Raymond Gutierrez Caught Standing-In For Brother Richard and Vice Versa In Some Occasions

MANILA, Philippines — Having a twin certainly has its perks and benefits, as evidenced by the discovery made by a socialite, who has meticulously studied and observed the movements and mannerisms of celebrity twins Richard & Raymond Gutierrez over the past couple of months.  His findings are surprising and shocking to say the least.

Enrique Consuelo Don Prideux Dela Fuerte, or more popularly known as Joel to high society insiders, spent four months watching and monitoring in great detail both Gutierrez brothers during parties, gatherings as well as on their respective television shows. According to Joel, he started his “investigation” last year when he noticed that Raymond’s once bulky frame was fading and in return, he was becoming more leaner. The socialite estimates that Raymond lost more than 40 to 50 lbs  and still continues to do so, making him look almost identical to his brother Richard when it comes to their build.

Spot the difference. Photo courtesy of Survivor Philippines Facebook Page

When asked to provide proof, Joel mentioned one instance in the reality show Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Doubles Showdown. In the episode where contestant Maey Bautista got voted off and sent to the Jury House, he noticed that the brothers has switched places without the audience being any the wiser.

“In one climactic scene in that episode, you can see that Richard was reading the votes and tallying them with his serious, “manly” voice,” said Joel. “But when Maey left the tribal council and Richard was supposed to say his line, may the good spirits protect you, it was very obvious that Raymond has already took his place.”

When asked how he can be so sure, Joel revealed that Raymond was more conscious with the camera, in contrast to Richard addressing the survivors. “That and his lipstick has a thicker application,” quipped Joel. He also blamed the delivery of the line for noticing, saying that it was not very Jeff Probst-esque. Joel provided us with a screen grab taken from the show’s official Facebook page for our readers to compare.

Upon further digging, he later found out that Richard was suffering from low bowel movement (LBM) prior to the start of the shooting for that scene, hence Raymond was called-in as a backup plan. To the relief of the producers and director of the show, the switch happened smoothly, without even the celebrity contestants noticing the swap.

Celebrity contestant and Apolaki tribe member KC Montero was surprised when told about the incident. “I was busy being shocked watching Maey leave the tribal council to notice,” said Montero. “Good job and hats off to them! It just goes to show that brothers are there to help each other in times of need and trouble” The actor wished that he had a twin brother as well, saying that it will come in handy during “tight spots”.

“I know, right?” said this author.

Photo courtesy of http://www.shirtless.tk

Joel also revealed that Richard sometimes returns the favor to his brother as well. “Chad would sometimes stand-in for Raymond during SOP and Showbiz Central so that his older brother could go to the spa or salon and pamper himself.” The socialite noticed that the younger Gutierrez tries very hard to make his voice sound less masculine and more mahinhin (modest) so as not to raise suspicions.

During parties and social events, the brothers would also switch places depending on the food being served at the party. “If one brother doesn’t like the cuisine at one event, he would call-up the other to trade places with him, just as long as the latter liked the food at the former’s party,” revealed Joel.

During the launch of Magnum, Richard declined to swap with Raymond because he didn’t want to bump into his former rumored girlfriend Solenn Heussaff. Heussaff, together with Raymond and other celebrities are the “brand ambassador” of the said product, which the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) later found out to be overpriced (full story here).

Raymond apparently had second thoughts endorsing the product because he was afraid that the organizers would ask him to consume huge amounts of ice cream in front of the audience that night. “He was scared that it could ruin the effort of losing all those weight and didn’t want to go back to his former chubby figure,” said Joel. “That is why he asked if Richard would do the event on his behalf, to which the latter declined.”

It’s not sure if Raymond will still substitute with Richard on the upcoming Filipino drama series Makapiling Kang Muli produced by GMA Network. Joel is apparently barred and denied entry in the studio and at various shooting locations due to his eagle-eyed observations. “I got blacklisted,” said Joel, who found himself also being invited less to parties and events where the  brothers are present as a result of his findings.

“I can’t imagine a life without parties and shindigs! There’s nothing else to do! I am lost.” exclaimed Joel.

When asked if he regrets all his actions and meddling ways, the once proud and famous A-list socialite just bowed his head and didn’t utter another word.


9 thoughts on “Raymond Gutierrez Caught Standing-In For Brother Richard and Vice Versa In Some Occasions

    • Imagine that: switching places whenever they want. Too bad they can’t switch places when it comes to their love interests, hehe!

      Oh, and maybe Joel should be your informant. Nice Spanish name he has, sounds very telenovela-esque. 🙂

      • Yeah, kinda like the Bella twins hahaha 🙂 Malay natin, pero i think they do boil in different degrees 🙂

        I am now in serious negotiation to hiring Mr. Enrique Consuelo Don Prideux Dela Fuerte aka Joel as a regular informant. 🙂

        Stay tuned 🙂

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