PNoy Attended Concert Hoping to Understand China Dispute With Sergio Mendes Song: Scarborough Fair

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MANILA, Philippines — After being reported to be with Korean TV personality Grace Lee in a concert Tuesday night, Malacañang has decided to come clean as to the President’s motive for attending the event.

President Aquino and Korean host and model Grace Lee were among the high-profile couples who watched the concert of Brazilian jazz legend Sergio Mendes at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City Tuesday night.

News about their presence at the concert spread via Twitter. Chief Justice Renato Corona’s spokesperson Karen Jimeno tweeted that she saw the President, Lee, Transportation Secretary Manuel Roxas II and his wife, broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez.

“Now I know why there was so much security men around Araneta,” Jimeno said. (from

“As we have told you before, they are still together contrary to news reports. That is why the President wants you to be fair when it comes to reporting national and romantic matters,” said Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda in front of the media in a press conference at Malacañang.

When asked as to the motive for going to the concert, Lacierda implied that the attendance of the President was of national security concern. The fact that Ms. Lee and his siblings were present was merely a case of them “tagging along”.

“The President was hoping to learn more about the dispute between our country and China on the matters pertaining to Panatag Shoal. He hoped that by listening to the lyrics of  Sergio Mendes’s 1968  single Scarborough Fair in person, that it would help clear up his head,” revealed Lacierda. “He was very disappointed when he found out that Mendes would not be singing that song. That is why he just scheduled a debriefing with the Department of National Defense (DND) and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) today, hence his absence in this press conference.”

The media covering the press conference was given a blank stare by Lacierda when he was asked what the relation of the lyrics “parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme” to the ongoing dispute between the two countries. “I cannot say. It’s of national security concern,” was all the Presidential spokesman can answer.

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Sergio Mendes in iconic yellow shirt, flashing a contradicting, but still iconic hand signal.

But Lacierda gave a resounding “of course” when asked if the President still enjoyed the concert, even though Mendes wasn’t able to sing the song.  “He still enjoyed it, especially in the company of Grace.”

The President was reportedly seen “all mushy” with the Korean national when the 71 year old Brazilian musician performed the song Like a Lover and the Look of Love, where he was spotted glancing to his date every time the word “love” is mentioned in the song. “He’s actually very very romantic,” quipped Lacierda. “…that’s the side of him that people rarely sees.”

But according to an anonymous source who was seated across the Presidential couple, during the song Never Gonna Let You Go, the President was apparently seen clutching a piece of paper and embracing the said paper. Our source got curious as to the nature of the document, and using his binoculars, he found out what it was.

“It looked like a land title, with the name Hacienda Lusita written on it,” said our source. “I could be wrong here, because it was dark. Pero I saw what I saw.”

It would seem that the Supreme Court decision does have an effect on the President, contrary to what Malacañang would led us to believe, if what our source saw was correct.

The Supreme Court (SC) has affirmed its Nov. 22 ruling awarding Cojuangco-owned Hacienda Luisita to the sugar estate’s original 6,296 farm worker beneficiaries –the number of farm hands at the time of the approval of Luisita’s stock distribution plan (SDP) in 1989 — or their legitimate successors.

In an en banc decision promulgated today in Baguio City, voting unanimously, the high court ruled that Luisita’s over 4,900 hectares of agricultural lands should go to the tillers of the land, affirming its July 5, 2011 or first decision on the agrarian dispute, and Nov. 22, 2011 ruling.

Resident SWN Psychologist Dr.Brian Topacio describes and likens Aquino’s action as separation anxiety. “Its similar to an anxiety provoked in a young child by separation or the threat of separation from their mother,” said the doctor.

Malacañang refused to comment further when asked to confirm or deny what our source saw during the concert.

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