Local Ice Cream Vendors Alarmed Over Increasing Rate of Their Products Melting Instantly

MANILA, Philippines — A group of ice cream vendors, or more famously known as sorbeteros, have asked the government to look into the increasing sizzling temperatures that has struck Manila these past few days, which has caused their products to melt instantly upon handing it to their customers.

Collectively known as the Bukluran ng mga Dedikado at Seryosong Mamang Sorbetero (BDSMS), the group trooped to the office of the  Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) in Agham Road, Quezon City. Acting Administrator Dr. Nathaniel T. Servando was kind enough to accommodate their request upon the group’s arrival.

During the talks, BDSMS President Crisostomo Dimapilis urged the government agency to look into the alarming temperatures the country is experiencing that have seen it set new records everyday as the hottest temperature yet for this year.

Weather in Metro Manila continued to sizzle on Friday as the hottest temperature so far this year was recorded by the state weather bureau.

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) said thermometer readings at the Science Garden in Quezon City scorched at 36.4 degrees Celcius at 3 p.m.

Friday’s temperature surpassed the 36.2 degrees Celsius that was recorded last Tuesday and Wednesday.

PAGASA said the hot weather is due to a high-pressure ridge over Luzon.

Sunny weather is expected through Monday with highs of 36 degrees Celsius. (from ABS-CBN News)

The ice cream vendors complained that the incidents where their products melts at a faster rate than normal is a cause for alarm, as their earnings has started diminishing as a result. Mang Junjun, an ice cream vendor from Tondo, Manila narrates one incident where he saw the ice cream still intact after placing the final scoop on a cone. After seeing this, he proudly handed it to the customer with all smiles.

Then the problem reared its ugly head.

Natunaw agad ang ice cream! As in agad-agad! (The ice cream melted instantly! As in poof!),” narrates the vendor. “Natural, papalitan ko yun. Hindi naman puwedeng ihain yun sa customer ng tunaw (Naturally, I replaced it. We can’t serve it to the customer melted).” Mang Junjun revealed that it would sometimes take two to three tries, per customer, for the ice cream to be acceptable to the customer.

Mang Lando, another vendor from Mandaluyong was even shocked when during the start of one of his shift, he found the whole stock of ice cream from his cart  melted upon exiting the factory where he gets his supplies. Ice cream was literally dripping on the streets and bystanders were slurping them off the cement to combat the heat. Mang Lando was helpless, and all he could do was watch his earnings being licked off the pavement.

PAGASA officials has promised to look into the matter and will also investigate rumors that Meralco was behind the scorching weather that the country is experiencing.

“We have received reports that Meralco has a device called the “MVP Solar Cannon”,  that enables them to control the amount of heat the sun produces,” said Servando. “This is a serious allegation, because just the other day, Meralco has boasted a huge increase in their quarterly profits.”

First-quarter earnings of power distributor Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) rose 58.2% from the year before, thanks largely to higher electricity sales, especially during the onset of the summer season.

Meralco senior executive VP and COO Oscar Reyes said the company’s net income as of end-March totaled P3.373 billion, against last year’s P2.132 billion. (from Rappler)

Meralco’s Kapamilya Solar Cannon XD88i

SWN has received an anonymous tip from a concerned employee of the electric company and has provided us with a photo of the said device. According to him, the device does exist and that the company aims the cannon at the sun to increase its heat output.

Kaya palaging record breaking and init dito sa atin, kasi sa bawat record breaking temperature, record breaking profits din and nakukuha nila dahil sa mga aircon na sabay-sabay na bumubukas (That is why the heat here is always record breaking, because with every record breaking temperature, the profits that the company receives are record breaking as well, due to the simultaneous operation of aircons nationwide),” said our source.

The company even aims the cannon at the moon during the night “just for the sake of it” according to the company insider.

PAGASA will cooperate with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to look into the matter. We’ll have more info for you as soon as it becomes available. Stay tuned.


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