Congressman to Star in Heroic Action Movie After Filing House Resolution 2140

MANILA, Philippines — A lawmaker from Pampanga got sick of watching his colleagues being portrayed “unrealistically” in movies and TV shows that he decided to file a House Resolution to prevent typecasting of lawmakers as villains in the local television and movie industry. Along with this, he also announced a movie to be released soon, starring himself and another famous actor in an action movie where they are both the protagonist.

Rep. Aurelio “Dong” Gonzales Jr. of the 3rd District of Pampanga filed House Resolution 2140 to appeal to the local TV and movie industry to minimize, prevent or stop typecasting congressmen and congresswomen as villains or crooks in movies and television telenovelas. Any negative typecasting influences the general public especially the young children, into forming a negative impression about the members of the House of Representatives, Gonzales said.    (from ABS-CBN News )

Citing emotional burden and misinformation to the public among his motivations to file such resolution, Rep. Gonzales told the media that “…for years, Congressmen have been the bad guys whether in movies or telenovelas. It’s high time that we top-billed these shows and movies and be the bida or hero for the children to look up to!”

The movie stars the congressman himself alongside Dingdong Dantes in an action movie “similar to a Hollywood blockbuster”. It sees the two hero dishing out good deeds while cleaning up the streets of Metro Manila of crime and poverty. Leading ladies of for the protagonists have yet to be determined, but Marian Rivera for Dingdong is a “no-brainer”, according to a showbiz insider.

Gonzales is proud to be the first politician turned action star in comparison to actors turned politicians, like Joseph Estrada, Lito Lapid and Mikey Arroyo among others. Worth of note is that Mikey Arroyo is the only “actor” turned politician turned security guard representatives.

He added that other lawmakers could follow in his footsteps and portray their institution in a justifiable and more relate-able roles. “Instead on relying on the writers and producers, let’s take matters into our own hands and write the story ourselves. This way, no one else is to blame if we get typecast again,” said the Representative from the 3rd District of Pampanga.

Gonzales also said that other Congressmen could also star in movies themselves, albeit in a much positive role. “Similar to Senator Bong Revilla and his Panday movies, diba sya ang hero dun (isn’t he the hero there)?”

Gonzales likewise said the House can only appeal to members of entertainment industry to stop such actions, since they have the right to freedom of speech and of expression.

The resolution is currently pending before the House committee on public information. After approval of at the committee level, the House will vote whether or not to adopt the resolution.   (from GMA NEWS )

Ding Dong: Tunog ng Hustisya is coming soon to theaters near you.


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