Corona Lawyer’s Source for Palace’s P100M Offer to Senate Same as “Put Little Girl To Sleep” Informant

MANILA, Philippines — It would seem that the sources for information on the 100 million pesos offer to the Senate by Malacañang is the same as the one who leaked the “Put The Little Girl To Sleep” plot to kill CGMA last December.

Corona’s lawyers, sans Serafin Cuevas, held a press briefing yesterday at Club Filipino, wearing all red as a symbol of them being in defensive fighting mode. The defense team as well as the media present, had to endure traffic caused by the rerouting of streets on the way to San Juan due to the shooting of The Bourne Legacy movie.

…Dennis Manalo, citing a reliable source, said Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr. has called several senator-judges and urged them not to honor the Supreme Court’s temporary restraining order for the Senate to examine Corona’s dollar accounts in PSBank.

Humantong na po tayo sa puntong ang Pangulo na mismo ang hindi sumusunod sa Saligang Batas,” Manalo said, reading from the defense team’s prepared statement.

The defense, however, clarified that the information did not come from any of the 23 senator-judges.

Jose Roy, another defense lawyer, said the source also told them that Malacañang is allotting P100 million per senator-judge from the government’s savings. He said the amount will be used for the senators’ “soft” projects or those that do not involve infrastructure.

Roy said Ochoa particularly called senator-judges whom Malacañang perceives as pro-Corona. (from GMA News Online)

Cuevas was reportedly seen at the nearby mall trying to buy a red shirt, as his wardrobe is mostly composed of white coats. A saleslady heard him saying that the lawyer finds the color “baduy”, but still favors it instead of going nude. “Wala syang nahanap na nagustuhan nya, kaya hindi na lang sya dumalo sa press conference (He did not find anything that he wanted, so he decided not to attend the press conference)”, said the saleslady.

Our office has received information that the reliable source stated is none other than the same person who leaked the “put the little girl to sleep” plot to allegedly kill former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo almost two months ago.

Malacañang has categorically denied the claims on both occasions, citing it as baseless and a sign of desperation by the perpetrators.  The Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP) has denied receiving reports on such plot the first time around.The Palace has called the yesterday’s press briefing as squid tactics and accused the Corona camp of deviating from the real issue.

Not to be confused with another “small lady” who just last week, “leaked” to alleged Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) records of impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona to the House prosecution .


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