Original KC Rogue Magazine Cover Leaked. Was Also Photoshopped.

The "leaked" unedited cover

MANILA, Philippines — A supposedly unedited photo of Rogue Magazine’s Jan/Feb 2012 issue featuring KC Conception on the cover was leaked online, where certain aspects of the cover was allegedly “photoshopped”.

On the original cover, Concepcion is shown wearing a white swimsuit sporting a shorter hair. On her arms is KC’s pet python Coco and on her hands, she is seen clutching a fake head bearing great resemblance to actor Piolo Pascual; whom she recently broke up with and even shared the details on national television. But on the final cover, the resemblance was removed and on its place is a generic looking head. The quote from the interview was also edited to a less controversial one, so as not to shock the public to what they should have known in the first place .

The cover of Rogue’s current issue is not the first to be put under a microscope for being photoshopped. The recent issue of Mega Magazine featuring Jinkee Pacquiao on the cover also garnered positive but mostly negative comments from social networking sites. Netizens claimed that  the image was doctored and edited. In the end, publishers of the magazine released a behind the scenes phototo debunked the speculations.

Another magazine to get criticisms was that of Charice on the cover of Preview magazine. Social network users also claimed that the photo was edited, but in the end, Veteran makeup artist Juan Sarte released video proof that Charice was not photoshopped.

We’ll have to wait and see how the public, specifically social network users, will react to the recent “photoshopped” cover of Rogue Magazine. How about you, do you prefer the original or the edited version of KC’s cover shoot?

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(Photos courtesy of Rogue, Mega, and Preview magazine)


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