiative, rounding up all the blasphemous materials in our village and burning them all up, in praise and glory to God, of course. Next week, we’ll go around stores in Ermita to get rid of atheist propaganda and unholy material. If you’re interested just contact me, Vic, at this number, 09062075119

    May the grace of God be with you all!

    • 1. Go to google
      2. search the definition of “satire”
      3. ????
      4. Profit.

      damn I feel sorry for what you might pass on to your chidlren.

      • sat·ire/ˈsaˌtī(ə)r/
        The use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of…
        A play, novel, film, or other work that uses satire.

        What now, friend? Am I using satire? Am I “using humor/irony/exaggeration/ridicule to expose or criticize [your] stupidity or vices,…’? Please, educate me.


      • no, sir… about the satire…they meant the article was a complete bluff…. as in walang katotohanan….if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will be able to see that this site is “dedicated” to making “satire and fictional” stuff and like that……so, there….peace out man

    • I’m not sure if you are just batshit stupid or you are just trying to be funny. either way, it isn’t working. You sound like the immortal king of negative IQ idiots, so please do yourself a favor and save yourself by not shoving that stupid religious crap of yours in our asses. SHUT THE FUCK UP. you don’t know anything about the game. at least you could have googled what this game is about, yknow? that’s common sense, fool.

      • My child, it’s clear that the word of the Lord does not reach your heart, and that you are filled with hate and anti-Christian thoughts. You even use foul language! It’s a good thing I do not let any of my seven children use the computer, except for school works, or else they would be exposed to people like you, i.e. Barbarians.

        Clearly, you are the fool. You do not have Jesus in your heart and in your life. Have you read the Good Book recently? Have you been to Mass recently? Because I have. And I feel much better for it.

        Look, I don’t mean to discriminate. Just shoot me a text message (number’s in my previous comment) and let’s have a chat. I invite you to join our bible study and propaganda burning, every Saturday. I’m sure you’ll love it.

        May the grace of God be with you all!

      • @vic: so you are saying that those who are not church goers are sinful, and that they don’t feel blessed enough like you do? LOL I pitty your kids, man. Keep them delusions of yours coming. If that’s what you prefer then I can’t do nothing about.

        Anyway, we are going out of the topic so let me quote what you just stated above:

        ” I can tell just from the title alone what this “Diablo” is all about. You play as a servant of the “Diablo”, or Devil, and his Unholy Trinity (hence the III), in a sort of blasphemy against Jesus Christ. How can anybody condone this? I hope Diablo III is officially banned from the Philippines, and that legal action should be done against the makers of this foul demonic ‘game’.” <—— WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??????!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA you are so lost, man. Seriously.

      • I believe it is you who is lost, my friend. You can’t, or won’t, see the light, so you decide to shun others and belittle them in front of your computer. That’s the devil’s work, son. You’re doing Satan’s bidding. You’re feeding the hatred and sin in your life and you’re going to pay for that when you burn in Hell. I’ve clearly stated my argument against this demonspawn: It’s clearly anti-Christian, just from the name itself, and I will not stand for that. All you’re doing is attacking my character. You’re no better than the makers of this “Diablo” game. Do you even believe in God? Or do you turn away from Him? I will pray for you, friend.

        May the grace of God be with you all!

      • Ok, Vic to be clear only The Game Diablo III Is NOT About Serving The Devil And Has Nothing to do with the Unholy Trinity, What You Are Doing In The Game Is You Are Stopping The Main Antagonist which is Diablo who is trying to destroy Heaven But Fails to do so.

      • And Also to your comment of this “or else they would be exposed to people like you, i.e. Barbarians.” and This “so you decide to shun others and belittle them in front of your computer. That’s the devil’s work, son. You’re doing Satan’s bidding” Please dont say that. Being a Computer Science student and always in front of the computer i think it just hurts me. i dont shun my friends and others even my family because even if im always on front of the computer i keep touch with them using facebook and skype and when i have time i go visit and hangout with them Hope you can read and understand my other comment and this comment.

    • Guys, chill, what Vic did was a “satire-ception”. Its a satire within a satire… you guys just got trolled… everyone’s so serious around here. LOL relax

      • Ang sipag naman ni Vic. SEVEN CHILDREN. WAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Hanggang 2 lang ako hangga’t maare. :DDD

  80. WTF! such unholy activity DAW E SAVING THE WORLD FROM EVIL NGA E. ang eeengot. palibhasa kasi hindi marunong mag laro ng diablo 3, binase nalang sa title..

  81. The Sims – it’s a game playing god. Idiotic. They just don’t know how to play these kind of stuff.

    • So What’s News — is a SATIRICAL Site. Idiot. You just don’t know how these kind of sites work.


  83. I just can’t stop laughing. The comments where people are taking the article seriously is HILARIOUS!

  84. So, What’s News? · News that won’t make you depressed to read the news.

    – but will make you depressed after reading your fellow countrymen’s comments

  85. What’s truly *evil* and *un-Christian* about Diablo III is that you have to be online to play single-player (WTF?!) and that servers are so full you can’t get in. Now THAT is what’s morally wrong with the game. Blizzard, you could have done better.

  86. watda? they call this game evil… what about the priest sucking the dicks and pussies of their congregation and give them children… and pedophilia among the Clergy and they talk about EVIL… suck my dick!

  87. OMYGOD
    please for fucks sake just be intelligent enough what satire means.
    filipinos using the internet are just… meh -_-

  88. this is a funny article… what’s more fun is that too many people believed in it… 😀

    this is a satire page, people!!! read what the website is all about before rambling!!!

  89. this is a funny article… what’s more funny is that too many people believed in it…

    this is a satire page, people!!! read what the website is all about before rambling!!!

    • May Monk naman, e!

      Not that the Monk is the point. The point is: this is a FAKE news article. It’s a joke. It’s satire.

  90. i think the fact that people actually believe this fictional article is a testament to the lows the CBCP has gone.

  91. I almost snapped and was ready to dish-out rage against CBCP… but I pondered and read the blog entry again.. and realized it’s just Faux. hehehehe

    • that’s why kailangan mag isip muna bago magcomment, kasi when you lose yourself you will just look stupid. plus the fact that if you start bashing on these priests (who didnt even know about this game and this make-believe article), that’s when your God will really start thinking about punishment. Sadly, not for the gamers or the priests, but for the one who made the impulsive Diablo-ish comment. 🙂

  92. seems that the filipino church was “ultimately distinct” from the true Roman Catholic church. then, why does the game go uniterrupted in other Christian countries, especially those in Europe? so ignorant. kakabuwisit

    • Actually, the game is NOT going uninterrupted in other Christian countries, because the game requires players to be ONLINE just to play even single-player while the servers are all so FULL! Also, this news article is NOT real. It’s satire. So ignorant. Walang sense of humor. Kakabuwisit.

