Unilever Asked to Rollback Prices of Magnum After it was Discovered to be Overpriced.

MANILA, Philippines — After warning consumers on the dangers of buying “the new” iPad, the Department of Trade and Industry has issued a new warning to eager buyers of Unilever’s Magnum ice cream after the government agency found out that the product was overpriced.

Magnum is one of the world’s leading ice cream brands, selling 1 billion units annually worldwide, and is the biggest brand of Unilever ice creams. Magnum is a “velvety smooth vanilla ice cream covered in thick cracking Belgian chocolate.

(from Magnum’s Facebook & Twitter page)

Protesters outside Unilever office in Paco, Manila

According to Trade & Industry Secretary Gregory Domingo, their office received complaints from consumers, 2 weeks ago, complaining of the high price of the said product. “Although it was  received with praise upon its launch, there are also quite a lot of consumers who deemed the price as too high,” revealed Domingo. He added, “consumers cannot justify a P50 price tag when jeepney fares have increased by 50 centavos.”

Labor group Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) has also joined the call for an investigation during a protest outside the ice cream maker’s office, where they claim that ordinary citizens cannot afford to buy one due to its expensiveness. It was also one of the factors that they decided to file a P90 wage hike petition, after Malacañang only approved of a P2.00 wage increase the other day.

Amid allegations of overpricing, Unilever Philippines expressed willingness to open their books for review last week. Together with members of the independent review committee (IRC) composing of individuals from various sectors in the community, DTI representatives reviewed all the numbers and data that was provided to them extensively.

A member of the IRC revealed that for the past five days, it would seem that everything was in order. “The calculations were spot-on and precise. Even the papers were free from any corrections.” The group was starting to lose hope.

But on the sixth day, a member found a breakthrough when he stumbled upon a binder labeled “TOP SECRET” hidden between papers containing boring  chemical equations and  calculations. One document titled Magnum Top Secret Components revealed what a serving of the ice cream is made of (see photo). It was obviously hidden deliberately and not intended to be shared to the public.

In another document, it revealed a sinister plan by the company to start a fad whereby consumers will take photos of themselves holding a Magnum. They would then boast of having eaten the ice cream to their friends by posting said photos on social networking sites.

But what surprised the IRC and the DTI representatives the most, was the discovery of a folded document that revealed that for every unit of Magnum, the suggested retail price (SRP) should only be P14.75 instead of P50. It pointed out that a higher entry point would make it seem that it is very special and exquisite when indeed, it is only a glorified, albeit a bigger version of Magnolia’s Pinipig from the early 80’s & 90’s.

It even explained in detail that the meaning of the word Magnum was actually “Magnolia Number 1” and the inventor of Magnum was a huge fan of the Pinipig during its heyday, hence the name.

DTI has since asked Unilever to rollback the price of Magnum to a much affordable price point, but the consumer goods company has yet to respond. Secretary Domingo was quick to point out that the government cannot force the manufacturer to lower the price because of an existing Ice Cream Deregulation Law (RA 8479-M), which states that:

It shall be the policy of the State to liberalize and deregulate the ice cream products industry in order to ensure a truly competitive market under a regime of fair prices, adequate and continuous supply of environmentally-clean and high-quality frozen products. To this end, the State shall promote and encourage the entry of new participants in the ice cream products industry, and introduce adequate measures to ensure the attainment of these goals. 

(Taken and tweaked from Chan Robles Virtual Law Library)


171 thoughts on “Unilever Asked to Rollback Prices of Magnum After it was Discovered to be Overpriced.

  1. I’ve tried all flavor already but if they’re guilty of overpricing, I’ll boycott it from now on. NO TO HIGH PRICE OF MAGNUM!

  2. it’s always been one of the most expensive ice cream in the world ,it came to the u.k. like 15 years ago ,now just arrived in the Philippines think Ive only had it 3 times ,they do taste good tho ! use it to treat your self just once in a while !

    • wow, i didnt know that this was the most expensive ice cream in the world.. at least here in spain, there are more brands more expensive than magnum..

