PNoy Proves Exactly What ‘Noynoying’ is All About by Ignoring It.

Protester's version of 'noynoying'

MANILA, Philippines — President Aquino finds the new form of protest called ‘noynoying’ very inaccurate and far from the truth.

‘Noynoying’ is the term coined by critics of Pres. Aquino from the militant sector to describe his so-called work ethics: doing nothing, according to them.

Demonstrators appear to be not doing anything to supposedly show the chief executive’s inaction in the face of rising oil prices.

In their daily press briefing at Malacañang, Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda was asked by a reporter of the President’s reaction on the sudden interest in “noynoying” by protesters, from the transport sector to Hacienda Luisita farmers.

 “The President is too busy to worry with such petty matters.” answered Lacerda. “Besides, its very far-fetched and exaggerated, he just ignores it.”

Aquino said the new format of protest which was created by militants does not merit attention, citing what he said were positive developments in the economy such as the record-high performance of the stock market and construction activities in business centers. (from ABS-CBN News)

Militants & activists welcomes the Palace’s revelations. They say that by ignoring it, Aquino has already demonstrated the essence and true meaning of  ‘noynoying’.

Malacanang's version of 'noynoying'

Hindi kagulat-gulat na pinili nyang deadmahin ang aming ginawang protesta. Nagpapatunay lang ito na tamad nga ang ating presidente (It doesn’t surprise us that he chooses to shrug off our protest. It just goes to show how lazy our president really is),” said Wally, a jeepney driver.

Kung ang mga hiling ng mga mahihirap na drayber ay binabale-wala lang ng ating pangulo, ano pa kaya sa mga isyu ng ating lipunan (If the plight of the poor driver are being ignored by our president, what more to the issues in our society)?” said another protester.

Militant drivers also downplayed Malacañang’s claim that the transport caravan held last Thursday was participated by only a handful of drivers.

“Nakita naman n’yo sa TV na mas marami yung nagko-cover tsaka ‘yung pulis kaysa dun sa caravan,” Aquino was quoted as saying.

Dahil po may banta mula sa gobyerno na kakanselahin ang prankisa ng sino mang mahuhuli na lumalahok sa kilos protesta. Eh di syempre matatakot ang iba (Its because there is a threat from the government that their franchises would be revoked if ever caught participating in protests. Of course some would be scared)!”  said Felipe Baria, leader of a transport group.

There is no word yet whether the President’s allies in the House of Representatives will propose an Anti-Noynoying Bill, to counter the rising popularity of the said protest fad.


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