  93. but it’s true that the church is stupid and narrow-minded, especially with regards to the RH bill…

    • Actually nakakatawa nga talaga yung mga pumatol dito sa Satirical News na to, ang nakakabahala lang eh….mas mapatol ang mga taga-CBCP lalo na sa mga ganitong sensitive issues…

      Oh well congrats kay Pacquiao for having the most hates from the Gay world. hahahaha
      Yan ang tunay na Catholic!

  94. Dafuq they already wanted to burn those precious copies of Diablo III? How can they see my appearance as a new boss in game? I’m so sad. Just try to burn my babies in your churches…
    And I’ll make your church as my territory 🙂

  95. To all those out there saying that some commenter are stupid because they thought this was real, the SAD truth is, it is very BELIEVABLE that a religious group such as the CBCP would do something as profound and stupid as this.

    I myself believed that they are capable of doing something like this, based on their record of fussing over song lyrics, paintings (Mideo Cruz’s infamous work), and other objects that are “sinful” or anti-religion to their eyes.

    I know it’s a satire, but it’s damn believable and sad that this is actually the reality here in this country: that people live in fear of a religious group, for the power they hold over lawmakers, and for the power they have in censoring these items just because it doesn’t fit their outlook.

    • True, but that still no excuse for gullibility, especially since there are pretty big clues in the article itself that it’s a joke. Even if the CBCP has a holier-than-thou attitude to things, it’s neither objective or reasonable to immediately assume the worst of them. I’m cool with this satire being at their expense, but all who thought it was real deserve to be embarrassed.

    • it’s not really a sad reality for me. because we are now entitled to believe what we believe and do what we want to do. i still feel lucky that we no longer live in the Padre Damaso days when priests can easily take over just about anybody’s life as long as he claims it’s for the greater glory of the Lord, including killing and raping. I appreciate that the church is consistent with what they deem wrongful and righteous, because that’s the way it should be. Black and White. Who wants a Church that allows a little bit of evil every now and then. They can fuss over whatever they want to fuss over, they have much right as any other human being or socio-civic group, as long as they aren’t hurting people. That’s all they could do anyway, express the side of the Church. Even if CBCP shared the same thoughts as this fake article, i dont think they would be quick in banning Diablo, let alone believe they could stop people from playing the game. And i am sure their committee would actually study the objectives of the game before coming out with a judgment. They know where they stand in the modern times. We are only human and prone to sin, so even if our human minds tell us that we do not want to submit to their unreasonable teachings, we still need that consistent spiritual nagging to keep ourselves in check. It is still best to have something to guide us to try to live accordingly, even if we fail at it.

    • Para sa akin naman, hindi ito naging mahusay na halimbawa ng isang satirikal na artikulo. Gumagana lamang ang satire kapag mayroong humor sa piyesa, na masusustain nito hanggang dulo. Dahil sa naging pagtanggap ng mga tao dito (base sa comments section ng blog na ito), at pati na rin sa mismong reaksyon mo (ang pagiging believable ng posibilidad ng mga sinasabi sa teksto ayon sa kung paano siya sinulat para sa iyo) masasabi kong isa lamang itong malaking panggagago ng mambabasa. Ayoko siya dahil marami siyang inuto at maraming nauto at napagtawanan dahil ika nga ng maraming nag-komento e antatanga ng karamihan sa nag-react, gayong ang ipinaparada niya ay isa siyang satire na dapat e mahusay na tumutuligsa lamang sa isang institusyon o isyu ng hindi namemersonal at may mahusay na konsepto ng humor.

      Pero kung titingnan ang traffic ng site na ito, masasabi kong good job para sa website. Lumikha siya ng ingay. Sana lang hindi siya maisumbong kasi tulad nga ng sinasabi ng artikulo, mainitin ang mata ng CBCP. He-he-he.

  96. I cast Cure to all of you, WTF? it didnt work!?!? NERD RAGE!
    Come on guys, play along, its as real as the content in Diablo 3. Read the entire thing so that you guys all would notice. Casting “Clear Vision” to you all, WTF? didnt work!?!? NERD RAGE!!!

  97. jusko ah ang asikasuhin nyo mga nangungurakot ndi ung simpleng laro pinapalaki ung mga mamatay tao ung mga pusher at user ndi ung mga kkung ano ano pinag iintindi ninyo

  98. I’m betting if the people here read Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”, they’d take it seriously.

  99. yung supreme court naman nakita ng walang kakwenta kwenta ung reklamo ng mga bobong bishop kuno eh ni-grant pa ugn TRO nila. HAHAHAHAHAHA. tanginang mga pari. tatanga. inutil. bobo.

  100. are you serious?! its just a game.
    lahat na lang ng WALANG KATUTURAN ginagawan ng issue

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  102. Oh my fault!!! XDD hahahaha Hindi pala totoo toh 😀 Im kinda~ na adik lang masyado sa game. hahaha. Ako pala yung TANGA hahahahaha. 😀 di ko binasa maigi hahaha

    I admit!~

    pero~ pwede din kasi siya mangyari >__<
    hoping wag naman sana~

    But Thank God. Hindi talaga siya na pull out~ yun nalang ang dapat natin ipasalamat.

    Anyone? Battle tag?

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  104. yang mga p***** in*** pari na yan, ano alam nyang mga yan? nakikielam sila eh tayo kahit na kumukupit sila di natin sila panapakielaman. I cannot stress this enough, pero WALA SILA ALAM kaya wag sila makielam. End of Statement.

    *for legal or whatever purpose it may serve, *This did not come from me. this is to quote another person’s opinion.

  105. wahahaha. if you didnt get that this is just a joke for a hype or troll then you have no sense of humor. lol

  106. Funny how people react negatively to this news w/o even thinking that this isn’t real. C’mon guys, where’s your sense of humor? The game ate ’em up? 4 thumbs up (including on your feet) for D3! 🙂

  107. ang saya. ang saya nang article na to. pinakanakakatakot sa lahat, parang hindi kagulat-gulat kung nangyari nga ito. natawa nalang ako. -_-“

  108. bakit di nlng sila gumawa ng matinong batas para umunlad pinas. ndi yung mga games pinapakialaman nila. mga taga CBCP, di na lang sila magrosaryo at manahimik. maglaro din sila if they want. inggit lang sila. bwahahahahaha

    • chill, tgnan muna yung nasa baba ng website… DI NANGYARI YAN!!!! D KSI NKAKAINTINDI NG SALITANG “SATIRE” EH.. marami niyan dto…

  109. It’s a satire for Langdon’s sake. Below sea level ang IQ. Keep up the good work bros! (Bet you will take this as a compliment also) :bd

  110. Wow! Just read this and am very surprised by it. Personally, I wouldn’t let my sons play with the game. Hehe. Pero legislating it (i.e., making a law or making it illegal), that I’m not too sure.