  3. Pricing suggest as well the market segment the product wants to penetrate. Obviously, this is not pegged for the masses. Long story short, it’s not a need. You can live not having tried one.

    • yup! either they sell it cheap or expensive — and since maraming nakisakay sa hype, successful ang kanilang marketing strategy..

  4. Mumurahin lang yan dito sa London! Niloloko lang nila ang Pinoy! Ang hirap kasi sa mga Pinoy,kahit mahal basta sikat mga endorser eh bibilihin para sikat din! Pa-sosyal ba! 😀

  5. Parang Starbucks lang kase yan . Tss . Nakakita lang ng sikat , kahit mahal , papatusin agad yan . Syempre , minsan mo nga lang naman ma treat ang sarili mo ng ganyan . Tulad ng trend dati ng KFC Double Down . Madaming naintriga . Madaming bumili . Kahit ako . Pero ngayon , parang wala na lang . Darating din ang araw na magiging parte na lang yan ng normal na pamumuhay ng tao . Pero seriously , ang mahal 😐

  6. Magnum makes too much of a talk. Just simple. Buy it if you can, ignore if you can’t. Why the big issue? Ice cream making the headlines? Fcuk. What’s wrong wrong with the people.

  7. intead of mag away away sa presyo ng ice cream bt kya di yung mga kurakot sa lipunan at ang napaka mahal na gasolina ang ayusin hayz pinoy tlga

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  10. heehee, never ako bumili ng Magnum at never akong bibili.. i could buy 3 cornetto or 2 drumsticks, enjoy pa.. tataba pa ako.. 🙂

    So belgian chocolates, mahal agad? ‘di ba pwede masarap muna? punta ka sa bahay, gawa tayo?

  11. If you feel that the 50 peso price of that ice cream stick ain’t worth it, then don’t buy it..
    Oh, And stop whining like sick hypocrites about it too.. It’s goddamn annoying..
    You don’t want it, then let it be.. Simple as fuck..

  12. The P50 price tag on Magnum Ice cream is NOT for the entire ice cream itself. The bulk of the price is for the endorser/local celebrities trying to make a buzz out of the ice cream. Crazy marketing ploy.

  13. mali naman kasi sources e…SRP na nakalagay ay 14.75 dollars un… as in $14.75 kasi import pa yan from Australia!!!

  14. tama kau – lower the price – fair price 15 pesos OA naman ang 50 pesos, mas masarap pa ang pinipig drumsticks dyan… Pinoy talaga pag imported gusto mas mahal… wake up nman pinoy – dont patronize Magnum.. love ur own….

  15. has anyone here ever heard of niche marketing… Magnum was not meant to be sold to the class C, E and D of the market. Bakit di nyo ireklamo ang Ben and Gerry’s, ang haggen Daz, and so forth. This is called marketing, yes this product is a glorified pinipig ice cream, but branding and pricing differentiates magnum from pinipig.

  16. simple lang yan eh. kung namamahalan ka, edi wag kang bumili. hindi ka naman siguro mamatay kapag hindi ka nakakain ng magnum diba? kalokohan naman. pinagrarally ice cream lang eh hindi naman siya necessity. bumili ka nalang ng dirty ice cream. 5 pesos lang, nakatulong ka pa kay kuya ice cream na magkaroon ng kita habang nakababad sa araw(kahit may payong pa) maghapon magkaroon lang ng pera. k? wag tanga.

  17. NDI NMAN IMPORTANTE YAN if u cnt afford it bkt k bibili nyan may mga mas importante pang bagay n dapat bilhin luho lng yan… its not bad also to treat yourself sumtyms pro ano b ang mas importante ang pagkain s araw araw s hapag kainan o ung ice cream chocolate n yan just asking…

  18. it’s delicious but for me it’s just an ordinary ice cream. mahal ang belgian chocs, pero 50Php for one ice cream bar is way too much. marami lang kasing nakikiuso. kung sosyal ka talaga i’ll suggest you buy Haagen Daz.

