Azkals Fans Denounces Arnold Clavio’s ‘Racist’ Remarks. Prefers Sexual Harassment. [UPDATED]

MANILA, Philippines — Azkal fans are demanding an apology after GMA News anchor Arnold Clavio made some remarks regarding the sexual harassment complaint case currently faced by Lexton Moy and Angel Guirado of the Philippine Azkals.

In their morning program Unang Hirit, Clavio made some remarks against members of the national team while discussing Cristy Ramos’ harassment case against the two players.

“Hindi naman kayo Pilipino, nagpapanggap lang kayong kayumanggi. Eh ‘di dito lumaki, mahirap yun,”

His remarks earned negative reactions from fans as well as that of Angel Locsin. Angel Locsin is NOT STILL the rumored girlfriend of Azkals’ striker Phil Younghusband.

Clavio has since issued a statement regarding the matter and asked for understanding for his choice of words.

But alas, Azkal fans demanded more. Sophia Borja Hipolito, President of Filipina Azkals Fans Club, agrees that Clavio should be punished for his careless remarks and for hurting the players’ feelings. Hipolito suggests that he should be sexually harassed as well by the Azkals, so that he knows how it feels.

Nestorio Margarse

At this point, other members started to disagree and bicker, saying that if anybody should be harassed by the Azkals, it should be them.

“Me! Me! I want Lexton to guess my cup size!” said one member, who was shrieking while making the statement. Another member said, “I don’t care if I’m disrespected, just as long as si Neil or si Misagh“, “Oo, wag lang si Nestorio, matanda na yun at hindi sya Fil-something eh”, quipped another.

“Sana ako nalang si Cristy, para every match makikita ko si Angel na naka boxer shorts!” squealed another.

At this point we had to pacify the members because everyone was starting to gush at the mere thought of being sexually harassed by the Azkals. Similar reaction was witnessed before when the group was asked of their thought on the past allegations thrown against the team.

A close friend of Cristy Ramos, who wishes to be unnamed, hopes that the desire of fans for an apology from Clavio would carry over to their desire for an apology from the Azkals, for the disrespect and discomfort that the players has caused to Ramos. “Women should desire respect first and foremost. Being handsome and on the national team, does not make your actions always right.”

She added, “If a woman felt disrespected or harassed, it is not up to the players to judge if the action was or was not disrespectful. Just say sorry and don’t make excuses.”

The Azkals has just entered the semi-final round in the AFC Challenge Cup via a 2-1 victory over Tajikistan the other day and would be facing Turkmenistan this Friday. We tried to get their comments on the issue at hand, but they were busy with preparations for the match. Only Emelio ‘Chieffy’ Caligdong, with a book in hand, was kind enough to answer a few questions when we tried to interview him.

SWN: Chieffy, ano yang pinagkakaabalahan mo?

Chieffy: Eto, nag-aaral akong mag Spanish.

SWN: What for?

Chieffy: Sabi kasi ni Coach aralin ko daw ang wikang Espanyol para maturuan ko daw sila Angel, Carli at si Juan.

SWN: Turuang magfootball? 

Chieffy: Turuan ko daw kumanta ng pambansang awit, naglilip-sync lang kasi sila palagi eh. Pero itranslate ko muna daw sa Spanish para mabilis nilang maintindihan. 

SWN: A…mabuti nga kung ganun. Kamusta naman ang pagtuturo mo?

Chieffy: Ok naman so far, medyo mahirap, pero kailangan eh. May balita kasi na aambushin kami ni Dinky Soliman sa airport pagbalik namin sa ‘Pinas. Papakakantahin daw kami ng Lupang Hinirang at ang hindi daw makakanta, ipapadeport. 

SWN: Balak din nya kayong ipa-psychiatric test, ayon sa balita. 

Chieffy: Oo nga eh… Sana tuloy tuloy na ang panalo namin, para makalimutan na nila lahat itong mga issue na to. 

Coach Hans Michael Weiss cut short our interview and instructed Caligdong to get back on his reading, as he still has to learn other languages to be able to teach other players.

We have embedded the video of Clavio’s remarks below for your convenience:

For more news regarding the two Azkal players in question, go here

[UPDATE] Philippine Football Federation lodges complaint against Arnold Clavio. Full story here.

[2nd UPDATE] GMA Network has issued a statement regarding the PFF complaint. Read more here.


3 thoughts on “Azkals Fans Denounces Arnold Clavio’s ‘Racist’ Remarks. Prefers Sexual Harassment. [UPDATED]

  1. =) sadly, ung mga filipino parents ng mga players don’t teach their kids the filipino language.. pero mas mabenta naman sa mga pinoy ung mga foreign-looking people na baluktot magtagalog, lalo sa showbiz..

    and btw, i always thought na ung national anthem is originally in spanish.. so di na kailangang itranslate un to teach hahahaha!

    tara, turuan kita mag spanish, Chieffy!!

  2. It feels like this post is made to tarnish the name of the Filipina fans. ‘Yong ipinapakita lang dito ay iyong mga uncharacterized bickering of the fans.Hindi naman lahat ay ganoon.

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