    I just pray that we would be so much in love with God that we would not run after the things of this world – including gaming (whatever game that would be), or even our occupation or hobbies, and even the ‘good stuff’ of this world.

  111. The CBCP has lost its moral leadership in the country. They did not react when they should have and only select a certain few topics to comment on: Reproductive bill, etc. It is obvious they never played the game at all and just comment anyway. No, they will not get respect and trust that they used to have, way back in Cardinal Sin’s time. When the Cardinal died, the trust and leadership of the Catholic Church seems to have died with him… replaced by business-minded group of people pretending to advance God’s words and works….

  112. “CBCP suggested other non-demonic games such as Tetris, Fight Night (featuring Manny Pacquiao), or even The Sims;” LOL no thanks..

    • How can this be evil you ask? It’s evil when you don’t get it as it is. What it is, is just a SATIRICAL news article. Relax…

  113. Come on bishops! Diablo 3 is just a game! Why not focus your attention more on the political aspect of this nation which I think is needing more holy water to cleanse the evil people who are obviously EVIL but we pretend not to see it. Think again!

  114. if you want to ban “evil” and “anti-Christianity” why don’t you just burn the people who makes them? Have you listened to the news lately? Politics here, politics there, more shit here more shit there. It’s all the same with you guys.

    Seriously, ban Diablo III? for what cause? Just because its title sounds evil? You have got to be kidding me, for someone in a high council your capacity to comprehend things suck.

    Only now that you paid attention to this so-called issue because they made/ are making millions? Why didn’t you start with Diablo I and II? There are OTHER HUNDREDS OF GAMES that has Titles MORE violent than the word Diablo.

    It’s like anyone can be a Christian, but, not all of them acts like one much more be like one.

    “Citizens who has already bought and played the respondent are ordered to cease and desist such unholy activity immediately to be able to be saved by the petitioner and their God.”

    and this, why don’t you help the needy and protect the poor rather than starting an obnoxious topic/issue. Why don’t you stop making a fool of yourself by continuing to support this and do what you’re supposed to do — shut up. People around the world play the game to have fun and finish the story not make an altar about it.

    – We the people

  115. Pathetic. We are gamers not Anti-Christ, gamers are much aware of pin pointing the right to the wrong doings.

  116. The game is based on fantasy, a recurring theme in past and present art and literature….if the CBCP were to be always followed, gameshops all over the Philippines will have to stop operations and we’ll be having a lot of empty bookshelves in the fantasy section of bookstores and libraries. How can they be so narrow minded? Do they honestly think a game like Diablo III can affect someone’s faith so easily? There a lot of games out there that are violent and even have sexual suggestions in it…There’s a reason why there is a Ratings Board (ESRB). Oh by the way “Gaming Priest”, as I have read above, I guess it’s safe to assume that you think that Diablo III is not an appropriate game but it’s ok to bash an opponent till he’s bloody, beaten and down on the mat because of “Fight Night”? Hilarious.

  117. eto nakakatawa sa ating mga pilipino kelangan pa bang si bitoy ang magbalita ng mga ganitong articles, para maintindihan na patawa lang ang balitang ito? masyadong audio/video dependent na tayo.

  118. before it was burning of witches.. now burning of diablo 3??? the fuck!! I AM A CATHOLIC Witch doctors, have been existing since the dawn of time, the fictitious element of the game has some influences from reality.. this depicts the dark ages, the medieval times. There is no religion involve in the game as it caters for a multicultural audience.. what the fu*k!! Harry “Fu*kin” Potter is wizard!! was that banned in the philippines?? Twilight?? was that banned in the philippines?? Witch doctors?? HELLO we have Albolarios, that still exists, damn we even believe in those supernatural beings such as aswangs and tikbalangs… on every filipino movie, specially the ones where you have a comedian that acts as a some sort of killer of unatural beings, (enteng kabisote for example). Why isnt it banned? is it because that the church is still in the movie?? pak shit naman!! I am playing diablo 3 so what?? its my choice.. i enjoy playing it with friends, slaying zombies, demons and devilish goons!! so am i not the God Worthy?? slaying evil for the good of mankind?? making the most of sacrifice to vanquish the remaining prime evils belial and asmodan?? DAMN!! I have the power bestowed upon me by God on that game.. is my soul to be condemned??????

  119. Dear Gamers/Commenters, please calm down. This is satire. If you can just scroll down to the bottom of the page, the disclaimer is right there. 😉 Cheers, SWN! You did a good job on this one 😀

  120. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    First of all, gamers have been waiting for this. What occurs in the head of people is all due to their judgement. Not because of a damn game. i tell you, healthy gamers are way better than some people here who say that games are such a bad influence to the Filipino youth. They should stop pointing into these sorts of media and start looking at the real deal. Look at the parents, the teachers, the school, the system. It’s not the games… it’s the corrupt environment.

    Developers have worked hard not only to earn money but also to be able to share such a wonderful game. They have worked hard on the story, the art and the game play to give a wonderful experience to gamers. They worked hard on it, and we worked hard on our parts too to be able to have our hands on this game. I, a filipino youth, had worked hard, behaved, and even waited long to get my hands on this. Why do they have to do this?


    On the other hand… I feel embarrassed falling for this article XD Kudos to the author!!!

  121. GUYS MEANING!!!:

    So, What’s News? is a satirical & fictional news website. Our aim is to inject humor into everyday news to provide respite to readers who have grown weary with mainstream news organization’s partisan, biased and depressing way of presenting the news.
    “So, What’s News’ news are news that won’t make you depressed to read the news”
    So, What’s News? was started and founded on September 11, 2011 by me, Stewart as an outlet for my “humor”, “opinion” and “creativity” on different topics surrounding our everyday lives. Please note that the three words mentioned above are in quotation marks, so as to imply that it is up to the public to judge the quality and scope of the content on this website.

  122. grabeh, before you freakin post all sorts of stuff, at least try to analyze what you’ve read muna… anyways, nice satire me rofling for a good 30mins… and to those na di nakaintindi, tingnan nyu na lng sa dictionary what “SATIRE” means…oh well, heck am just gonna continue rofling hahahahaha xD

  123. People who knew that this article is just a faux, it seems that they are enjoying how other people react negatively. Malamang nabiktima rin kayo dati kaya bumabawe sa mga first time nakabasa ng ganitong klaseng news. Kaya BOBO rin pala kayo

  124. If a game can change the faith of a person, they don’t have a good foundation of faith to begin with.

  125. Guys, there’s been a news flash, it says A potato has been discovered living with its potato family inside your skull where your brain should be. This is so REAL. It actually explains why some people are dumb enough to comment on satirical news articles. come on let’s flood its page and leave comments about how we are so shocked and outraged about the potato guys in our heads…

  126. Pababawan ba kamo ng utak? Initial reactions ought to be reckless. Plus, nasa baba yung info about the site. No need to react violently over article victims, even if they did react violently, too. Impulse, guys. Simply put, a lot of gamer waited for a decade, only to find this – a fake article that would initially direct flare-ups to the Church. We can’t stop others who want to rage over this, but at least leave it there.

