Filipino Security Guard Has Cameo in New The Bourne Legacy Trailer.

Francisco Sanqui getting his ass kicked by Jeremy Renner

MANILA, Philippines — The teaser trailer for The Bourne Legacy has been released, and Filipino fans eager to find out if their efforts to be in the movie should continue wishing & wondering.

The trailer, about a minute and 54 seconds long has no hint whatsoever of any scenes shot around Metro Manila or any Filipino extras who were reportedly hired for that matter.  Instead, the trailer features one lucky Filipino security guard named Francisco Sanqui, who is seen in the trailer (1:18) getting his ribs crushed by Jeremy Renner, who plays Aaron Cross in the movie.

According to Sanqui, he was hired by Tony Gilroy to be in the movie when the director saw him guarding an establishment during one of his shift. Gilroy was  amazed by his build and the cleanliness of his uniform when he passed by the guard last month, said  Sanqui. “Pina-audition nya ako on the spot at nabilib na agad sya (I was told to audition on the spot and he was amazed immediately),” he added.

The security guard was told to report to the set the next day along with his clean and finely pressed uniform. It took him only 2 takes to perfect the scene to which he got a pat on the back from Renner after the take.

Renner was apparently impressed with the performance of Sanqui that he was recommended to the director of The Avengers for him to be included in the film. “Isa daw ako sa sundalo ng S.H.I.E.L.D. na pinamumunuan ni Nick Fury, na gagampanan ni Samuel L. Jackson. (I will be one of the soldiers of S.H.I.E.L.D. that is being led by Nick Fury, who is being played by Samuel L. Jackson),” revealed Sanqui. Jeremy Renner plays Hawkeye in the said movie.

The Bourne Legacy will be shown in theaters worldwide on August this year.


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