NatGeo Earth Run Organizer Apologizes. Sets Next Year’s Run on Smokey Mountain.

Photo courtesy of Francis Xavier Pasion

MANILA, Philippines — The organizers of the recently held NatGeo Earth Day Run 2012 has issued a formal apology; after a photo showing participants of the race along with scattered paper cups and plastic bottles on the street went viral.

In a press release addressed to Mother Earth, Juardencio Turcuatico, Territory Director for Fox International Channels – Philippines, said that National Geographic was very sorry for the harm and damage that the event may have caused to her and promises that it wouldn’t happen again in the future.

“It was an event to honor you, like a birthday celebration,” said the letter. “But we somehow botched it and instead of making you, Mama Earth, happy, I think, no, I believe that we have made you even sadder. And for that we are very sorry,”

He added, “It was an oversight on our part. We never thought that the runners would be so irresponsible as to throw them away haphazardly,” he added. “We should have known better than to offer them drinks on cups and bottles.”

Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) forecasts confirms Her anger, with even hotter temperatures, specifically in Metro Manila, seen in the coming days.

In our follow-up interview, the organizer admits that it was very embarrassing on their part but was also a hard learning experience. He promised to make up for it on next year’s iteration. “We are planning to change the venue for NatGeo Earth Run 2013. We are still deciding whether to hold it in Smokey Mountain or in Payatas,” revealed Turcuatico. “This way, participants CAN throw the cups and bottles anywhere along the way.” He also mentioned that they would be using biodegradable materials for the cups, bottles and even the singlets.

If the number of registrants for next year’s run becomes lower due to the location, National Geographic might change the venue back to either Bonifacio Global City (BGC) or to SM Mall of Asia, but with one minor change.

“We wont be serving drinks in cups or bottles to the runners anymore. Instead, we would be cooperating with the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and the Association of Philippine Volunteer Fire Brigades to provide us with fire trucks,” he revealed. Said fire trucks would be stationed along predetermined points in the race and would pump waters to runners who are thirsty and in need of replenishing. Participants just have to raise their hands and open their mouths before passing by the ‘watering stations’ to indicate their need to be replenished.

NATGEO Earth Run 2013 will be open for registration soon.

P.S. Thanks to Stef dela Cruz for giving me the heads-up on this matter. Visit her blog at


48 thoughts on “NatGeo Earth Run Organizer Apologizes. Sets Next Year’s Run on Smokey Mountain.

  1. I bet 90% of the people who joined this run dont even care about the messgae, just another way of being “Seen” with the It crowd. But then again MOST Filipinos are like this even outside of runs, For Shame

  2. This over-priced running event was poorly organized!! The list of ill-conceived things during the run is endless. Worst, the absence of reminders and organizer-managed waste bins along the route contributed to used paper cups and plastic bottles scattered along the way!! What a huge irony!!

  3. “This way, participants CAN throw the cups and bottles anywhere along the way.” He also mentioned that they would be using biodegradable materials for the cups, bottles and even the singlets.”

    That organizer is a joke! After the apologetic lame statement, he added another guffaw-worth of alternative. The heck why on mother earth he will let the participants litter in an already-littered place?! Someone should kick his arse. I’m so huffy reading through this article.

    • Juardencio Turcuatico: Certified. 100% A$$ HOLE! Try to participate and run 21k or 42k, then drink in a fire truck to replenish yourself…So F****NG A$$ HOLE!

  4. Organizers should plan well, a simple trash can was supposed to be a big help but runners will not stop and line-up just to throw those paper cups on a 1 or 2 trash bins available on a crowded water station..why? because they’re “running a race” … The organizers plan for 2013 is a big joke. if you can’t organize a run well then you better plan an Earth day City clean up program for 2013 and try your luck to be successful with that.

  5. next time tell your participants/ registrants & organizers alike to bring REUSABLE water containers/bottles…. thats what your slogan says right?? reduce-REUSE-recycle… cheers!

  6. i think that a better way for next year’s run to be more successful would be to have the organizers themselves posted along the road, carrying trashbags and with bullseye painted on their foreheads and shirts. that way, runners can still use paper cups, then throw these after use at the organizers aiming for their heads or chests. those who can knock out at least one organizer gets a prize, maybe a reusable shopping bag. i will personally offer my soul to the one who can knock unconscious ALL of them.

  7. “This way, participants CAN throw the cups and bottles anywhere along the way.”

    The organizers are twisted.

  8. This is a joke. There should have been no trash if natgeo ensured that enough trash bins were available. I run and I had to stop for a minute just to stop and fully drink so I could throw the cup to the only one trash bin! These nat geo people obviously don’t run themselves. Runners can’t stop to full halt to drink! Those cups on the ground are signs of protests for the poorly organized event.

    • this was a badly organized run. Almost no garbage cans per water station no wonder the litter piled up. No km markers, no sports drink, no finisher’s kit, no banana for 21k runners, sponsors never even showed up, 21k was actually longer than 21k, the marshalls didn’t care and were laughing at the runners expecting someone to pass out from exhaustion.. Each runner spent around 1000 pesos but the organizers couldn’t even give the bare essentials for such a running event. Now they’re blaming the runners after earning millions from them. What travesty!