  127. if you know what satire means edi educate the people na hindi nakakaalam. kaya lumulubog ang pilipinas eh nadapa na yung kapwa, tinatawanan pa.

  128. Obviously they made a statement even before they studied the game. You get to fight evil here, dumb asses. D3 under fire, while GTA gets away with murder. ROFL!

  129. wtf.. does the church not remember the suffering they did to people in the past? or how priests molest little boys? or how the church uses their position to get money and power? i think our churches need to grasp how religion should be practiced. harry potter was a wizard. there are vampires and werewolves on tv.

    no wonder why many people convert to another religion

  130. lol, good story. this site should be taken down for spreading false information on the net.

  131. lahat na lang pinapakialaman ng CBCP.. papansin na masyado.. diablo games has been played for many years.. its now on 3rd installment at ngayon lang sila nagreact? for me they should try to play diablo 3.. ewan ko lang.. baka sila rin ay pumila para sa diablo 3 CE…

    • omg having the disclaimer at the bottom is not an excuse for such stupidity. people should have figured it out while reading the article. i weep for the future of the Philippines.

  132. At first sight of the post…


    At sight of the comments…

    :pokerface: :nothingtodohere:

  133. haha g***** mag pari mga bakla talaga. Korap at akala mo malinis napakarami namang katarantaduhan. eto pa isang p***** i**** pangingialam ng mga demonyong to. tanga talaga p***** i** niyo salot kayo sa pilipinas! CBCP GO TO HELL F*** YOU!

    • Useless rage. Haha! Have you heard? This website is a satirical and fictional news website? Info overload? Here’s a suggestion my friend: IGMG (I-Google Mo, Gago)

      Have a nice day 🙂

  134. B-b-b-but what about those people who don’t care about religion?? I don’t wanna live in this planet anymore… 😦 This is like saying that if I don’t freaking share posts on Facebook about God or Christianity means that I don’t pray or love. Srs wtf smh. >,<



  136. sarap ipalo sa ulo ng mga kupal na to yung box ng d3 eh. Nung unang lumabas yan sa market sa pinas wala naman silang reaction eh . Then suddenly ngayon kung ano2 mga sinasabi na keso too evil kuno . EH p*** yung “MONTERO PRIEST” san na sila ngayon ? HAHA . Nagsorry pa kuno . Ano ibig sabihin nun ? Totoo? HAHAHA . Nakakaawa kayo magisip CBCP . Tatawanan lang kayo ng mga tga ibang bansa. >.<

  137. Fr. Jeyes, Do you think we will be attacking monsters on the streets using our SUPERNATURAL POWERFUL MAGICAL ABILITY? Hahaha instead you want us to play The SIMS, so we can flirt with our neighbors, even those who are married and F whoever passes by? Or even pick a fight and do what Fight Night characters do.

    C’mon, this is stupid.

  138. WTH?! bakit pati laro sa pc pinapakelaman nyang CBCP na yan? fictional naman ung game. besides that, wala namang taong kayang gawin ung mga ginagawa ng character in game. why criticize this game? its just fictional. how about GTA (Grand Theft Auto)? most kids below 10 years old is playing this game. and as i have noticed, these children are acting like gangsters. most gamers, especially me, have our own taste of gameplay. we seek adventure, not bricks. we seek power over monsters, not over the people of this country. i’ve been a gamer since i was a kid, but all the games i’ve played, never affected what i believe or how i live. by the way, how the heck did that “gaming priest” know that diablo 3 is offensive towards christianity? one way to find out is to really play the game. sheesh, they criticize our games, but they never criticize what they’re doin’.

  139. He wasn’t able to finish Diablo I and II, so being such an A** HOLE, He doesnt want other people to play the game, because the game ate him alive, if you know what i mean “gamer terminology”,. What a sore loser.

  140. This really pissed me off. The CBCP are a bunch of hypocrites still living in the damn dark ages. Did any of them play the game? No, they just read “Diablo” on the title and had a tantrum. The game lets you play characters who help angels against the forces of evil. How the hell is that anti-christian? And the idiots at the Supreme Court just followed suit, disregarding the right to free speech and right of choice, out of fear of the catholic church. Take note, the game made ZERO mention of the christian god, nor satan. It used “angels” and “demons” but those are in no way exclusive to the Catholic faith. So I repeat, how is that anti-christian?

  141. This is really stupid. To Fr. Reyes, please don’t call yourself a “gamer” if you don’t know what it really means.

    • Shouldn’t you hate yourself too cuz you are stupid enough not to read at the bottom of the page? :))

      • @tiensai no gau
        Oh yeah, you have a point there! =)) Forgot to share my thoughts regarding the article. Sorry about that. =))

        Anyway, this is an alarming news for the gamers especially those Diablo II fans who have been waiting for the game for years. Still hoping that Senator Sotto will look into this issue un-biased.

      • Yeah. And I just realized about it. Actually, I just finished reading the bottom of the page. =)))))))
        Thanks for the enlightenment. I really fell for it. LOLOLOLOL

        Lesson learned: Read carefully! =))

  142. I guess this “priest” got some pretty neat rig to even play D3. THEN he fought Pudge. Beefier and more powerful Pudge. Then this game became instantly evil. I didn’t think they will have budget for acquiring games to review and I bet you he even got the Collectors Edition.

  143. Very stupid…

    Morons in the CBCP should now their limitations. hindi naman lahat ng bumibili ng games ay catholic and they have no right na pakialaman yung ganyang mga bagay. they should focus on the corrupt government officials na members ng congregasyon nila… It shows na wala silang ibang magawa with their free time.

  144. The rage posts here made my day! Haha! Somewhere Jesus did a face palm for the stupid people here..

  145. move over, professional heckler…. hehehehe… winner ito!!!!! mapa-popsicle, legislation o video game.. panalo!!!! salamat SWN!

  146. grabe… andaming nabiktima ng article na to ah.. sana naman maintindihan ng mga pilipino ang isang satirical article. Hayst.


  148. Eh, siraulo pala tong mga taga CBCP na to eh. Tagal nang naglalaro ng Diablo mga Pinoy. Tas ngayon, dahil lang sa title ng laro. TRO na agad? Takte. Anu ba yan?

    Tsaka, ano naman ngayon kung puro demonyo at masasamang elemento ang mga kalaban sa Diablo? Ibig bang sabihin nun eh, anti-Christ na kami? Pambihira.