    Maybe, I’ll buy lang if trip ko and cguro I dont need to boast in social net sites that im eating MAGNUM =)

  19. this ice cream is making a lot of noise…… tama simple nga lang naman if you cant afford it then don’t buy it….. kung maraming nagrereklamo sa presyo ng magnum bakit laging sold out?

  20. Uniliver and Magnolia has every right to apply any pricing scheme to their products, regardless of production costs. Members of market segments who cannot afford the Magnum should look toward ice cream products that are specifically targeted towards them; perhaps a 20-peso Cornetto or a 10-peso cone from the friendly neighborhood “sorbetero”. If the DTI desires fair competition among producers, it would be more appropriate if they could introduce small enterprises to useful production, costing, and marketing techniques rather than disrupting the strategies of key market players. Business may be likened to the game of basketball: If you’re facing a better team, its ethically wrong to try to injure the other team’s best players just so you could have a shot of winning the game. If you want your team to win a fair game, you have to train your own players harder. The DTI should refrain from wasting its time trying to bring the big boys down. They should instead use the time to help the small ones improve.

    • calm down my friend. everyones trying to have fun here. except, of course, for the chosen few who dont know that this site is actually about LOL-able bogus articles.

  21. I’m just laughing at these comments. Seriously people? Some people think this article is legitimate, some people fall for the obvious troll comments while missing the joke completely. Just goes to show majority of Filipinos can’t into satire.

    • OO nga nakaka enjoy mag basa ng comments dito.Just shows gano ka gullible mga pinoy, comment kagad di muna pag isipan maigi. Dapat mag karoon ulit ng satirical comedy shows like Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata para masanay tayo sa ganung klaseng jokes.

  22. Aminin nalang ninyo lahat…. di lang kasi ninyo kaya aminin na pumayag kayo sa 250% mark-up kahit parehas lang yung lasa niya ngayon at noon. Atleast back then, even though it had a 100-150% mark-up, the price was still reasonable. Talino din kasi ninyo, di pa ninyo inamin sa kaibigan ninyo na nagsinungaling din sa inyo, na ganun parin yung lasa. Sumakay pa kayo at nagyaya pa sa iba. Mga gunggong.

  23. MASARAP yung MAGNUM pero sa PRICE nyang 50 to 55php i think its not worth it…if you will continue marketing magnum on that price well i think hindi sya tatangkilin ng pinoy sa sobrang hirap ng buhay dito sa pinas, oo as of now medjo kumikita sya out of curiosity pero i dont think it will last forever… sa isang magnum maghahati and 3 o 5 na tao para lang tikman….

  24. unahin na lang kaya ng gobyerno ang presyo ng gasolina at masmarami pang matutuwa, pati ice cream pinagdidiskitahan… 😛

  25. Great article, I didn’t know we had a local version of The Onion here. 🙂

    The issue isn’t whether or not one can afford to buy Magnum, it’s the worth of the ice cream itself. And it really isn’t worth the PHP 50 you’re spending. It isn’t decadent nor luxurious, it won’t stand up to better gelatos or premium ice cream brands like hagen-daz or Ben and Jerry’s. And there’s no niche market to talk about either. When you’re peddling ice cream at local supermarkets and 7-11 you have to admit that its not much of a luxury item to begin with nor is it being choosy with who buys it.

    What it is creating is masking a mass produced, mediocre ice cream in a supposedly “luxury” brand. It is priced just enough to be considered high but still able to get even the C&D markets to part with their money so they can experience this branded item. It’s consumerism at its worst.

  26. LECHE ANG DAMI NYONG COMMENTS NA WALANG KWENTA. bakit di nyo i-scroll down at basahin un disclaimer sa baba.

    So, What’s News? is a satirical & fictional news website. It is NOT REAL!

  27. ANO BA NAMAN KAYO? kung maka-comment kayo dito kung saan saan na umabot un topic nyo. DI BA KAYO MARUNONG MAGBASA? scroll down lang po mga pipol, may discalimer sa baba oh ang linaw linaw…

    “So, What’s News? is a satirical & fictional news website. It is NOT REAL!!!!!”

    Ang sakit sa mata at ang kati sa utak, na ang daming mga mangmang dito na nagpupumilit na magmarunong.

