Supreme Court Employees To Wear Nothing In Next Week’s Flag Raising Ceremony

(An artist's rendition of next week's SC flag ceremony)

MANILA, Philippines — After wearing black as a silent protest, and recently red to show that they are in “fighting mode”, the Supreme Court Employees Association (SCEA) announced today that they will be in the nude on next week’s flag raising ceremony.

In a press conference held at the Supreme Court today, SCEA President Jojo Guerrero told reporters that SCEA fully supports their officials and employees. And in a show of unity, they have decided to forego without any article of clothing in next week’s flag raising ceremony.

According to Guerrero, no colors could represent their sentiments anymore after wearing black and red in the past. “Nudity symbolizes that the Supreme Court has nothing to hide. Nudity symbolizes our institution’s transparency, contrary to what others may lead you to believe.” “We are an open book,” he added.

All member’s of SCEA has agreed to the initiative, while officials and magistrates has yet to respond to the initiative. Supreme Court spokesman Midas Marquez is still on the fence if he will participate in the planned dress scheme. “For what it’s worth, I’ll be there, but mostly in an observing capacity,” Marquez was heard saying.

Court employees have been wearing black to express condemnation to what to them is the Aquino administration’s attempts to encroach upon the independence of the judiciary.

However, they said wearing red yesterday will show that they are extra-vigilant and fully supportive of their chief magistrate who is facing an impeachment trial at the Senate.

Corona has been accused by lawmakers from the lower House of culpable violation of the Constitution, betrayal of public trust, and graft and corruption.

He has insisted he is innocent of the offenses charged and vowed to fight for his acquittal at the impeachment court. (via ABS-CBN News)

There is no word yet whether defense lead counsel Serafin Cuevas would participate in the nude rally, but colleagues are persuading him not to join for aesthetic reasons.


8 thoughts on “Supreme Court Employees To Wear Nothing In Next Week’s Flag Raising Ceremony

  1. I think this act, if it really pushes through, will simply show how desperate and senseless these people are in trying to drive a senseless vision,…

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