    CBCP, GET A LIFE. Tss.

  149. Haha. He calls himself a gamer and prefers tetris over diablo. Please!

    I have been playing diablo all my life and not once the thought of being an anti-Christ came to my mind. This POV is amusing though; makes me think of atheism. This is embarrassing for the CBCP. I wish they would research more and not be superficial. But then again, that’s what the church is all about… superficiality.

    And by the way, Diablo has angels (God friendly beings) too. Uhh, like Izual. 🙂

  150. Type in violent reaction here after mindlessly reading the article.

    Hit “Post Comment” button.

    Realize it’s a satire.

    Pakshet di ko na madelete comment ko!

    Tangina this!

    • LOL!!!! Ayan, kasi. HIRIT kayo lahat kaagad. AKALA ninyo, totoong news. SPOOF siya. SPOOF. BASAHIN muna, bago hirit. Parang sa Diablo din iyan…tingin muna, bago i-cast ang spell!

  151. I hate you! I fell for this article! Waaaah!

    At the same time, I like this site. =))
    Will be sharing this, too! =))

  152. mas gusto nila na maglaro tayo ng mga games tulad ng fight night, kasi suntukan suntukan lang yun.. yun daw ang example ng mga hindi evil, hindi anti-christian, at hindi God friendly games -.- Logic level: CBCP -.-

  153. Wait! The CBCP won’t like The Sims either because later versions allow same-sex marriages. Uh-oh. I sense a TRO for Sims3 coming up next as soon as they realize that. 😉

  154. LOL kahit na ipull out nila ang game sa pilipinas madami nmn mag lalabasan nyan sa NET kaya balewala din ahahahahahahahah LIBRE pa xD

  155. This is a pretty stupid decision, yes this maybe anti-christianic, but what the hell, as long as you don’t fall influence to the symbolic presentations, the game is totally fine, and they should only ban it for children under 18 to purchase the game, that is already good enough, rather than to take down the whole game from the shelves.

    • Dude, walang salitang “christianic”, so lalong walang salitang “anti-christianic”.

      Wala lang, inaasar lang kita. Sobrang serious eh hehehe

  156. CBCP doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Diablo 3 is probably the most pro-Christianity game to be released in the past couple of years. They’re probably basing it all in the title.

    Lets see, the Diablo franchise is set in a world which is ravaged by demons released by the humans tempted by the powers of evil. In this land of desolation and darkness, it tells the story of how humans, if they work together and believe in the forces of Heaven, can triumph even against the greatest of evils. GUIDED BY ARCHANGELS, these humans go on a momentous journey to save the world. It shows that no matter how impossible the odds, with Heaven at our side, even mere humans are too much for evil to conquer. What’s Anti-Christian against that? It relates the same lessons the church does, that evil will not win as long as we have faith. @_@

  157. lol!!! daming nabiktima!!!! nagcocomment kasi agad, kahit hindi pa tapos basahin ang article. SATIRE FTW!

    • Lalo na mga kagaya kong first time maencounter ang site na to! Kahit ako naloko e! Wala nang pagkakataong madelete comment ko. LOLOLOLOL

  158. This will cause atheism. I am a Christian myself, and i do not see anything wrong with this game.

    If this was considered harmful, such measure must be implemented on other aspects, which are found on movies, television, etc.

    it is also rated “Mature Content” As warning.

    The Game is about giving you the “If” situation, not the “how”. Another factor is being fascinated with the terrain, environment, landscape, graphics that makes it an adventure.

    Also, you only look at the cons of the game, the pros were not recognized, it has a multiplayer support that even allows you to play online where you get to team up with other players and set for a journey which is good f or team-building.

    Just expressing my thoughts, also this is fake.

    See Below

    “So, What is So What’s News?

    So, What’s News? is a satirical & fictional news website. It is NOT REAL.
    Refer and share to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and others. Thank you! :)”

    • This is so stupid to making anomalies about this game, The game is your a warrior and save the world from Diablo hey! “You fight Diablo to avoid erasing mankind to the earth not join him”

  159. Ever heard of torrent? :))) a few days from now, someone from the US will upload this game and we can download it. So, your TRO is not really effective. :)))

    • Diablo uses an online engine to spawn monsters. so technically. It IS an online game. You need to wait for Private servers. 😛

  160. Dumb ass.. where were you weh Diablo I and II was released.. I bet you were getting ass fucked by your uncle…

  161. You call you’re self a gaming priest? Let me ask you a question how long have you been playing games? I’m not an Atheist but those people on church should stick their buts out in this game this is just a game there are lot of things you need to do don’t just messing the game industry in the Philippines all those people in Catholic Bishop are stupid.

    • UTANG NA LOOB. For the Nth time, THIS IS A SPOOF ARTICLE. If a 40-year old former gamer gal like myself can tell in a split second that it is, then you more active gamer guys should! Geeez!

  162. Seriously phuck this shit. We live in the 21st century Where the hell is democracy? Why should a title be banned because of some god damn church? The church should be banned not the game, they are the root of evil in this world, not Diablo…
    and of course, you people living there should deffo start a petition of some sort, this is just planely insane…

    priests high as f*ck, banning diablo iii and sh*t…
    anyways, you will be able to play it and purchase it digitally anyways, so the ban will be inefficient, since the game is sold digitally more than physically.

    • Nakatawa na to. Que magaling mag-ingles o rekta managalog sa post nagmumukhang tanga pag di muna inintindi yung blog na pinag kokomentuhan.

      “Totoo tong news na to kasi lumabas sa internet”


  163. For a second there I thought this was legit. But if CBCP DID interfere with us gamers and the gaming world then a revolution should be initiated as soon as possible.

  164. UTANG NA LOOB, mga Pinoy gamers. For the Nth time, THIS IS A SPOOF ARTICLE. If a 40-year old former gamer gal like myself can tell in a split second that it is, then you more active gamer guys should! Nakakahiya na talaga kung hindi.

  165. I just have to say that whoever did this ‘satirical’ article surely lacks wit. It’s not funny and it never came off satirical on the whole tune of the article. Sigh. What happened to Philippine journalism.

    • Sigh, it IS funny, but only to geeks and gamers, who ARE anyway the intended audience for this article, and nobody else. Utang na loob, people of the Philippines! This web page does NOT belong to a major newspaper — it’s a PRIVATE comedy blog, spoofing news articles. PRIVATE BLOG, OK? Walang talaga namang serious journalism dito, katatawanan lang. Geeez! How do I hammer this concept into your befuddled brains? (I know. I’ll PK anyone I catch still chatting away about this article seriously, while battling it out on Diablo 3.)