    Minsan bago pairalin ang kung anong kuro kuro, SENSE OF HUMOR po muna subukan para di magmukhang tanga.

    Sayang ang pinag aral sa atin ng mga magulang natin, milyones din po ginastos nila sa atin mula prep hanggang college, kung di ka public school or iskolar. Kung paiiralin lang naman po ang katangahan….nakaka frustrate di ba? UGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

    • sayang un purpose nitong website. humor lamang po. when some people took it seriously, i felt sorry somehow for the author of this pun intended article. it killed the essence of the whole idea, with it being a joke. but hey, i think..that was the joke. joke’s on them…..LOL

  28. Guys let’s take things into perspective.

    Magnum for the rich = so-so
    Magnum for the poor = house and lot

    Kaya sa mga pulubi na nagrereklamo sa presyo ng Magnum, sumipsip na lang kayo ng yelo.

  29. So what if it was high priced??? Then don’t buy it. Have you never heard of market placing? If the product was meant for class A, then sour-graping lang ang iba who cant afford the status symbol. If tunay nga na glorified pinipig lang yun, edi bumili nalang ng pinipig ang gusto talaga mag-ice cream. At the end if the day, it all boils down to the ego of those who just want to be seen having a Magnum.

  30. I Just don’t get it. If hndi nio afford and magnum then wag kayo bumili. Hndi naman mamamatay ang isang tao kung hndi nakapag Ice Cream. Bakit nirerelate niyo ang presyo ng ice cream sa mga price hikes ngayon na, kung tutuusin ay mas importante kesa sa Ice Cream? I am not anti nor pro-magnum. Pero SRSLY. If ya think its pricey, then don’t buy it. Simple as that.

  31. Over price naman talaga, kasi sa china 5yuan lang yan dun. so bale 35php lang pag kinonvert. Me and my cousin was so shock nung nalaman namin na 50pesos yan kasi dun sa china mura lang talaga.. Sa ibang store nga 60php pa.

  32. bakit yung mr. donut may belgian chocolate din naman, wala pang trenta pesos ilang piraso na.

    tsaka di ko pa rin ipagpapalit yung malangis-langis na pinipig na nilalako sa styro at hindi selyado. langit.

  33. Why complain about the price if you can’t afford it? It’s just that simple. If it’s too expensive, why not buy? It’s not worth fighting over a price. And Magnum is expensive because it’s IMPORTED. Just like Lays and Ruffles, they’re expensive because they’re imported.

  34. Di mo malaman kung tanga o tanga ung mga nagrereact at naniniwala dito. english kasi kaya hindi naintindihan? basa basa din mga PIPOL! hello! :)))) kaya kayo nauuto ng magnum e. ganitong article na PEKE naniniwala din kayo… sos! intindihin mabuti :)))))) shungaers.

  35. HAHAHAHA. Why would the Dept. of Trade and Industry wants to lower down the price of Magnum in the first place? This article is not real. HAHAHAHA!

  36. Haha.. ano ba naman kayo… may kanya knya tayong gusto sa buhay depende sa culture n nagkaroon tau, kung d ka lagi nagiice cream, para sau masarap ang magnum, kung lagi ka naman nagiice cream(like me.. addict ako eh.. haha) parang ordinary lang ang lasa.. NO JOKE. pero it is my own opinion.. and ano magagawa ko para babaan ang presyo nito kung ang gobyerno nga kontrolado ng kapitalista. tingan mo ung langis. wala silang magawa. para sa akin, maghahanap nlng ako ng substitute good ng magnum (na mukhang mas masarap pa at mura) kasi ganoon din naman at hindi bagay sa budget ko. thats all… 😀

  37. LOL do you guys really think that people would really hold a protest just because of magnum. The “TOP SECRET” files is too cliche for this article to be true. Can’t believe people would fight over this article.

  38. this MAGNUM ice cream on stick is effin’ “social climbers popsicle” according to krizzy kalerqui… the relevant basher on twitter. overpriced and overhyped.

