Grace Lee Spotted Last Night in Malacañang Fondling PNoy’s Joystick

MANILA, Philippines — TV & Radio Host Grace Lee had a night to remember where she was spotted last night in Malacañang with President Benigno Aquino III spending Valentine’s Day together.

According to a member of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) assigned to the President who wishes to be unnamed, the couple had an eight-course dinner prepared by the Palace’s kitchen chefs, at the Malacañang gardens near Rizal Hall where a single candle-lit table was set up. The table was surrounded by the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra who played romantic songs as well as some favorite songs of the couple, including orchestral renditions of James Ingram songs as well as some Justin Bieber hits. The staff also heard The Ketchup Song being played, apparently a favorite of the President.

Obviously, grand plans Aquino had prepared for  Grace yesterday did not push through, due to the quake that hit the Negros region as well as some national matters that the President needs to attend to.

After dinner, the couple had a few chit-chat and laughs, but Aquino had other plans. So he invited Grace Lee into his suite where the PSG was instructed  not to disturb them no matter what.

A few minutes after going in, they overheard the President telling Ms. Lee to play with him while giggling and even using his “commanding” voice to tell her to hold his stick. “Narinig ko sabi ni Presidente na kambyuhin daw po pakanan at pakaliwa (I overheard the President telling her to shift it to the right and left)”, divulged the PSG member. A few minutes later, he overheard Ms. Lee asking the President, “bakit hindi nagvavibrate ito (Why is this not vibrating)?”

Hoping to allay their fears and concern, the security detail decided to check up on them. Using a surveillance camera installed on the President’s Microsoft Kinect, the security personnel was able to monitor the movement of the couple inside and found out that the two was merely playing video games and was referring to the analog stick of the controller that they were holding.

The two were apparently playing The Sims 3, PNoy’s current favorite game. Based on the screen grab off the surveillance cam, it looks like the two are getting along with each other and both share the same hobby.

According to a palace insider, it is a good thing that Grace is into gaming and would ensure that there would be no conflicts of interest with the President. Reports that Valenzuela Councilor Shalani Soledad, who recently got married to Pasig City Rep. Roman Romulo, was not really into video games when she and Aquino were still going steady.

Madalas silang magaway dati ni Ma’am Shalani, kasi panay nalang laro ang gusto ni Noynoy pagkatapos maghapunan (He would often fight with Ma’am Shalani before, because Noynoy would mostly want to play after having dinner),” said a presidential staff.   When asked if they ever checked-up on the former couple when they were inside, the security staff cooperatively shown us the photo taken almost two years ago.

Belated Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Make everyday a Valentine’s Day.


6 thoughts on “Grace Lee Spotted Last Night in Malacañang Fondling PNoy’s Joystick

  1. I noticed that the photo of Shalani and Pnoy, supposedly taken at Malacanang, shows the date 4/01/10. How could this be, when Pnoy only assumed office on on June 30, 2010?

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