5 CBCP Sponsored Party-list Gets COMELEC Nod.

MANILA, Philippines — The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) has released the final list of party-list groups eligible to run in the 2013 national election. The list contained a broad spectrum and scope when it comes to representations, with some sticking out than others due to the nature of their advocacy and demographic.

Among the 134 approved, 5 of them are backed and supported by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). They are:

  • Ecclesiastical Priests Against Legislation (1-EPAL)

  • iStriktong Alyansa ng mga Paring Ayaw sa Condom-Use (iSAPAC-U)
  • Pakialamerong Simbahan ng Pilipinas (PSP)
  • Ayaw Ni God ng Homosexual At Ng Gay (ANGHANG)
  • AAAmen – no description given
CBCP was elated with the announcement and was already eager to start campaigning. Their primary platform is to persuade the Filipino people that the pending Reproductive Health bill is evil. That’s it.
Their campaign slogan would be “Choosing Life, Misleading Rejecting RH Bill” after the initial “No Choice. We Choose For You” slogan was deemed “too obvious” by the higher-ups of the church.
An analyst describes the church’s move as an “if you can’t beat them, join them” strategy that has been prevalent in the Philippine political scene.
Marietoni Clarette, chairperson for a pro-RH group lamented COMELEC’s decision to approve not one, but five (5!) party-list from the CBCP. She noticed that the church is becoming desperate in trying to derail the progress of the controversial bill.

“The antis are gathering numbers so as to have enough votes to defeat the  bill,” she said. “It wouldn’t take long for them to have a puppet as our country’s next president that will veto any bill that they view as evil,” added Clarette.

A group of women advocates criticized the insensitivity of some lawmakers as they continue to derail the passage of the Reproductive Health (RH) bill. The Democratic Socialist of the Philippines (DSWP), a national organization of women working in grassroots communities and at the forefront of the advocacy for the measure emphasized that the RH bill is long overdue. The DSWP asserts that thousands of women’s lives have been sacrificed resulting in countless orphaned children and families. (from DSWP)
Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile has proposed the possible extension of the impeachment proceeding everyday till 10 in the evening, so that they could wrap-up the trial as early as possible. When asked if the possible early conclusion of the trial would signify that they are eager to tackle some priority bills like the RH bill; a Senator who wished to be unnamed just scoffs at the idea.

Choose your Eco Warrior

“Of course not!” the Senator said. “We would be shooting our commercials for the 2013 elections because some candidates are already airing theirs,” referring to a wife of a Senator and a Senator who resigned last year amid poll controversy.  “Ayaw naming malamangan kaming mga incumbent (We incumbents don’t want to be at a disadvantage),” quipped another.

Meanwhile, the other 129 approved party-list groups are already hard at work planning their next move after a triumphant application process. Some of the applicants who passed COMELEC’s “strict” accreditation has long been overdue for representation in the House of Representatives. This includes:
  • Alagad ng Trabahador at Yaya (ATAY)
  • Alliance of Taho Traders (similar to LPGMA) (ATAT)
  • Association of Waiters in Philippine Eateries (ASSWIPE)
  • Aggrupation  of Filipino Motorcycle Drivers  Who Wear Their Helmets on Their Arms (AFMDWWTHTA)
  • Advocates of Irresponsible Parents With Nightlife
  • MERALCO – Manila Electric Company (similar to LPGMA s well)
  • Alliance of Senior Citizens Against Violence on Senior Citizens in Airports (ie this)
The 2013 Philippine national elections will be held on May 13 of next year. Vote wisely.

17 thoughts on “5 CBCP Sponsored Party-list Gets COMELEC Nod.

  1. Not so fictional at all! There are about a dozen or so strange “party list” acronyms I could recall. But if you think about it, it’s scary. Think. If Willie Revillame’s “1 Wil Serve” gets a seat as a party list, and do not pretend that he hasn’t got a prayer [what, with all these followers more devoted than any cult], I can almost see that smirk on his face while attending the swearing in, and then we’ll be swearing and cussing because we got served.

    Oh, wait.

    FMDWWTHTA – Filipino Motorcycle Drivers Who Wear Their Helmets on Their Arms

    is my favorite.

  2. I’m glad that the government has finally realized the error of its ways and has decided to accredit these upstanding organisations! For too long has our government ruled without the guidance of our Lord, and I’m praying that this will spark some much needed change. I can only dream of a day when good, righteous men, like our priests and bishops, have the reins of governance, and not evil atheist politicians. What the Philippines needs, quite simply, is a Theocracy, under our Holy God, and this is the necessary first step. Bravo!

    Yours in God,

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