  166. i guess those people probably think that the world is still flat and that the earth revolves around the sun too–

  167. This is a prime example why the Philippines can never progress unlike it’s counterparts in the South East Asian Region

    • Utang na loob. Pang-ilang beses ko na ba sasabihin sa inyong lahat. THIS IS JUST A SPOOF ARTICLE. It’s not real. Please read between the lines of the article. Pucha, nakakahiya na talaga ang kababawan ng intellect at humor nating mga Pinoy gamers. You guys actually CAN’T get this kind of humor?? Geeez! Tapos kunwari pa kayong “cool” at “in” at “matalino” dahil maglalaro kayo ng Diablo 3?

  168. I don’t think this is right. I’m a devout Catholic, and I remember playing the original Diablo and Diablo 2 (no intention of buying or playing Dainlo 3, though).

    The goal of the game is destroy Diablo. How can the game be anti-Christian? I think SIMS is worse as there is not really a point to that game.

  169. You can’t expect people to recheck if this is satire or not especially when you mess with people that would give off their left nut for this highly anticipated game. You’d get automatic hate reposts. Like I did. Oh well, give us a break and just tell us that it’s just satire and not calling us dumb after wards. IT IS, A VERY DELICATE ISSUE. hahaha

  170. Dapat ipa TRO tong blog na to. dapat ipa TRO sa pag comment ang mga taong OA mag re-ak saka mga taong tamad mag scroll down sa dulo ng page.

    dapat… dapat…

    dapat mag up na servers para di na ko nagbababad sa blog na to!

    Tama nga siguro nanay ko, samantalahin ko tong downtime para maligo at maghanap ng trabaho kesa mag Diablo 3.

  171. I knew there was something fishy about this SC decision! There were just too many constitutional tenets trampled on! Non-establishment Clause, Freedom of expression, Separation of church and State, etc.

  172. This SATIRICAL article made a negative impact on the image of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines. I do hope that people who comment here knows their facts (“Gaming Priest”? “Jobert Jeyes”?) at hindi lang basta-bastang comment. Puro kayo dada eh. Dapat i-TRO din kayo lols.

  173. to the blogger: maybe it is time to take this down temporarily or put a BIG disclaimer, kasi di lahat dito may sense of humor.

  174. Ultra Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! That’s all I can say. People are not ignorant, and they can see the difference between the gaming world and reality.

  175. Politics in ph really sucks. they have greater problem now that needs far more attention such as their despicable conflict with China. That’s the reason why Philippines gets bullied by other country because government officials and priest aren’t using their mind to address the problem but the whisper of their bank account.

  176. What you might overhear at the confessional next Sunday:

    DiabloFanboy: Bless me father for I have sinned…

    Priest: What are your sins, my son?

    DiabloFanboy: Minura ko po kayong mga pari sa internet kasi di ko po alam ang ibig sabihin ng “Satire”

    Priest: Say 10 hail Marys and learn how to google.

    • Whaat!? OMG Cant they distinguish na ” fantasy based” rani na game and world? So narrow minded my goodness. Where’s the tolerance? Backward thinking this is. It just confirmed that that these people does’nt trust their own constituents to do their own thinking and choices in their lives. Para sa kanila mga bobo at isip bata ang mga membro nila na kailangan i tuwid kun ano ang pwedy tangkalikin. Its so medieval thinking.Sorry po pero pati ito?

  177. Yep, this is a satirical article, but can you blame the public for overeacting? Considering that the Catholics are always telling us how to live our lives. It seems like they always need to be in control of the government, politics, family, birth control, etc..

  178. Mahiya kaung lahat ng mga tga cbcp at mga pulitiko. wg aanga anga ha. naturingan kaung mambabatas at spiritual leaders kau ha. masyado kaung mapanghusga. nkkahiya



      Gloria isn’t suffering. Neither is Corona. And in the same way that people make so much ado about the RH Bill, when really? Condoms have existed waaaaaay back in what? the 1800’s (pig intestine, not rubber. obviously.) as well as other things that may prevent pregnancy, and really, RELIGION shouldn’t interfere with GOVERNANCE.




      So, we’re sorry if we don’t find this SATIRE, FUNNY.

      All things considered? IT COULD HAPPEN.


  179. This only shows how ignorant that priest is…kung pajero ang galing nila humingi sa government natin despite marami tao ang naghihirap…dapat ban n sa pilipinas ang CBCP. Pahirap sa taong bayan yan…

  180. Priests are stupid! BIshops are morons! This is not the 13th century when witches were burned on the stake! This is the time for imagination and creativity! All they do is stop young minds become intelligent and bright individuals.

    I came from a Catholic School my whole life and I discovered their true colors.They fuck up the lives of young students. They get money for the church – their building.

    Priests, Bishops – the Church is neither a denomination nor a building. It is not the people but it is the sum total of all the ministries (Christ in us), the Bride of Christ!

    I will buy Diablo III even if it you say it is evil….I believe CBCP are the evil ones!

    • I understand your hate against the Catholic Church, but I hope you realize that the article is just for fun…

  181. C’mon man, I waited for this game! Even if this is a joke it’s not good man! it’s like sex with no climax!!!!

  182. bobob nmn ng CBCP, dadami lalo mamimirata nito eh, too evil ba? eh anti-evil kaya to! Maglaro muna kasi kayo bago mag conclude.

  183. Daming bobong pinoy haha. Para namang makakabili sila ng Diablo 3 eh puro pirata lang alam nila. malas nila di nila mapipirata to haha

  184. WTF? just because they can’t master the fucking game, means they should ban it. the fuck. it’s even anti-devil. it’s primarily speaking of ways to fucking vanquish the evil, the would they ban the game? are they effing stupid? srsly. when did BISHOPS are any of those that are affiliated with the CHURCH play such game? i mean.. SRSLY. they are to spread the word and EVERYTHING not play and go into details with the game.

    Much worse games would be GTA that didn’t even put any restraint on killing innocent NPCs along the way, even some Facebook games are pretty much MUCH worse than that of DIABLO for crying out loud. has FAR MORE worse games that tackles ANTI-CHRISTIAN stuff.. DIABLO 3 Supports people to vanquish evil shit. LOL

    • and to add up. wtf men.. a member of CBCP bought a freaking game worth 2,700 PHP the least and played it and when he god ass-fucked, he condems it? :)) it’s VERY EXPENSIVE you know? NOT ALL 6yrs old could buy the the game. it limits it player base to those that COULD AFFORD, and at least HALF of the population of the philippines would rather buy TONS of Halo-Halo than to buy a COMPUTER game that they don’t even know how to play much.

      THE EPITOMY (or however it’s spelled) of stupidity.