  39. Hilarious how people glorify Magnum when outside PH it’s an ordinary product, I’d rather eat Mars Icecream! 🙂 . And if the article above is for real, then the more stupid have we been. Seriously? Probing on ice cream price? Because you think it should be cheaper? Then don’t buy. We always have our choices. It doesn’t mean that if a product is so popular then everyone should have taste of it. Ice cream is not a staple food that we’ll die if we can’t afford it. Media, politics and government in our country has been getting worse and worse.

  40. tang ina ung mga matapobreng nagcocomment dito. Feeling mayayaman,wag na lang kayo magcomment kung wala kayo sasabihing maganda mga BUGOK!!!

    Makapang mata kayo ng mga maralitang Pilipino akala nyo sa inyo na ung yaman ng mundo. Mga bwisit! I wish that all of you Fuckers and Bitches don’t exist!!! Leche kayo!

    • Sumipsip ka na lang kasi ng yelo gaya ng sabi ni matapobrengmanyak69.

      And kung babasahin mo ulit comment mo, binara mo na rin sarili mo. Poor na nga, bobo pa. Yuck.

    • -wag na lang kayo magcomment kung wala kayo sasabihing maganda mga BUGOK!!!

      -I wish that all of you Fuckers and Bitches don’t exist!!! Leche kayo!


  41. Kung wala kayong pambili huwag kayo iyak ng iyak dito! Simple! kung walang pera wag mangarap at manlait ng mga mamahalin! eh ano ngayon kung gusto kong bumili kahit Php 50? SO I WANNA EAT MAGNUM, IT’S NONE OF YOUR EFFIN’ BUSINESS! NAGREREKLAMO BA AKO DAHIL GUSTO MO NG BAGOONG? nyahahahaha

    • To all the smart guys commenting about humor and satire and criticizing all the comments written here, let’s take a few moments to remember what satire is. Yes it is funny and mostly untrue, but it is humor based on fact nonetheless. It pokes fun at a truth, which in this case is an overpriced ice cream product (subjective truth, but still true). Satire does this to evoke a genuine response, one that points out to the problems and flaws, again in a humorous way.

      So yeah, I think the comments that people wrote here are all in order, regardless of whether they believed in the article or not. 🙂 And all praise to the writers still, satire in its best form is both funny and believable.

  42. Natatawa ako sa mga taong sineryoso nga ang article na to. Jusko, sino naman kaya ang maglalakas loob na magprotesta para sa isang ice cream lang. HAHAHA Silly people XDDD

    • Nagiging big deal lang dahil sa mga pulubi na nagfifeeling at nagpopost lagi sa Facebook na kumakain. Parang ngayon lang nakakain ng ice cream ang mga p***. Palibhasa ilang buwan nila pinag-ipunan

  43. 50 pesos na magnum magkalhating kilong manok na lamang kayo!!!! i adobo nyo… pag hindi nakalimutan nyo yang magnum na yan ehhh!!!!! hahahah

  44. Why does people even buy this Ice-cream.. Doesn’t even taste good.. it’s just too sweet, specially the double caramel, Mataas lng sya sa sugar.. Haagen Das taste better and cheaper than this one.

    • haagen dash is 367 php compare to 50 php for a magnum .. i love magnum .. special the dark chocolade.. mmmmm

  45. magnum is a waste of money kahit na belgian chocolate pa yan ehh mas hamak mas masarap pa ang belgian choco na cabberry sus eating magnum is not making you popular or rich Fools

  46. Ang problema kasi sa mga tao, sunod ng sunod sa “uso”. Tuloy, umaabuso ang mga sellers. Ala naman sigurong problema kung hindi natin maafford yung P50 na ice cream dba? wag nalang bilhin kung hindi talaga kaya o kung di man, magsave tayo ng P20 ng tatlong araw o P10 ng limang araw para makabili.

    Eh bakit ba naman pinoproblema nating yung presyo ng ice cream? Mas marami pang importante dun, katulad nalang ng presyo ng gas, kuryente at tubig. Mas importate pa yon kesa ice cream. Pinoprotesta pa. Tsk Tsk talaga! >_<

  47. hahaha… mga tanga… ang pumatol sa article na to e tanga… npaghahahalata kayo… tigilan nio nato at magsipagtrabaho kayo

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  49. funny article lol. So much fuss over an ice cream when there are thousands of people starving around the country.

