PNoy Adviser Llamas Caught Buying Pirated DVDs. Blames Aide (again) For Misdeed.

Photos source: Dona Policar - Inquirer Bandera

MANILA, Philippines — Presidential Adviser on Political Affairs Ronaldo Llamas got himself in hot water again when he was caught, on camera, buying pirated DVDs in a mall in the Quezon City area.

Llamas was seen by Bandera associate editor Dona Policar at Circle C mall on Congressional Ave., Quezon City, on Monday night. She was then strolling with her husband when they spotted the palace executive nonchalantly purchasing DVDs along with his 2 security aides and 2 other female companions.

After paying for the merchandise, he and his companions casually left the stall and headed to the nearest escalator, toting their purchases discreetly in black plastic bags.

A check with the stall vendor revealed that Llamas bought almost P2,000 worth of DVDs that night.

“It’s not a big purchase, but it’s Llamas,” the vendor told this writer in Filipino.    (By Dona Policar via Inquirer)

Llamas has just gotten off the hook last October when his car, a Mitsubishi Montero that was driven by his 2 security aides, figured in a vehicular accident. Follow up investigations after the incident led to the discovery of high powered firearms inside the vehicle. Llamas was not with his aides at that time because he was in Switzerland for a United Nations conference.

In the end, his security escorts were charged with illegal possession of firearms, and is currently behind bars. Llamas was cleared of any criminal liability after Malacañang defended his ownership of the weapon, citing the security risk of his job.

So What’s News was able to get an exclusive interview with Llamas himself, to help clear up the matter. According to him, he was not  buying the DVDs for himself, but was buying it for his imprisoned aides.

Nagrequest sila kung puwede ko sila bilhan ng mga pelikula, dahil luma daw yung mga palabas sa kulungan (They requested if I could buy some movies for them, because what they have in prison were old ones),” said Llamas.

He added, “Naguilty naman ako kaya ko sila binilhan, eh dahil nga sa akin kaya sila nakakulong in the first place (I bought some because I felt guilty, it was because of me that they are in prison in the first place).”

Asked what titles he bought, the adviser revealed that his aides requested box sets for TV series Oz and Prison Break, as well as some pornographic movies for good measure. He also admitted buying some pirated video games for the President, because he heard Aquino complaining about the high price of original games. “Pampa-good shot kay Presidente,” said Llamas.

He also inquired about the recently announced DVD release of the Corona Impeachment Trial with Filipino Subtitles but the vendors does not have stocks for that particular title yet.

Llamas said that if given the chance, he will not do it again citing that anything that has to do with his aides will only result in trouble.


4 thoughts on “PNoy Adviser Llamas Caught Buying Pirated DVDs. Blames Aide (again) For Misdeed.

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