  185. All I can say is they are stupid mother f****** catholic bishop priest child molesters even you senate tito sotto you’re not meant to play a games like diablo 3, battlefield 3, mass effect, dead rising and other new coming game its for brainy smart gamers only not for lousy artist become part of the politician F*** ***!!! tito sotto also you Jobert Jeyes F*** *** TOO!!! and also to all catholic fat ass, small penis bishop priest F*** *** TOO ALSO JUDGING THE GAME BY ITS TITLE AND THE PICTURE THEY REALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT ITS NON SENSE AND ITS FULL OF SHIT HYPOCRITES ASSHOLES

      • Yes I do realize because look what are the hypocrite catholic bishop saying is they give a bad meaning of it because of it’s cover, title and the picture of the game diablo 3 and that hypocritic fr. jeyes i think he likes corny games without thrilling features.

  186. This is stupid. I cant believe they considered this. Such a waste of time and resources of our government.. With the other important issues that they have set behin such as rh bill.. This is not a national issue and this doesnt even affect 0.0001% population of ph so why bother. Another thing is that this is just an issue with catholics so why drag all of Philippines with it.. Such a disappointment with our leaders

    • It’s 12MN, and I still can’t believe that there are still people who overreact to this article. My gulay, where is everyone’s sense of humor?

      • For what it’s worth, I think this is a good article, kudos to the writer. It made me realize that we are a very close minded people. The fist time I read it, I didn’t even think that it’s a fake news. I really thought that CBCP requested a TRO for this, I didn’t ever research if it was true or not. It made me take a good look at my self. Maybe I’m not the open minded guy I thought I was. It was very easy for me to jump into the conclusion that the CBCP are idiots and major buzz kills that they would even demonize a game. I guess what we can all take from this is that, even though we think that a group of people are assholes maybe we are bigger assholes than they are. And we need to just chill out and take things easy and not try to fight everyone over little things.

  187. di po kasi sila nasama sa character. haha dapat priest e pinalitan ng monk. haha dapat sila na lang ginawang title para di na nag reklamo. :))

  188. To those fat ass catholic bishop priests they really don’t know what are they talking about full f**king bullshit child molesters, pedophile, small penis and gold digger catholic bishop priests F*** Y**!!! and ask for you CBCP “Gaming Priest” Jobert Jeyes F*** Y**!!! you’re such an idiot f**king asshole you’re not meant to play games like battlefield 3, diablo 1,2 and 3, dead rising, resident evil i think you give a bad meaning on it, mass effect, and newly up coming games because i think you are stupid illiterate dumb gamer also you f**king senate Tito Sotto the nerve of your shit face why are you including to this situation mother f**king cheap artist asshole become a f**king politician go home and get resign to your work dumb ass ALL OF YOU ARE HYPOCRITES ASSHOLE YOU REALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT ARE YOU CATHOLIC BISHOP PRIESTS, JEYES AND SOTTO F*** Y*** M***** ASSHOLES…

  189. Haters gon’ hate

    Seriously, “we” already let you fuck-up the laws, acts and bills, CBCP…
    So, leave the games alone! damn it!

    Seriously being hyped-up about a game that is purely fictional… Oh wait, the bible as well is purely fictional, so do we have to burn it along with the “Diablo III CDs”?

  190. Great. I’ve been playing the series since 1996 and guess what? I still go to mass, observe (as much as I can) the proper rites, rituals, and whatnot, did good to others, and never in my mind went off drawing strange and funny symbols on the ground and offered my soul to some dark powers. Too evil? We FIGHT EVIL in this game. And no, I haven’t bought it yet. But I am still gonna get a copy one way or another… Except selling my soul, of course. SIMS? One where you can tweak the settings and PLAY GOD? Come, on.


  191. Pingback: Retailers Ordered to Stop Selling Diablo 3 After CBCP was Granted TRO by SC

    • bunch of morons hahahahhahahahaha f*** church leaders they are stupid… they just promoting pirated games and illegal smuggling of games and killing the local industries they think they can stop it Singapore is near guys and the plane ticket is not so expensive if they will not permit it her we will buy abroad hahahhaahhaahahahha…..

      • WOW, TALK ABOUT FREEDOM TO DECIDE FOR YOURSELF!!!………You imprison Galileo for saying that the world is round, you start numerous holy wars just because other religions don’t agree with you, you start the inquisition because people with special gifts are considered to be witches, you meddle in politics when there should be separation from the state, AND NOW THIS! LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE, IT’S JUST A FUCKING GAME!!!

      • Wow talk about commenting. You call the CBCP stupid, narrow minded, morons but look who’s the real narrow minded stupid morons, Those people who have commented before me and that have criticized the CBCP, Filipino politicians,and the church…..Haven’t you read the words bellow this? with the black background?

        I quote”So, What is So What’s News?

        So, What’s News? is a satirical & fictional news website. It is NOT REAL.
        Refer and share to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and others. Thank you! 🙂
        Our aim is to inject humor into everyday news and to provide respite to readers who have grown weary with mainstream news organization’s partisan, biased and depressing way of presenting the news.
        Satire – noun – /ˈsaˌtīr /
        -the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues
        News on this website should not be taken seriously and to be taken with a grain of salt. We are here to provide laughter to the public as an escape to our depressing world.
        All contents on this site are owned by it’s respective author. Copying, in part or in whole, is not permitted without the consent of the respective author.
        “A laugh a day, keeps the white hairs away.” “” end of quote

        Hahahahahhaha…… @ the author.. I like what you did with your site and the news, I had fun reading your news and the comments of the pros and the cons……..sorry but i just can’t stop myself from commenting at those people that just couldn’t read and use the computer but doesn’t know how to use google….

        more power to you SWN?!!!

        Pwede po bang mag-apply?


      • i agree whit this guy! hahaha

        came out with appropriate tittle
        “So, What’s News? · News that won’t make you depressed to read the news”
        -people read first ^_^

        so, what’s news nicely done

      • Just read your comment, it seems my initial gut instinct was right and I typed that wallOtext for nothing.

  192. Guys, check the bottom page. This “news” about the Church banning Diablo 3 is FAKE.

    “So, What is So What’s News? So, What’s News? is a satirical & fictional news website. It is NOT REAL.”

    I would have second thoughts about the validity of this “news” if it came from real news providing sites like (Inquirer) or (The Manila Bulletin).


  193. I’ve waited for this game for like.. 6 years and what do we get!?!?! The preists have gone way too far for banning this, this is why there is little percentage of gamers here in the phillipines…Just because of some title and artwork that they don’t like they would ban this game!! I mean (IT WAS THE MOST ANTICIPATED GAME IN 2012) now I say it’s complete and utter bullSheit…and Hi I’m Fifteen.

  194. There should be a disclaimer in stuff like this. This is satire, yes, but not everyone will understand that. I was even fooled myself. Luckily I read the comments. I fear the writer might face a lawsuit or something.