  50. magnum is affordable. mas marami kya ang mahal na ice cream dyan. pumunta kau sa hopwise o rustans. magnum is a middle class brand. not highend

  51. dont buy it if you cant afford it. simple. its unilever’s prerogative as a business enterprise to price their product as such. its not as if magnum is a basic need that the government has to interfere with its pricing. o sige following that logic is it right for rolex/bmw/mac make-up to lessen its price just cause people find it too pricy?

  52. I am happy to learn this…it’s high time for this status symbol seekers to open the eyes of their hearts to say NO to product positioning and claims that are just icing coated…its been ages that the marketing world have been fooling the market…reason why people are getting poorer and poorer each day…may we all learn to eat simply and live longer and happy life…enough of brands and signature items..after all, when we die tomorrow, we will just be either place in a box or burn to be place in an urn…PILIPINAS GISING!

    • IKR? I don’t know what I enjoyed more, the article or the comments. Hahaha. Mga Pinoy pikon at hindi alam ang ibig sabihin ng sarcasm and satire.

  53. Do you even believe this article? “Ice Cream Deregulation Law” (RA 8479-M) does not exist!!! I presume the “M” in the law stands for “Magnolia” or “Magnum”. There is no such animal! Sheesh! Haha! Good promotional gimmick though… bad publicity is still good publicity.

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  55. Lam nyo ba, dahil sa mahal ng MAGNUM, 2 lashing ang kumain ng napulot nilang ice cream na inakala nilang magnum ice cream sa kalye. Nung naubos na, dun nila narealize na di pla ice cream! hehehe! :D………. jhedharo11

  56. The comments are more entertaining than the article itself! Haha!

    For those who took this seriously, kahit ano pa kainin nyo, que haagen dazs, cornetto or pinipig or dirty ice cream yan, they will all just be digested into one big brown crap! LOL

  57. AKALA KO PINIPIG LNG,, 50 PESOS PARA SA ISANG ICE CREAM NA KASING LAKI NG PINIPIG,,(Belgian Chocolate) DAW????? NDI NMN NAG KAKALAYU UNG LASA NYAN SA (CadBurry) TANUNGIN NYU PA SI SIMSIMI!! hehehehe wag na may away mag dirty ice cream nlng kau 5pesos pa hahahahahaha Belgian Chocolate din hehehehehehe

  58. really really made my day. sobrang dami kong tawa dito kse bukod sa funny ang article, andaming naniwala na totoo eto…eh even yung pics naman eh halatang phinotoshop.. anyways, wag na masyadong maging hater, dadami ang wrinkles. =)

  59. Teka, bakit comparable sa pinipig? eh almond po yun. paki check nga sa tindahan kung magkano ang per kilo ng almonds!

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  62. aynako sobrang sarap lang nung Magnum Almond… naisanla ko na pati hikaw ni tita para lang makabili nun. grabe, ang mahal kase!

  63. Hahaha… Freaks! Nagkakagulo kayo sa isang joke? This is one hell of a freak show!!! Why not play a game of russian roulette using a magnum?

  64. In France a single magnum has always been about 83 euro cent which is about 14 pesos… It goes lower in promotions. But obviously if you buy it in a bar or micro-shop it might cost 2€ or 3€ which is 50 pesos…
    BUT Philippines is an island, do they have milk farms, chocolate factories, a Ice cream factory on sight or does the product have to be imported in frozen cargo? That surely bumps the cost up a bit. To consider also that they probably aren’t that interested in selling on an island with that increased cost and associated risk of not selling because of that higher cost. To compensate that risk the price goes up even more and then it becomes a niche product (very small quantities & very high price) It doesn’t chock me to see foreign imported goods cost 3 times more than over-seas, the same happens for just about everything. Its called a niche market just be glad its available if you really fancy it, but if you need it regularly then you shouldn’t live on a small island.

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