Experts Discovered: Criminals Are Laughing Every Time PNP Appeals Them To Surrender

MANILA, Philippines — Experts believe that for criminals who are at large, a laugh a day keeps the police away.

Dr. Ignacio Sanchez, head of Human Behavioral studies at the Universal College of the Philippines, and his team of psychiatrist have been conducting experiments and research on criminals and lawless elements that are at large, and their environmental reactions at home, where they feel safest the most.

Using tips from concerned citizens to pinpoint a location, Sanchez and his team covertly visits a criminal’s hideout at night, mostly during the time when prime time news is on air (6:00 PM onward).

Equipped with high definitions cameras and long-ranged microphones, they were able to gather data and footage on the behavior of such criminals whenever they are  at home and watching the news.

According to Sanchez, 9 out of 10 criminals monitored shows high levels of awareness to their surroundings every time they are watching the news; while 8 out of 10 maintains that level of awareness during commercial breaks. “These criminals are scared to be caught, hence the heightened alertness during such leisurely activity,” said the expert.

But what surprised the team the most was when they found out that whenever the Philippine National Police (PNP) is shown on national television asking criminals to surrender, 10 out of 10 criminals lowered their guard and shows signs of relief.

What’s even more shocking and alarming at the same time, is that 10 out of 10 gave a minute long diabolical laugh while pumping their fist in the air.

Dr. Sanchez believes that the PNP is empowering the fugitives and criminals whenever they make such statements. “They should refrain from making such appeals, because it is sending the wrong impression that they are clueless of their whereabouts and cannot catch them. That or they are just plain lazy.” He added that “They (the criminals) would only feel stronger hearing such remarks, hence the laugh and the fist pump.” The doctor warned that they could possibly attack again, knowing that our police are “incompetent nincompoops.”

Recent spate of killings have been recorded around the country despite PNP’s claim that crime rate is down. The San Beda hazing case, the killings in UPLB, as well as the murder of a businesswoman, who was found dead inside a septic tank are just some of the high profile cases reported recently.

In an interview, anti-crime crusader Dante Jimenez said that there are 5 to 7 killings a day in the Philippines, and urged the government to take immediate action regarding the matter.

A study also shows that for every 800 Filipinos in the country, only 1 policeman is guarding their safety.

What’s even scarier, is that sometimes, that lone policeman assigned to the 800 is also the suspect in a crime that was committed.  So according to my calculator:

 1 Policeman ÷ 800 Filipinos – 1 Crooked Policeman = -0.99875.

One doesn’t need an expert to figure out what the above equation means. Or do we?


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