Lawmaker Proposes Anti-Whitening Bill

MANILA, Philippines — People who rely on whitening products to look “beautiful” could soon face their darkest of days if a new bill is passed into law by congress.

1Kayumanggi Party-list Rep. Tina Maria Purisima filed House Bill 6021 seeking to halt the incessant desire of Filipino women to be white, thinking that a lighter complexion is better than their natural born tone.

The bill aims to empower women and change their wrong perception on what is attractive and beautiful.  The bill also seeks to hold accountable companies or entities that peddle whitening products, who are also culprit of false advertising.

“I’ve tried everything, you name it! Gluta this gluta that! CY Gabriel, Chin Chan Su, Papaya soap, Papaya dance, & tawas, pero wala pa rin (but still nothing)!!!”  says Charito Sardual, an avid user of whitening products who gave up hope after 30 years. “Pati Liwayway Gawgaw hindi tumatagal!”

Another user who was not satisfied with her products offered her two cents, “There is no way I’ll be white in 6 weeks, let alone 7 days! “

“I’ll never look like Marian!” cried another.

Rep. Purisima says that the plight of these women are her inspiration for writing the bill.

If passed into law, all whitening products in the form of cream, lotion, soap, powder, oil, that contains, but not limited to, glutathione, papaya extract, lactic acid, DHA, cucumber, glycerol and multiple variants of exfoliants will be banned.

“Pushers”, as what Rep. Purisima refers to the seller, would face imprisonment of not less than 6 years and a minimum fine of five hundred thousand pesos.

As for the “users”, Purisima says that first time offenders would be given a stern warning together with a seminar on the merits of being Filipino, as well as a lesson on the true meaning of beauty. Second offenders would be arrested and brought to a special facility to be forcibly ‘”dewhitened”. Purisima promises that there would be no third offenders.

When asked how authorities will be able to determine offenders, she was quick to point out that “users” typically whitens their face only and as such, other body parts such as their neck, shoulders, hands and feet are still “not white”.

“When the face is white as pearl, and the ears are not, there is grounds for suspicion already,” said the lawmaker.

Purisima cites mainstream media as one of the perpetrators for the brainwashing of the masses; saying that celebrities convey the false pretense of white beauty. “TV shows and movies, such as Star Wars depicts being dark as bad. Do we want our kids to accept this stereotype?” asked Purisima.

“Well, sumikat ka nga (you did became famous) and I’m sure you’re loving your life now,” said another disgruntled costumer sarcastically after watching the TV commercial below.



19 thoughts on “Lawmaker Proposes Anti-Whitening Bill

  1. You know, although this blog post is supposed to be satirical, it really begs the question, why on earth are Filipinos so intent on being white when in fact, according to dermatological standards, our skin is beautiful and healthy because “brown” skin usually doesn’t burn and doesn’t get skin cancer? It’s like natural selection has gone backwards. 😉

    • It just shows the magnitude of influence of mainstream tv, and how easily swayed filipinos are on endorsements and sweet words. White beauty my a$$ 🙂

      Regarding your comment about it being satirical, I’ll quote a comment from a previous article about Magnum being overpriced:

      “Satire does this to evoke a genuine response, one that points out to the problems and flaws, again in a humorous way”

      I’m hoping that through my articles, this too would generate awareness and reveal flaws on our mentality and in society, but in a humorous and non-offensive way.

      I hope I got the humor part down pat. 🙂

      Here’s a link to the Magnum Overpriced article:

  2. I don’t what to say with the proposed bill. It’s like it is non of your business or even mine to stop or keep our noses to others business .If others want to spend money on this whitening stuff then be it .I am brown skin and i love it and not in my wildest dream to buy these products. These legislature should focus on more serious problem like corruption(they themselves are the no. offenders) .Even the White people are buying stuff for a tan complexion. it is pathetic how Phils. politician are.

    • It just goes to show that people cannot be contented with what they have. Beauty and success is not based on color alone (look at VP Binay 😛 ).

      But when companies says so otherwise with in-your-face advertisements (“white beauty”, “remove dark spots”, “from Ebony to Ivory”), somebody should draw the line somewhere.

      Do these products even work? 🙂

  3. next: Vicky Belo, sans wheelchair in airport exit, manufacturers and others raise strong objections to House Bill 6021. 🙂

  4. hay sana nga may bill na ganito! sawang-sawa na ko gumamit ng dove eh… anyway i for one prefer mestiza over morena, but i also want the filipinos to realize that beauty is only socially constructed and that having kayumanggi-colored skin is actually not that bad! (certified moreno over here.) ohh.. i am so torn… ewan!

  5. I know that this site is supposed to contain parodies, if not satires. But you know what, there ought to be a law, not so much against those skin products, but rather how they push them. Bastos, actually.

  6. the best that you could do is to regulate advertising claims on whitening. forcing other people to share your own idea of beauty is preposterous. you are clamoring about how the media and the whitening beauty products force their idea of beauty to the masses. but really, by trying to “dewhiten” other people, aren’t you doing the same? beauty is subjective. live with it.

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