DEPED Releases List Of Additional Subjects for K+12 Program

MANILA, Philippines — Just as the school year is about to end, the Department of Education (DEPED) has announced the additional subjects that students will need to take for the K+12 program which will add two more school years for high school students, starting this June.

DEPED was alarmed by the high drop-out rate in schools and because of poverty, only 5 out of 10 first graders finish high school and out of 5 high school graduates, only 2 enter college.

To address the problem, DepEd is adding 2 more years in high school.

Under the K+12 program, students will be taught new subjects and given vocational and technical training, and on-the-job training.This is to enable them to land a job after graduation. (from ABS-CBN News)

In a press conference held at the office of the department, education Secretary Armin Luistro welcomed and greeted everyone who attended the event. Invited were representatives from various schools and education sectors, as well as students and parents who were curious with the K+12 program. After an introduction and a few words, handouts were given to everybody present, containing the list of the additional subjects and descriptions for each. Subjects listed includes:

  1. Botany – Etnobotany — This subject is designed to introduce students to the origins of many of the plants and plant products that are an important part of everyday life, and the ways that the development of different cultures has been influenced by plants throughout history.
  2. Accounting 101 —This subject is designed to provide the student with an understanding of the basic fundamentals of accounting, emphasizing the nature and purpose of financial statements.
  3. Philippine Law Juan on Juan — This subject is designed to introduce students to basic laws and punishment when violated including littering, jaywalking, counter-flowing, pick-pocketing, bribery, vandalism, dangerous drugs, estafa and libel, among others.
  4. Basic Driving: Colors and What They Mean — This subject is designed to teach students basic skills in driving, with major emphasis to colors of traffic lights and what they mean. 90% of the subject would be focused on explaining the color RED and its significance on the road.
  5. Basic Math – Revisited — This subject is designed to refresh the student’s knowledge with regards to counting in case they have forgotten them or returned them to their teachers.
  6. DOTA and Me — This subject is designed to hone the skills of Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) players as well as introduce the game to “noobs” so that they would be eligible to join in international competition. This is a grassroots program.
  7. Advanced PE – Soccer — This subject is designed to teach students the fundamentals of the game, as well as teaching them to respect the game and the officials, especially women; so that they could avoid being accused of sexual harassment in the future.
  8. Ang Daynosor sa Sinaunang Panahon — An often overlooked topic, this subject, to be taught in Filipino, introduces students to prehistoric creatures and the lessons learned on their extinction as well as to our preparedness in end of the world scenarios. In Filipino.
  9. Facebook Timeline 101 — This subject, sponsored by the Zuckerberg Foundation, is designed to teach students how to use the timeline feature in Facebook so that they would stop complaining for a service that they get for free. Students who drops out of this class can switch to…
  10. Twitter: Proper Usage and Pronunciation — This subject is designed to teach students the basic premise of “tweets” as well as the proper pronunciation (Two-Wi-Ther, not Twee-TTer) of the social networking service. It also teaches students how to flood their friends and followers timeline so that their idol could be the trending topic for one day.
  11. Advanced Reading: Movie Subtitles — This course, hones the skill of students in reading subtitles in movies as well as television shows. Students who passes this subject will have no problem with movies with fast dialogue that contains subtitles. Basic Reading a prerequisite.
  12. Government Transactions and How Not To Look Stupid — This subject is designed to teach students the step-by-step procedure on most government transactions like how to apply for a new driver’s license as well as applying for a new passport. This subject has two modules, where the second module focuses on the renewal procedures of the transactions covered in the first module.

According to Luistro, this is only a partial list and a list for the 2nd batch of subjects are to be announced soon, including the ones to be offered in Kindergarten. Tykes and Technology; will teach students the basic usage of gadgets like remote controls, tablets and cellphones. Another subject is an introductory for the Ang Daynosor sa Sinaunang Panahon for kindergarten students, where students are introduced to Barney and watch the show dubbed in Filipino while singing songs together with the purple dinosaur.


29 thoughts on “DEPED Releases List Of Additional Subjects for K+12 Program

  1. Eat your d****** F****** ***T! EAT YOUR ***T! AND F*** SATIRE! F*** SATIRE I HOPE YOU DIE D*****S B**** B**** B**** B**** B****!

  2. What? why are there irrelevant subjects? is this accurate? if it is, then the government must revise this. You can learn using facebook and twitter all by yourself. Why would you include even DOTA. There are a lot more essential subects that can be added. Not Facebook/Twitter and especially DOTA. (that is based on my opinion) 🙂

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  4. yan ang dahilan kung bakit mahirap maging sceptic at secular dahil sa kakulangan sa pag aaral sa totoong mundong kinalalagyan natin. Inirerekomenda kong subject sa highschool mid high and senior high is astronomy and geology to understand the planet and how have we come up here. Nonsense ang history nila hilarious at ang ibang units. Dapat pairalin at suportahan natin ang science sa pilipinas mahalaga yan kaya napakabagal ng modernization sa bansa at ang mga estudyante, kundi mahusay sa math dapat sa science!

  5. i recommend world history and philosophical scepticism as their ethics as well as good values in intereferring with homosexuals. Let us eardicate the fear and disseminate equality among us in between different faith. We are too late to be a developing country,for my perception towards a 3rd world country like us is so damn slow in pursuing to attain even a small changes in society. And kindly include the mandatory military service or CAT in highschools to develop their social skills,dignity and self-esteem specially good moral character,respect to homosexuality not as a psychological disorder yet a new typical of sexual orientation seriously!

  6. You just made my day… Now, I’m a fan of your work. It is nice to laugh … when (good/bad) news turned out funny… max nakakatuwa young mga comments ng sineseryoso ang mga nakasulat… keep it up!

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