  9. irresponsibility from:

    event organizer – there’s very few trash bins near the water stations, didn’t assign staff to gather the trash in one corner at least, water bottles everywhere, marshalls could have picked up those if they understand the cause…were they given orientation by organizers?! and the organizers want runners to run in smokey mountain and payatas so they throw garbage along the way? c’mon! how did natgeo partnered with this kind of organizer???!!!

    runners – after drinking, threw away cups just about anywhere….i wonder if they even know or understand why they are running…or they’re just the kind of runners mentioned above? but you know regardless of the cause, are the runners really that dumb to throw their trash along the streets? c’mon! these runners are even professionals! throwing trash is taught at home and in kindergarten to begin with….unless….

    national geographic – did they even put guidelines/rules with their partners carrying their “famous” name advocating this cause?

    is this about mother earth or about money?…..sad reality…..

  10. With all due respect, You guys held a running event, we understand what you wanted to achieve and we, runners I believe, agrees with you. We all have responsibilities for caring for MOTHER EARTH. But as organizers it’s your responsibility to also take care of the runners. YOU should have provided ample staff to ensure enough trash bins are in place along the race routes, manning support to pick-up the cups, since NO RUNNER will STOP and look for a trash bin to throw the used cups. Remember it’s still a RUNNING EVENT, it’s competitive.

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  12. Folks,

    Before you all go ballistic over this post, pls read the footer statement of this site:

    “News on this website should not be taken seriously and to be taken with a grain of salt. We are here to provide laughter to the public as an escape to our depressing world.”

    It’s satire . . .


      • This isn’t funny. You may post that your articles are satirical in nature, but you only do that for legal purposes. In all intent, you let people take your articles seriously. You perpetuate incorrect information that leads to further debacle. I would have found your post funny if only the people knew it is fake. After seeing the comments, rather than laugh, I am saddened at the thought that people do not know how to understand an article and your lack of concern for this, with only a reply of a smiley, is appalling. You have sold your soul for site traffic and have forgotten what writing is really about. I hope to read more articles from you when you have your way back to the first time you realized that you have a knack at creating vivid imagery in the minds of readers.

      • I respect your opinion regarding the matter, and if you did not find the article funny, then I am sorry. Humor cannot please everybody. You might like to check on other articles on this blog that might tickle your fancy. If not, that is your choice, and I respect it.

        Telling the readers of my blog that the article is fake is like trying to explain a joke to someone who didn’t get it. I wrote these articles to spark discussion, to raise awareness, and sometimes just for humor sake.

        A reader once commented on this article and he/she said:

        …let’s take a few moments to remember what satire is. Yes it is funny and mostly untrue, but it is humor based on fact nonetheless. It pokes fun at a truth, which in this case is an overpriced ice cream product (subjective truth, but still true). Satire does this to evoke a genuine response, one that points out to the problems and flaws, again in a humorous way.

        Beside, there’s no point in saying the article is fake when somebody already commented on it saying that its satire. Hence the smiley. And the “legal” notice below each article is already there right?

        If you say that you’re saddened by the comments from this article, you might like to check out this article and its comments :

        I WOULD have sold my soul for site traffic if I was earning from this blog, but to tell you the truth, I’m doing this just as a hobby and express my sentiments on current events. I am not earning a single centavo from doing this. Aren’t the news on TV depressing enough already, what with killings, disasters, corruptions and the ilk?

        I urge you to use your brain as well to join in on some of the discussions on some of the posts here, instead of insulting others who may not have noticed that it was satire in the first place.

        Thank you and best regards.

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  14. Thank you for visiting my site. I love ♥ your post and just had to edit my note just to be clear that it is a satire. Someone already dropped me a comment asking if the post were true so I just didn’t approve it. Hehehe. Keep rockin’! 😀

  15. Another stupid moron idiot is – – director of abs cbn ******* ****** *****. .

    think before you click “Kapuso Reminds Us”

  16. Sarap mo batukan..laklakin mo kaya tubig ng fire truck mo, tumatakbo ka sa payatas or smokey mountain, sa palagay mo ba malinis at potable water ang nasa fire truck?????…..

  17. The statement of FIC is so rude, if the event organizer they have choosen do have brains they would be putting up sufficient trash can along the hydration stations plus to emphasize more on the insult he said that they would do the next year run at smokey mountain, no body cares any more because year after year the number of participants are getting fewer because of over pricing and stupidity of both organizing company and the presentor of the event. FIV run with RUNRIO was far better and the money that we paid for is much more worth it compare to this kingevent or whatever is the name of the organizing company who over prize everything but the result is nothing, everything is useless. now if the natgeo would like to say more about what happend they should better think of who made a mistake and to whom it should be blame should it be to the runners of to the organizer they choose who is USELESS AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I was one of the runners. After taking a paper cup, i was actually looking for a bin to throw it into. but found none. I really did not want to say anything bad about the race thou like most runners, i found it poorly organized. So for the organizers to say that the runners are irresponsible, please check details first.

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  20. I find this article hilarious! The issue is so petty, so let’s just get it over with. Actually there’s no issue at all. 😀

  21. Said fire trucks would be stationed along predetermined points in the race and would pump waters to runners who are thirsty and in need of replenishing. – I won’t join natgeo 2013 next year if that is the case 😦

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