    • Lucky for you, that you can read. There is a disclaimer, and I’m sure the people who overreacted didn’t read it. I’m sure there was no law violated, so we won’t see any lawsuits in the future 🙂


      • hahaha! relax… nadale din ako nitong article na to. fake news lang pala. langya tignan mo comment ko sa taas ang OA ko… grabe. nakakahiya pero natatawa ako sa sarili kong katangahan. haaaay… chill… my bad, my fail, tawanan na lang ang sarili. me pa-english english pa akong nalalaman. hahahah! LOL. FAIL.

  196. T***i***, katoliko ako at naniniwala ako sa pinaninindigan ng “Catholicism” pero p*** mag papalit na ako ng relihiyon kung ganito rin lang ang simbahang romano sa pinas.

  197. Bibigyan ko kayo ng Jacket eh, saka guys satire kyo ng satire eh di nga nila gets eh dba dba????
    cge away kayo jan kaka libang talaga magbasa d2 ehehe 😛

    • may definition ng Satire sa baba, para sa mga impulsive magcomment…

      di kasi nila alam yata ang rule na “think, before you click”…hehe

  198. Im a filipino working and living overseas i see this as STUPID ! Religion will ONLY tell you what is GOD , but will never tell WHO is GOD except us as an individual..

  199. this is so fcking stupid!!! fck the CBCP!!!! you fagots are just slowing our country down with all this conservative crap!!!! you mofos need to move on and face the future!!!!

  200. Another reason for their actions: They’ve seen a SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE by… repeatedly citing the word DIABLO. They find it really evil, hence, their order. *trollface*

  201. Lol… They Banned Diablo for being too evil but not Banning — GTA (Grand Theft Auto) for Abusive Language, Sex Themes, Violence, etc. – God of War (Anti-Christ / somewhat) – Castlevania for witchcraft, voodoo, demons, etc. and many more.

    They just found the word DIABLO in it so the banned the cool game, nice call.

    -Thanks for making the entire country safe from a game, rather than saving it from corruption, slavery, sex-offenders and many more.

    -Thanks for ruining the right to own products which you purchased legally.

    -Thanks for destroying the Capitalist faction by removing the product onto which they are selling (Diablo 3).

    -Thanks for setting a very high-standard on banning the game, it would be more interesting if the VATICAN would support your cause.

    —It’s just a game people, not some kind of “forming” religion, the end of the game is [EVIL BEING DEFEATED BY THE JUST AND GOOD] not Diablo winning.

    —Ban Diablo 3 my ass, you should’ve banned Harry Potter as well.

    • Ang bobo netong CBCP Gaming Priest Jobert Jeyes na to napaka bobo mo :)) naging pari kpa npaka stupid ng idea mo na iban ang game na hinintay ng mga gamers for almost months and years. you just made enemies with all of the diablo gamers in the philippines
      what’s with you father? you mad? ano ba meron sa diablo na wala sa ibang demonic games before such as resident evil, castlevania, legacy of kain, biohazard , Devil May Cry and etc?
      damn. before im proud to be filipino kase our country was like US we’re free to do what we want to do as long as it doesn’t harm anyone around us, but now wtf? im effing ashamed of what this stupid faggots are trying to do. pwede nmn iprohibit ang diablo 3 to young gamers and they could be fetch by their parents e. wtf? prang sinabi na rin ng CBCP na pabaya ang mga filipino parents that they couldn’t handle their own children and restrict them from playing bad influence games and they are taking charge of providing the solution not equal to everyone selfish faggots na try nyo lng ung game na feeling na kayo?

  202. Naputsa. Ang dami namang bobo sa Pilipinas. Galit na galit… e peke naman yung article na. Google nyo muna yung salitang SATIRE please…

  203. This is a disgrace…Banning a great game like Diablo 3. Most of us waited for it for like a decade and when it finally comes here the church intervenes because of its so-called “anti-Christ” themes.

    If they do this now then they should have done it to a game like Grand Theft Auto because of the excessive violence, gore and sex-themed scenes that I think is more reasonable to ban because of the violent tendencies in can give to the gamer.

    The Diablo Story is about a hero killing the forces of evil and and saving a land from the grasps of the Demon Lord Diablo. WHAT THE FUCK IS ANTI-CHRIST ON THIS?

    The priest obviously has not played the game and decided to ban it because of the (very cool) name.

    That is very much like how people are here in the Philippines. Very Childish and Unprofessional.
    That’s the reason why we don’t prosper. Don’t blame the president. Blame the CBCP or even the Church for this.

    Thank you for this CBCP once again you have lost the trust of the Filipino People. I estimate the number of Filipino Gamers is three-fourths of the whole population. That’s more than 60 million people against you for banning Diablo 3


      • Took me a while to realize that its fake. Hahaha. this article really made me pour out my emotions 😀

  204. He also suggested players to bring their copies of the game to the nearest church in their vicinity for it to be burned by a CBCP representative. Players who bring their game for burning also has the option to repent and confess their sin for playing such game, “before it’s too late,” added the gaming priest.

    — To burn it infront of the church and repent? WTF now you want to destroy mother nature as well? we are not small minded imbeciles who can’t distinguished whats good and evil… We are not in the spanish era where the filipino people will follow what the priest says…

    CBCP suggested other non-demonic games such as Tetris, Fight Night (featuring Manny Pacquiao), or even The Sims; where players are allowed to procreate with their partner as much as they want without the option of contraception. “One of my favorites,” quipped Fr. Jeyes.

    — Wtf… do you even know that sims practice premarital sex…. Fight Night? isn’t thau shall not kill a commandment and hurting someone physically, emotionally, spiritually considered a sin against that commandment.

    When this author suggested popular video game icon Mario as another option, the gaming priest objected, saying that the game has hidden gay message in them

    — now this is just stupid… Super Mario Galaxy is just another “title” not all super mario games has galaxy in them after reading this part i can safely say that the author of this “blog” is merely stirring things up.. and wants to generate traffic on his useless site… so if you are one of the “lucky once” who read this blog.. prepare to get mind fucked

  205. i knew it could be fake.. but you know, for a chance to strike back/take down the cbcp, too good to pass up XD

    if it were fake, oh well. if it were true, down with cbcp. nothing to lose

  206. Guys. . click Home button of this page. . and read the words on the bottom. . . enjoy!!! also read the other articles and have a nice laugh

  207. I know this is a parody website, but I’m convinced that the DRM on this game is the work of Satan. WTF Blizzard? I don’t play multiplayer. Never have. Never will. I just want the frigging single player campaign. WHY ON EARTH DO I NEED TO BE ONLINE ALL THE EFFING TIME?

  208. Before you make a comment, rants or something. . read first the the BOTTOM PART of this page the BLACK RECTANGULAR THINGY (damn. . im actually explaining to this extent). . . Actually th